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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for that info. I got my test results for the urine analysis yesterday and my iodine level is 79. It says that its only mildly low so not sure what that means. I've been eating a lot more fish and finding my face is actually stopping the strange sensations, well they are reduced anyway.
  2. When my original Doctor did the test she did it when I'd been gluten free for three weeks. I told her this and she still did it. I don't count that test at all because of course it was going to be negative. I don't think this Dr is planning on testing me again as yet.
  3. Only according to my Dr I'm not celiac, just intolerant. My Mum tells me that she is not yet on pills for her Hashimotos after 6 years so maybe I won't have them right away. Its very interesting that there is a connection. Thanks so much.
  4. The Dr didn't have these results when I saw her so she phoned for them to be sent. I think she would have received them today too. My Mum has Hashimotos apparently too althought she said something about the last Dr she saw wasn't sure. I've phoned the Dr to see if I need to come in before my next visit. Next visit will be end of July after I've done the other tests. Do you know if this is at all related to gluten intolerance?
  5. I got some further Thyroid function results that I don't understand so if anyone can shed some light I'd appreciate it: TSH - 3.10 (0.5 - 5.0) Free T4 - 17 (11.0 - 21.0) Free T3 - 5.5 (3.1 - 6.0) TPO ab - 152.0 (<34) TG ab - 609.8 (<115)
  6. Do you know if it can be prevented or reversed?
  7. No they don't change colour. My Dr said that I'm not a diabetic yet but that I'm at risk for it later in life. She told me I should be doing weight resistance exercise to increase the insulin levels. On the test results it also says: Glucose fasting - 4.1 and then 'diabetes unlikely' I think all this means that I don't have diabetes yet but that I could develop if I don't get on top of things. I should say, I'm not at all obese, I weigh somewhere around 63kg. I have been eating gluten free for the last 6-8 months so not sure why I still have these deficiencies. The thing I thought of was that when I went gluten free I stopped eating properly, mainly due to not knowing what to actually eat. The fact that my iron went up once I started to take a low dose supplement and increase iron rich food intake indicates to me that my digestive system is now absorbing nutrients again. I have not been working on increasing anything but the iron though as I wasn't aware of the other deficiencies. The thing I don't understand is the TSH levels. Also, do you all agree that thats a low B12 level? On the test results it says 'within normal range' however my Dr pointed out that she thinks its low for me and that other Drs may say its fine but she doesn't agree. I also heard that in places like Japan, if your B12 is below 500 they treat you!! How can Australia have such a different reading? She has not given me shots yet as she wants to wait until all the testing is complete and then work out a proper course of correcting it all.
  8. Hi everyone, I started posting on here a couple of months ago. As far as I know I am not a celiac but I am intolerant to gluten. The way I discovered this was last October when I was going through extreme stress, I had a bout of what I thought was gastro (my daughter had, had a very bad bout) with terrible abdominal bowel pains, constipation and bloating. A friend suggested going gluten free so I tried it and it worked immediately to change my bowel symptoms. Between then and now I've had so many symptoms and strange things happening to my body that I won't list them (I listed them in a previous thread). After getting no help from my Doctor, apart from her being willing to test for iron (and found it was low) I decided to find a better Doctor. This was at least 6 months after what I thought was being gluten free (the same Dr told me to continue to eat small amounts of gluten as I may be able to return to eating it one day, so I did, I had gravies or some stuffing and sauces without realising so I've only been truely gluten free for maybe 2-3 months). My new Dr is a nutrition specialist, she thinks that I am not a celiac but am intolerant. Anyway, she did a lot of blood tests and I am now trying to work out what they mean. From the blood tests she told me that I: Am low in Vit D Am deficient in B12 May have hypothyroidism Need to increase my insulin My iron levels have increased to 94 in three months (after they were 26) She will be getting further thyroid results, doing a urine test for something to do with either thyroid or insulin and doing a hair sample test. She has put me on a special magnesium compound and vit D compound. Before I ask for specific understanding of some of the results I should say that my biggest worry is the symptom of a strange sensation I get mostly on my face and sometimes also on my left knee, elbow, shin and foot. Its sort of like when you are almost over the anesthetic from the dentist and sometimes like a menthol hot/cold sensation. Not so much tingling or numbness although I have also had those. So, these are the main results I need help understanding: Thyroid Function - TSH is 3.10 Vitamin D - Hydroxycalciferol - 81 nmol/L (50-150) Insulin resistance - Glucose/Insulin Ratio - 10.6 Vitamin B12 - 284 I have read a lot about the connection between gluten intolerance, low vit D, B12, iron and even the connection with Hypothyroidism. Can anyone shed any light or tell me whether they think these results would explain the sensations in my face etc... My Dr said to me that she is fairly sure that all my symptoms can be explained through deficiencies and nothing is causing a red flag for her. I have to admit, I am still slightly convinced that I have MS but on the other hand, its probably not. No Dr has suggested this, only my silly brain. Reassurance is needed.
  9. Ok, had a bit of D but not a lot. However I'm still feeling so dehydrated, I'm up to 48 hours since I ate the meal. The internal shaking has stopped but I'm very fatigued (could be the low iron though) and still having muscle twitches. I took a magnesium tablet this morning for that which I think helped and have been drinking water all day but still feel so thirsty. Anyone else have this?
  10. Ok, well I'll see what happens. Does D always happen?
  11. So is it usual for the effects of being glutened to take a little while to hit and then to go after its passed through your body?
  12. I have my suspicions that the meal I had at the food court yesterday had gluten in it. It was a butter chicken 'curry' with white rice. I'd bought curry at a food court before but afterwards realised it was a different chain store (the other one had 'gluten free' signs up). It didn't immediately effect me although I was already fatigued and I got a little bit shaky. Then, from midnight onwards last night I got the internal shakes really bad, I also got night sweats and it would come in rolling heat waves. I also felt extremely dehydrated, my lips were so dry and just would not stay moist for long at all. I got to sleep around 2.30am. This morning I felt tired but still shaky, felt a tiny bit better after eating. This afternoon I'm wiped, probably from lack of sleep but I'm still shaking and when I lie down I have the internal shakes the worst still. I've had some muscle twitches too the whole time. I also feel a bit bloated tonight. So, does this sound like a glutening?
  13. Thanks again for your help on this issue. Yesterday I saw the Dr Oz show where he talked about gluten/celiacs and intolerance. I found it interesting that he put a lot of emphasis on it and talked about how common it is compared to MS and Epilepsy. He mentioned the neurological symptoms as well as many others. Today I had food at a food court which I thought was gluten free but I think it might not have been. It was butter chicken from a curry food chain. I also had some spring rolls which I always think of as safe because they are rice paper rolls. Tonight however I have a bit of tingling in my left arm. My neuropathy is always on the left side of my body, I wonder if that means that its not from gluten! I have read that it can also be from low iron (which I have) or even pinched nerves. I really don't know which of the three is causing it and I think its going to be months before I get to see a neurologist. Even then, I think that its going to depend on what sort of neuro I get to see and whether they are 'gluten-caused-symptoms' supportive or not. I find it very hard to be totally gluten free really. Theres always something that slips through the cracks.
  14. Thanks for that, I really appreciate that info. I'll have to have a look into it. I'm on the waiting list for seeing a neurologist so I'll have to see who I end up with. Thanks also for all those links, you guys are so helpful!
  15. I was also wondering, does anyone know of any articles linking gluten intolerance to neuropathy, depression and breast tenderness. My Drs are so against it all if its not research based. She doesn't even like me talking to other people online like this as she's wary of misinformation. Sigh.