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  1. So I know there are a couple hundred celiac symptoms, but so many of the symptoms could be something else. I'm wondering if I'm just paranoid. I came to this forum a couple years ago because I decided to google bipolar and gluten free diet-I have no idea why thought to do that, but at the time I was diagnosed bipolar-I no longer think that is accurate, but I have had life long depression and anxiety-neither of which have been responsive to meds. I did a gluten-free diet for 6 1/2 weeks, and the depression did improve, but I'm Pretty sure I got glutened-had really bad stomach pain and violent vomiting around an hour after eating what I thought was gluten-free food. The depression immediately came back, and I quit my gluten-free diet. 5 months later I suddenly got severe heart palpitations (PVCs). I had trouble breathing they were so bad, so we tried medications that it did not respond to-the last medication made me very ill-part of those symptoms included a sour stomach, pain in my stomach and nausea upon awakening. When I got of the med, these same symptoms will suddenly appear-always in the morning. I can go months without having it and then it shows up. Last September I started taking liquid ionic magnesium-I had fantastic results. Depression left, and weird stuff happened- my eyelashes and eyebrows were almost nonexistent and they grew back, bladder pain disappeared, my skin had been painfully dry-could hardly take showers it was so painful-now it's fine. Twitching in my eye lids gone, insomnia gone, Have less desire to eat large amounts go food and much decreased desire for sugar, had some very slow weight loss without trying, joint pain pretty much gone, among other things. It seemed odd to me that no one else that was taking the magnesium got such a big improvement in so many symptoms. Then i realized that the ionic magnesium is not digested-it's absorbed. Made me wonder if it's because of that, that I was seeing such good results with it? Was i not able to absorb it from regular supplements and food? In January I suddenly became depressed again and was exhausted-had trouble walking from the car to the house. I Googled 'tired all the time', and anemia and thyroid kept coming up. I have HMO insurance and it was going to be 6 weeks to change doctors and I felt really bad and i had been borderline anemic 20 years ago so I decided to take iron-it happened to be a large dose tablet and I felt better within a few days. It took a couple of months to really feel good though. Now, the exhaustion is back. I'm still taking iron, but it doesn't seem to be working like it did. Depression is also back again. Am I crazy to think this might be celiac? To be honest, I am quite overweight and I feel like doctors attribute everything to the weight. I am going to make an appointment and at least get regular blood work done. I did have a doctor do a celiac blood test a couple of years ago, but it was negative. I will be seeing a new doctor. If what I've written sounds like I should be tested, are doctor's open to testing? It seems like I may have read that doctors won't test for celiac unless it's really obvious and I have no idea what this new doctor's views will be on this. Any thoughts? (Sorry I wrote a book in this post…)
  2. I started back being gluten free today. I also went to the doctor to get test results and my heart is fine structurally. Seems it got off base electrically somehow and my doctor gave me some meds to slow it down. I will only be taking them for 2 weeks, so hopefully the diet will help things improve as well.
  3. Wow. I was reading on the internet where people have lived with constant heart palpitations for months and years. I cannot stand it for the few days I have had it. I took a magnesium tablet last night and it seemed to help it settle down some. I wish I hadn't stopped my gluten free diet a few months ago.
  4. Can heart palpitations be a sign of gluten intolerance? I have had continuos palpitations since Tuesday night and am wondering if gluten intolerance is the cause. i have been to the doctor and had and EKG, wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours and had an echocardiogram, but I don't go back to the doctor until Monday to find out the results. I do not like this feeling at all!
  5. My blood test for Celiac was negative, but I think I still may be gluten intolerant. My question is, is it only people with Celiac disease that have issues with absorption of vitamins and minerals, or do people with gluten intolerance also have problems with absorption of vitamins and minerals? I think I understand how Celiacs have problems with it, but how would a gluten intolerant person have a problem with it?
  6. I got my blood work back: T-Transglutaminase IgA 3.60 Reference Range: 0.00-15.00 T-Transglutaminase IgG 6.01 RR:0.00-15.00 Deamidated Gliaden AB IGG 3 RR:<20 Deamidated Gliadin AB IGA 8 RR:<20 IGA Immunoglobulin 339 RR:68-388 It looks like I'm normal? Well, my blood work, anyway.
  7. Celiac Cost Me Everything

    I'm so sorry you lost your best friend. I know what it's like to lose a pet that means so much to you. You are an awesome influence on this board. So glad you found a new friend!
  8. Gluten Intolerance And Bipolar II?

    DA-it sounds like you have had a really big improvement. You know things are changing when you react without stress to situations that would normally have you in a panic attack. I have been thinking about this a lot. I really do need to make a committment to do this for a long length of time in order to see if this really is the answer.
  9. Do you all think the gluten-free steel cut oats would be okay to eat at the begining of the diet?
  10. Gluten Intolerance And Bipolar II?

    Sometimes I just don't think I fit the 'bipolar' mold. I have been sick during every season. I also do not have periods of level, even moods anymore. And of course the drugs don't work for long if they work at all. I've only had one episode of non-med induced hypomania in my life, and it only lasted about 5 days, long enough for a diagnosis, but nothing in comparison to some people. Others seem to go up and down, while I only seem to go down until I get temporary relief with the meds. But then I also have some really classic symptoms of bipolar, too. I am gearing up to go gluten-free on Monday. i just don't have the energy to start mid-week. At least on the week end I will have the time to think clearly about what I need to buy and what I will make during the week. I do appreciate everyone's comments-it helps to look at this thing more clearly.
  11. I haven't tried the gluten-free oats. I was just assuming they were off limits. Skylark, I made some with cinnamon and nutmeg and chopped up a fresh peach in it. It tasted like peach pie. I have seen recipes using cardamom, but I don't have any. Add sweetner after it's done and it cooks 7-9 hours on low heat, using a small crockpot. Here's a link to lots of interesting recipes, many of which are gluten free. http://healthyslowcooking.com/
  12. What does it taste like? Would it work well with sweetner and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg? What would the ratio of dry to liquid be?
  13. I just discovered steel cut oats but am going to go back to gluten-free. What grain would be a good replacement for it? I am cooking 1/2 cup oats with 2 cups almond milk and spices in the crockpot overnight and it is really good. Does anyone have any recipes like this but with another grain?
  14. Gluten Intolerance And Bipolar II?

    Well I am taking the same meds that I was taking when I first started gluten-free, and I feel a whole lot worse than I did then. (After a few weeks I did stop taking the meds and did well until I got depressed/anxious again). So I am thinking that there really is a big difference when I am gluten-free. I need to psych myself up to do ths again.
  15. Gluten Intolerance And Bipolar II?

    I'm a little confused as to why my mood got worse while I was still on the diet, but maybe it was just the healing process? I don't know. But since going off the diet, I have gotten a lot worse.