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  1. Hello, I wasn't sure which board this would be best for, so I'll try this one. My husband and I had planned a quiet Thanksgiving for just us and our boys (we don't have family nearby anyways), and have our gluten free meal planned and bought. A (newer) friend of ours was planning to do the same thing with her family, so I suggested maybe getting together for just dessert in the evening and invited them over. She then invited us to all of Thanksgiving dinner at her house instead. I offered to have them over, since I have so many food restrictions. (I should mention I am celiac, lactose intolerant, and 35 weeks pregnant with barely-controlled gestational diabetes). My friend hasn't told me yes or no yet, she just said we'd talk about it later. My questions are regarding etiquette: Was it rude to turn her invitation down for the whole meal and to offer to have them over instead? Was it strange for me to initially only invite them over for dessert? My intentions were good: I knew we had both already planned our separate meals, and I figured doing 'just dessert' would be fun and easy without the pressure and our kids would have fun playing. (not to mention less contamination potential, and I can still make our whole meal gluten free without feeling odd about the food being a little 'different'). I would still prefer to do just dessert, but I'm not sure if it's just plain wierd. Just needed some other opinions. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Thank you so much for posting this question! I've been starting to wonder the same thing! I'm due in December, and I just know lots of very well meaning people, especially from church, are going to insist on bringing meals and want to set up a meal calendar because it's just what they do when someone has a baby. In my case that could work out alright for my husband and two boys to eat (they are not gluten free), but then I still need to make myself something that is safe. Are there any restaurants in your area that you trust? Maybe you could ask that several people chip in for a gift certificate instead? That way you could also use it for take-out or something and on a night when you really might be extra tired. I also like the idea of asking for only prepackaged gluten free food. Good luck to you and Congratulations!
  3. Hello, I haven't posted in quite awhile, and not sure if this question has been posted or not: Is there a guide (book, website, blog, pamphlet, anything...) written specifically for family and friends about celiac disease/gluten intolerance? Mostly because of an elimination diet, and also a quesionable biopsy I have been told by both a GI doctor and a dietician to avoid gluten. Even with that, and all the information that I read and share, my husband just does not 'get it'. He is off work this week and next which should be wonderful, but I am suffering as a result of cc issues. Not exactly the way I want to spend Christmas. He thinks he does enough to keep food separate, but then won't wash his hands between touching his wheat bread & my food. Or, he'll just brush some of the wheat crumbs off the counter and think it's clean (half the time he doesn't even make that useless attempt). I was thinking if there was something written specifically for family members it may be helpful for him. There is lots of good info out there, but nothing I have found with that target audience. Maybe I am going to have to write it myself? (With a title something like "Help! I Married a Celiac!") Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. I would encourage her to seek the help of a dietician for her children so she can become more educated about an appropriate diet and calorie intake for children. (and she may need other therapy herself, but it will only be helpful to her if she comes to a place where she wants to be helped). I noticed several other posts stated to report her: I would weigh any decision to call cps very carefully, and being as objective about the situation as possible: you obviously care very much about your neice/nephew, and sometimes state involvement can have negative consequences for the kids.
  5. I'm curious about this one too - I've replaced stoneware and cutting boards and have my own separate toaster. Anything scratched and plastic is out. I'm acquiring my own full set of cooking utensils too. I'm mostly replacing things in stages because, as mentioned, it is ridiculously expensive to go out and re-furnish your whole kitchen. I still use our same stainless steel pots/pans. I must admit that the more I replace the better I feel. I'm contemplating making our whole house a 'gluten free zone' to see if that helps too. If nothing else maybe it would cut down on the confusion of having two of everything. Hope this helps!
  6. I recently got a copy of some medical records from a former doctor and discovered that they 'forgot' to tell me lab results from a year ago (prior to going gluten free). I was so upset to discover that I am (was?) pre-diabetic. I have always known I have a larger risk of having diabetes (long family history, and I was a gestational diabetic), but had been told my glucose levels were normal - which they are not, or weren't a year ago. I'm a healthy weight and I exercise so that 'should' keep my risk down a bit. I must admit the thought of 'one more' dietary issue is more than a little overwhelming. I will, of course,be going to my current doc soon regarding this, but was wondering if anyone knows of any good information I could find about celiac and diabetes? Most everything I find is regarding type 1 diabetes - can I assume there isn't much of a link between celiac and type 2 diabetes? I'm curious to see if going gluten free has affected my glucose levels at all (for better or worse). Has anyone else had similar issues?
