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  1. Slightly Frustrated...

    My boyfriend says he is sick when he has hayfever! People have different opinions on what 'sick' is. There isn't any chance of dying younger purely because you have celiac unless you carried on eating masses amount of gluten then you might run into some complications later on. But you are being so careful. I'd just get it out into the open and explain that having an auto immune disease (which is what arthritis is too btw...) doesn't mean you will die young or anything or the sort, people who are morbidly obese will die younger... hint hint. He needs some knowledge and you are the best person to give it to him.
  2. Okay yes gross stuff. I'm a recovering celiac. Nearly three years now. Still suffering a touch. Whenever I start exercising again for some reason I get that 'need to go' feeling but not completely, then I know, the dreaded mucus stage is coming. Just mucus. I don't like it! I've been okay stomach wise and been coping a lot better. I am under stress at the moment but I deal with stress fairly well. I started doing exercise and voila it appears again. Anyone else have this problem or could just help shed some light on this awkward situation? Thanks
  3. Hello again, I was just wondering if anyone else had bad probelms with too much salt or fat? I ask because yesterday i ate a whole bag of salted/roasted macadamia nuts, its not a big bag but enough. I do eat them occasionally but not a whole bag. So i woke up this morning with agonising cramps in my lower stomach and the inevitable happened, really loose stool, like mud, not watery, and had to go to relieve myself a few times before the cramping died down, i also took a paracetamol because it hurt so much, i rarely, rarely do this. I think cramps are a natural thing but this morning was too much. I also had rice last night which if anything usually binds me up, but i've been reading more and more about how rice can adversly effect some people when they have too much. But i don't think i have as i havent had it for quite a few days now. So I'm wondering if people on here if they have to much salt/fat do you get these types of symptoms and does it make sense? If so I'l stay away from the amcadamias no matter how delicious they are. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, I haven't been on here fr a very long time now, but your always here and ready to help so i'm asking for help. I've been strictly gluten free for a year and a half since my diagnosis. I also cut out all dairy, soya, tomatoes and peppers. I'm a vegan by proxy. I havent eaten meat since i was 4. Most mornings I wake up, and within 10 mintues I have bad lower stomach cramps and urgency to go t the bathroom.... Were getting to the TMI bit and i apologise. Its usually a dark brown (I take iron) and i don't know how else to put it but it is like the consistency of soft ice cream, or a cowpat, now formed except a few pieces and so soft but not watery. Its horrible to be blunt. Some mornings i don't have to go at all, which is delightful, and usually after I've eaten white rice with peas and brocolli the night before. But if i keep eating rice i become constipated and thats not good. So here is my diet Morning: Breakfast cereal made from rice which is the only cereal i can have. Lunch: 6 rice cakes, two with avacado and four with sunflower spread and organic peanut butter. Snack: Apple, Banana or a handful of almonds if i have them. Dinner: Rice with peas and brocolli, Mashed potato with peas and brocolli, gluten-free pasta with gluten-free/df/sf pesto with brocolli and cucumber. I also do not drink any caffeine, i drink herbal teas and water. Occasionally elderflower cordial. I have cut most corn out of my diet as i was having sweetcorn and it improved things for a little while which i was super excited about but it came and smacked my smile off my face. The only remaining corn in my diet is a small section of my pasta is made with it. I was thinking maybe it was the potato as i can't tolerate any other nightshades, but tbh my gastro issues aren't much better anymore from not having them so i don't even know anymore... All my hair/make up etc are wheat free/gluten free etc. I'm so careful about CC, it basically isn't possible. I never eat out. I don't even generally go out! I go to the gym every day because i have osteopenia at the moment and they don't want me taking calcium tablets because of possible heart problems that run in my family. So I'm doing weight bearing excersises to increase my bone density instead which apparently is better for you anyway. THIS SUCKS. I'm open to all suggestions, please anything... I'm so sick of feeling this way. Of my stomach controlling my life.
  5. Hello again, you wonderful supportive people. I'm 22 and living at home, in a little debt and have super sensitive celiac disease. If i touch a cereal bowl my brother has used (glutened all over) I get ill. My mum rolls her eyes at me and tells me there is no possible way to get glutened off a cereal bowl thats in the washing up... But i do. She has Celiac disease too, but isn't careful and doesn't get reactions like mine. I recently got told to cut out all dairy, including lacto free milk and cheese, she again thought I was being dramatic, but its been just over a year since my diagnosis and i still feel awful and am desperately trying to find out what is causing me all this pain and every day discomfort. I'm on coconut milk now, but don't have much of it. I spoke to a dietician who thinks i may be allergic to nightshades and possibly corn too. I already know tomatoes, soya are a no no. I've had a feeling about peppers (although i adore them) but last night even though i told my mum this she went ahead and made us a meal, with peppers in and I couldn't bear to say anything so i made some rice had some of the food she cooked me but ended up eating in my room just so i could leave it until she was out to put it in the bin, i had a little bit, not the peppers, but this morning had a bad stomach, i had also asked her if she could not use chilli beans but she did anyway. And last night i felt so depressed. Also that morning i had doves farm gluten free cornflakes, they are so tasty but i have a bad feeling about corn... One! Has anyone else had a reaction to corn, if so what was your reaction like? Two! Does anyone else have a problem with nightshades but are seemingly okay with potatoes (i think im wishing im okay with potatoes)? Three! Does anyone else have a celiac family member who thinks they are over -reacting and how did you deal with it?!? Four! How the hell do you cope with all these restrictions?!? I'm so tired of all of this, im feeling so low already! Thanks guys, you are all my rocks on hard times!
  6. Friends Purposely Glutening Me!

