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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    Mr. Cardone is not employed at any Beau Jo's restaurant. Our Glenwood Springs restaurant, where Mr. Cardone was briefly employed in early 2008, has been closed for almost a year. During the short time that he was employed at the Glenwood Springs restaurant, we received no reports of gluten poisoning. As many of our gluten intolerant patrons know, we take extremely thorough and careful measures to insure the quality and edibility of our products to all of our customers. We are remarkably aware of the issues confronting those who are gluten intolerant due to lifelong friendships with several people who suffer this unfortunate affliction. We offer a limited number of gluten-free products that we are confident will not be harmful to our friends and other members of the public. The despicable comments made by Mr. Cardone were posted almost 3 years after he was terminated at our company. The statement he made clearly demonstrate that he never engaged in these activities while at Beau Jo's since we are unable and unwilling to offer a gluten free pasta due to the possibility of contamination with products that contain gluten. We currently have gluten free pizza and sandwiches. The sandwich bread and the pizza crust are made by "Deby's Gluten Free". Our procedures for preparation are designed to prevent cross contamination, are strict and they are followed by our kitchen staff.