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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for you response. I am not sure, there were no reference numbers, that's why I was confused. I tried figuring it out by looking all over the internet but couldn't really get a good answer. I had them tested because they seemed somewhat symptomatic.My son is more with behavioral isues(possible Aspergers) and also seems to have some immunity issues.My daughter had severe FTT and reflux until she was 3. She was tube fed from 8 months old and had to have an amino acid based formula.She is still fairly small and seems somewhat symptomatic(bad moods,doesn't eat well,Leg cramps,dark circles under her eyes, and a few other things) she also seems to avoid most foods that have gluten in them instinctively. I guess I will bring the test results in to my GI when I see her next month and see what she says.
  2. Okay so I was diagnosed a couple of months ago, and so I had 2 of my kids tested(the ones I figured needed it for right now)They are 6 and 7 years old The tests came back and the doctor said they are both negative. Anti-endomysial Ab was negative in both tissue transglutamin IgG and IgA were both <3 IgA was 54 in one and 79 in the other. Okay so does that mean they don't have it, and will never have it, or should I keep an eye on it and have them retested.I don't trust our primary care doctor at all with any of this, he is completely clueless to all of this. Thank you for any info!!
  3. I already called my mom and have asked her to make sure my sister get's tested.She is 31 and has many issues as well, and is currently PG with her first baby, and has already had some issues with the Pg.We never thought she would get Pg because of unexlained fertility.She has had a number of health issues as well, so I have a feeling she probably has Celiac.I delivered 3 premature babies and now believe it to be because of my illness. My mom's side all have a history of different stomach ailments.We all just called it a spastic colon base on stress and other factors since nobody was every really diagnosed with anything concrete.My diagnosis now allows me to tell everyone to get checked.
  4. Thank you for the welcome, Never previously diagnosed with Celiac.Recently my stomach symptoms progressed so severely they finally listened to me(severe weightloss and vomiting).I have had many stomach sypmtoms and many of the autoimmune issues since as far back as I can remember. Nobody ever put any of it together.I have checked out ton's of books on celiac to educate myself since the diagnosis.I had some previous knowledge after research into some of my kids stomach symptoms.I now believe I need 2 of my kids tested for Celiac for sure(ulcer's,failure to thrive and many other things) Still wondering why they weren't checked for celiac.Must say I am not happy to have a disease, but I am grateful I know what it is, and can now treat it!! It also means I wasn't crazy,nor a hypochondriac!
  5. Hi, New here to the forums.Recently diagnosed with collagenous sprue after years of all kinds of symptoms.Diagnosis was based on biopsy results.No help fom the doctor yet.He told me what I had, told me to go gluten free, and said I needed to go to a specialist(and walked out of the room).Now waiting to see a dietician and GI specialist.So far everything I am doing is based on what I have found on the internet.Wondering if anyone else has experience with this.Thanks, Kim