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  1. im a junior in college... i went to St Johns University in Queens, NY. the meal plans were not optional (as in you had to select one of the options if you were a dorming student). i got the meal plan with the least amount of meals, and most amount of "points" so i could either buy food from the universities convienience store, or from the commuting stududents cafe where there was a MUCH better selection. it was something like 7 meals a week. not horrible. when i did eat at the cafe, it was fresh vegetables and meats - both of which there was plenty, surprisingly! i currently go to Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. i only live on campus last semester, i now have an apartment in queens. LIU was horrible with the meal plans. the food was horrible, almost no selection, def not anything w/o wheat products. i never ate at the cafe, the money i was forced to spend went to waste. i suppose the university was happy that they made a few extra bucks on me. all in all, if you fight hard enough you will probably be able to get out of buying a meal plan. i just happened to go to two very stingy school in NYC. im sure most schools have better ethics and are more understanding than the schools i have attended. your best bet is to find out who caters the prospective schools' food - contact them and see if they offer any special diets, and what their usual menus consist of. ironically, the same company, ARAMARK, caters both SJU and LIU. it just goes to show that SJU obviously spends more money on food for their students than LIU does. best of luck... val
  2. Struggling With Ibs/cd

    thanks for the info. out of curiosity, what do all those tests test for and mean?! im usually good with medical terminology, but am not at all familiar with these tests. also, this gastro appt is just to discuss the possibility of celiac disease. i've felt so much better this week that i dont want to go back on reg diet if he doesnt want to/wont test for celiac disease. id rather go back in 3 weeks when i KNOW he agrees with me. i know celiac disease is genetic, but do you know anything about the rates of celiac disease found in twins? ive heard 70% of identical twins (which i am, have a sister named Karin ) both have if one does, but ive also heard percentages closer to 40%. my sister has had symptoms her whole life as well, but not as severe as mine. She seems to be the luckier twin when it comes to health. ive always been a little skinnier and a lot sicker. anyway..thanks again!
  3. just a quick sidenote - i wouldnt use Prilosec to treat stomach/intestinal distress like this - its really just for GERD. it might just make it worse, so unless it's just heartburn - stay away from prilosec. prilosec can cause upset stomach to begin with. from a pharm tech/students perspective, it might make you feel better if you stick with simthecone and anti-diarrheal meds instead. best of luck
  4. I'm new to the site and am looking for information and support... My names Val and i was diagnosed with IBS-D at 12 yrs old. I'm currently 21 and have been struggling since with pretty debilitating GI issues. At 12 i lost 25lbs because of what my MD said was IBS-D. I know that he came to this conclusion because of a lack of anything else to call it. However, i was never tested for celiac disease. Recently, it's gotten worse, so my mom told me about Celiac Disease. After a week of a strictly wheat/gluten free diet I've felt great, except for that fact that it left me constipated. I decided to eat some breakfast this morning contained wheat (nutri-grain bar/WHEAT THINS!) and three hours later i was in the bathroom and really sick. I've made an appt with a Gastroenterologist that i saw for liver issues, and I'm hoping to find out if this is really celiac disease and now IBS-D. Has anyone had similar issues or experiences? It hard for me to trust MDs, after all the things I went through when i was younger. I feel like if they cant come to a concrete conclusion, they settle for what seems most fitting. Also, i read that celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, is that true? I currently have Hashimoto Thyroiditis which is also autoimmune, and im wondering if there could be a connection. Thanks to anyone who reads and/or replys.