    This is awful! I can't believe they are doing this! You shouldn't have to think about how to make your food "friend proof" jeeez! Talk to your parents, talk to their parents and your youth leader, tell them your concerns and tell them what they have suggested doing and how it will effect you. It is not fair of you to go through this, and like you said your not making fun of her health concerns, because your not a bully! If they did succesfully gluten you, you have been poisoned by your so called friends, and i think that is the last straw! Tell them you will file a complaint against the people who poison you, get them kicked out of youth club for poisoning someone else... simple! Good luck sweetie.
  7. Reaction

    My reactions last 3 and a half weeks I'm sorry to tell you. It starts with pain, a very specific place on my abdomen, my eyes feel heavy, almost feel i could sleep anywhere, like i'm dragging my body around. My sinus's and post nasal drip go insane like I've stepped into all the allergens in the world and inhaled. I get slightly constipated and then the other extreme with cramping, headaches, backache. This goes on for a week and a half (The gastro problems) and then the headaches, backaches, brain fog, dead body, sleepiness, emotional rollercoaster stuff lasts for three and a half weeks. I'm sure it won't last as long for you, i'm insanely sensitive, and still recovering after a year and a bit too.
  8. On my doctors advice i gave up lacto-free milk and started rice milk, little did i know it contained barley, so after two days i switched to coconut milk, which i nice enough. I had a few symptoms of course, and today is pretty bad, but it's very unusual for me today as usually i'm one of the coldest people I've ever met, but today i feel hot and uncomfortabel, ive checked my temp but am fine normal temp, but to touch i feel hot... Does anyone else get this? Thanks for any info!
  9. Oh found out my rice milk contained barley... Coconut milk it is!
  10. I also cant tolerate quinoa, or raw buckwheat, i can have buckwheat cereal, but very small amount and i don't bother anymore. My mum cooked buckwheat with veggies last night, to be honest, i didn't like it, it tasted like sugar puffs that had been left in milk too long. And voila this morning my stomach is not happy!!! Have you tried Millet? Its amazing!
  11. Hello again, I'm in tears and this is the only place i can think of to ask and relieve myself. I got diagnosed just over a year ago and have been battling ever since. I'm still not well. But enough of that. I had a best friend and quite a few close friends before i got ill, then i got diagnosed and my new partner was my rock. I could barely function at all you all know what it;s like. And all my friends, or who i thought were my friends fell off the map. I've tried on several occasions to get back in touch but nobody gets back to me. When i fell ill, i wasn't mean or emotional or anything. Just could barely leave the house. I always text, call email all of them but they replies slowly came to a halt. I like to think if one of them had got diagnosed with severe celiac disease, or anything I'd make more of an effort to stay in touch, to make sure they were okay... But nothing. Not even a 'hope your okay' Nothing. Nada. I have my partner and that's it. He is amazing. But i actually have no other friends anymore. Its horrible realizing this. Did anyone else experience this? I'm sorry to moan and rant!
  12. After a year of telling the doctors something was wrong i finally got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, the highest reaction they had ever seen. Before they told me it was panic and IBS. I could have beaten them up. So a year has come and gone and i was still having symptoms, after working out i was allergic to soya and tomatoes, something still wasn't right. I was on lacto-free cheese and milk. I finally found a doctor who listened and told me to stop having lacto-free stuff and have rice milk instead and see how it goes for a couple of weeks. Its my third day (morning) and yesterday i was slightly constipated but today not so at all. (Before i cut all dairy out it was like mud and mucus all the time.) But now it was fluffy and ragged, will this just take time to adjust? I prefer the mud like BM's! It's freaking me out. Sorry for the TMI!
  13. Feeling Low

