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  1. I havent had my iron tested yet, I need to make an appointment with the nutritionist. Maybe I should start taking some Fe supplements? Or a multivitamin? Would it hurt if I am not actually deficient??
  2. Hi Jillian, Thanks for the input! Its encouraging to hear this from another active person! I think you could be right about the good fats too. I eat a lot of protein and fruits and veggies but I dont really see where I would be getting those fats from. I guess I will just take it one day at a time, its just weird to feel so much weaker when I dont think I have lost any muscle or weight, but I understand it is a huge adjustment and the body may take a while. Thanks! Mason
  3. Hi, My name is Mason and I recently was diagnosed with Celiac (6 weeks ago). I work out at the gym about 5 times a week doing mostly upperbody exercises (bench press, biceps, tri, pec, etc etc.) as well as some light cardio. A few months ago prior to being diagnosed I was quite a bit stronger than I am on the diet. For example, I would do around 225lb as regular sets on the bench press, and now on the diet I struggle with 205lb and seem to get tired quicker. My weight has stayed roughly the same over these past weeks (around 183lb), yet I feel tired and weaker while at the gym. So my question is, what could be causing this? How long will it last? What can I do to get back to where I was. I was thinking I may not be getting enough carbs in my diet, but Im not sure. I am also off lactose for the next while since it was causing me some grief. Thanks!! Mason