  7. I completely understand! I can sometimes 'feel' the eyes rolling from my husband when I talk about CC and food issues now. But, there is hope to be found: the other day we took a picnic and I made myself a gluten-free sandwich - far from his bread crumbs and whatever else he was making. Soon after eating, that familiar stomach pain starting to creep up and I felt pretty lousy and completely irritable and tired the rest of the day. I couldn't figure out where I got glutened - until today. My husband made himself a sandwich this afternoon and a little light bulb went off in his head and he said "OMG I know why you got sick - I used the mayo!" He did apologize, and, while it sucks that I got sick - I'm glad that I told him as soon as I felt off and I'm thankful it was HIM who 'connected the dots' for once. All that to say that I think it can get better in time - especially with those nearest and dearest to you. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction - or at least that is what I tell myself every day, as we have a long way to go! I still get paranoid eating out and at holidays too - but providing my own food sometimes helps - or else I eat ahead of time so I don't starve miserably while everyone else is gnawing on their bread! Good luck!
  8. Yes, I had kidney stones (along with a whole lot of other things going wrong with me) before I went gluten free. I was in the ER for them the first time (January last year) and again in April then went gluten free in June and haven't had another issue since. Not sure what the direct link is or if there is medical evidence out there - but I do think that it's worth consideration. Especially since pain from kidney stones is absolutely equivalent to childbirth!
  9. Thanks for the replies. GlutenFreeManna - I think that you're correct in saying that I am probably getting 'glutened' a lot - and that is probably why I am only feeling 75% better. I have IBS too, which could account for some discomfort - but unfortunately I know I am fighting an uphill battle. My husband thinks he is fairly understanding - and then leaves breadcrumbs everywhere, or I'll catch him absentmindedly reaching for my separate cookware for gluten food. I know he feels he's trying but really we have a long way to go before he 'gets it'. brendab & Neali - so sorry that you are going through that for your little ones. Watching your children suffer is awful. At this point I'm glad it is me and not my two little boys that are having to deal with this! That being said - I have my suspicions about both of them....Just one more reason I was hoping for a firm diagnosis so that I could have more to back me up when I ask their pediatrician for testing. They both used to complain of frequant stomach aches, and that has noticeably reduced since at least some of their food is gluten free now. My youngest has been monitored by past docs for his slow growth, and my oldest has had fatigue and a bunch of other issues that I now realize could be attributed to gluten. I won't take them off gluten completely yet though in hopes of accurate diagnosis for them! (and honestly my husband probably wouldn't go along with it unless the doctor told us to anyways). I'm just thankful that we live in a time when gluten is being researched more and there is more available for us. And at least I have some control over keeping myself healthy - even if it is frustrating at times!
  10. Hello, I'm new to the forum and not sure if similar things have been posted...but I'm a bit confused about what to think of my 'almost' diagnosis. Last spring/summer I was tested (blood test) for celiac disease. While I was waiting for the results, I looked up some information about celiac and thought "wow, that so sounds like me!" I cut out gluten for 3 days, and started to feel better - but my blood test came back negative. I told my doctor about cutting out gluten, and asked for a referral to a dietitian. I did an elimination diet and sure enough dairy (which I already knew) and wheat made me sick. I got about 75% better on a gluten free diet - and I finally just had an endoscopy/colonoscopy to confirm it and check for any other issues. I didn't eat gluten prior to the endoscopy, which I knew I should have - but I only had a few weeks prior and who wants to purposely feel sick anyways?! The doctor's report stated: "minimal inflammation in the duodendum. Celiac disease could account for the changes, but the changes are very mild. It is difficult to say whether you have celiac disease or not, but with negative laboratory tests, this makes it fairly unlikely" I had been gluten-free for 9 months at the time of my endoscopy. I thought that any inflammation in the small intestine would be enough for a diagnosis - especially being that I'm not even currently eating gluten?? And don't a lot of people have negative blood tests, but are positive for celiac? I know it seems silly to want an 'actual' diagnosis. It's just that I have family and friends who are so doubtful and think I'm just being picky, making it up or being high-maintenance. I continually get comments like "just a little bit won't hurt" or "you're not that sensitive, are you?" I feel like a real diagnosis would give me something to stand on. Has anyone else had this issue? And when I fill out medical information do I write celiac disease or gluten intolerance? So sorry this is so long! Thanks so much for any advice - I'm so glad to finally have a place to come to ask questions!