    I know this might not help but i am in the same boat. I got diagnosed in January and im sorry to say i haven't felt any better since, maybe a little less tired but that's about it. Food is a constant daily battle for me along with the emotional upset and severe anxiety. I guess it won't make you feel better in the sense of the future but knowing that there is help on hand like this forum for example really helped me through the early months just knowing i wasn't the only one! My severity of celiac is way way through the roof, highest count my doctors have ever seen so i know it will take me a lot longer than others to feel better, they reckon at least 2 years for me. But my mum felt 150% better after about 3 months! I also changed all my shampoo, make-up, body care things, other wise i got tiny welts and blisters all over me...but now thats ok, except when i go to the hairdressers! So that made it a bit easier. I guess it is challenging and tough but once you find something you can have its overwhelming joy! And i do find when i have a good day i really appreciate it and don't get my hopes up that i will be fine the next day too, its a day by day basis. At the beginning it will just feel like failure after failure, even now for me after so long its still finding things out and yep i ave really down crying days feeling like there is no hope but there is! I just focus on how i was before i was ill and get support from doctors, dieticians, friends and family. Seemingly the most i can do right now! I do wish you the best of luck and hope you can find some light around a dark cloud at the moment.
  14. I know lots of topics like this but voila this is what were all here for right? Support and knowing at least one other person with Celiac disease is going through it too! So to begin with the tmi, apologies! I've been going from constipated to what can only be described as mud like stools in a matter of days, its infuriating, im fine with constipation, its better than the other way! But i still go to the bathroom every day its just well small amounts with mucus, after a couple of days like that, i had a bm yesterday which was surprisingly thin, not pencil thin no, just thinner, but i had hardly eaten anything the previous days (just get fed up with food) and today voila after yesterday almost pigging out for me, but no one else agrees just ate more than usual, i woke up, bm was soft, and well mud like, its dark, but because of my iron tablets, but also first bit of it was hard and covered in mucus. After 10 months being gluten&dairy free (very strict) and 8 months soya free... when the hell is all this nonsense going to stop?!? I dread morning time, absolutely hate it and it ruins my day when i have days like this. Has anyone got any advice, my doctors just seem to sigh at me whenever i call or see them now, i don't think they realise how badly it effects me! Oh and I'm losing weight again, this time last year i was 10 and a half stone, now im only 8 nd a half, i dropped to 9stone in a matter of weeks and have been bobbing along around 8,10 for months, but now im 8,7... I am so so so fed up and tired! Someone please just say they're going through the same thing or some advice?! Thanks!
  15. Anxiety

    I have crippling anxiety and agoraphobia since being diagnosed as a celiac, i don't see it improving personally but hope you will have a breakthrough soon as i know how horrible and hard it is.