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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, your doc's right... you definitely shouldn't drink it every day. I know, it feels great to go, but the last thing you want is for your bowels to become dependent on it... then you can't do ANYTHING! I wish I had some advice for you, as far as how to go... Actually, I do! I had a colonoscopy done and I had to do a liquid diet the day before I started the "cleanse." I was SO hungry, so I was drinking everything! If you can stand it, try this: Jello, One 2 cup packet, prepared, of course... 24 ounces of water, 2 cans of beef broth, really warm, and some gatorade! I don't know if it was one of those things, or all of them... but that's why I drank that morning and by noon... I went! A good one! Sort of like everything in there just soaked it all up and cleared out! I was amazed... and then of course after the colonoscopy, the misery started all over... but other than with my tea, and that one day, I haven't gone. It's literally crappy! I'm at the point now where I'm SO fed up, I'm about to pick one thing to eat... something I can stand for a long period of time, and eat JUST that! I'll eat it until I go, and then add something else. If I still go, I'll add something else! And we'll see how it goes. For right now, I'm trying ONE more thing before I go that route. I'm eating gluten free and dairy free. I had a friend tell me last week that dairy constipates her. I know that a lot of cheese does it to me, moreso than anything else, but she said that sour cream is the worst. I said, "Really?! It's hard to imagine that something not solid can constipate you..." So, I've been researching and I think that might be a problem. So, I drank my tea last night, I'm good right now... and I'll keep you updated! Let me know what you decide to try! And GOOD LUCK!
  2. Well, I got my results back... celiac's disease it ISN'T! Good to know... but like I said, I KNOW I'm intolerant to gluten to an extent... so... to what extent is it? How do I find out? Is the only way to do my own experimenting? On Easter, my mom forgot to make the deviled eggs w/ gluten free mayo... needless to say, she forgot other things as well. I said, "Oh well... it's Easter, I'll deal with it." Pfft! Wish I hadn't done THAT! I still haven't gone to the bathroom!!! And I'm SO frustrated! I've been eating gluten free since then. I want something else to eat! I have a Nature Valley chewy trail mix on my desk and I've been researching for 15 minutes whether it contains gluten or not (because it doesn't say on the label) and I'm over it. I don't even want to eat it anymore. I'm SO sick of researching stuff! But I'm so sick of eating the same things over and over... when am I gonna go to the bathroom? How long does this have to last? And how bad is it??? Signed... SO FRUSTRATED! Melissa Long!
  3. Your wife is a smart one! It never crossed my mind that it could be an allergy... or intolerance. I mean, hello... I'm a perfectly healthy person, right? But didn't we all say that at one point or another? lol... Things change! I say that if it's working for you, GREAT! Keep it up! You don't need a doctor to tell you what your body is already screaming... I'm 99.9% positive that my test is going to come back negative for celiac's, but I know otherwise... so, gluten FREE it is!!!
  4. The term "shut down" is exactly what I used when my bowels stopped moving. Weird, isn't it?! You're definitely not alone! As far as food goes, I'm totally new to this, so I haven't figured out much! However, I've been sticking with mostly whole foods... not only because of the price of gluten free food, but because I'm absent minded sometimes and I'm sure I'm going to stick SOMETHING in my food that I shouldn't if I'm preparing it. I have a George Foreman grill and it works WONDERS! It cooks everything perfectly... and fast! I cook chicken on it some nights, fish other nights... There are a lot of gluten free cereals... all fruits and veggies are gluten free. There really is a wide variety of stuff you can make, it's probably just not stuff that's usually on the menu, so it seems overwhelming. I know it is for me! I made a chicken stir fry the other day w/ gluten free soy sauce and some olive oil... it was awesome! Good luck finding more foods you can tolerate... and if you find anything great, please share!
  5. Wow I'm surprised you found it online. With all of my research, I NEVER came across it. It's insane that something you'd never think of could cause two things so different from each other... constipation and a cough... but I'm glad you've found some relief! I just called my doctor's office and they said it'd be 3-5 days before they'd have test results. Waiting is so hard!
  6. Thanks! I hope so! I would like conclusive test results, either way! This is the only test I've ever heard of (besides a pregnancy test, of course) that often comes out negative when people actually do have the issue...
  7. Etta, it does, thank you! It seems that I'm the only person I know that's dealt with what I have... it seems so "odd" to everyone. Even my doctor (gastro) said, "Hmm, I've never heard that before..." My primary, before sending me to the gastro, also tested my thyroid. Everything was normal. So it seems I've had most of the testing done for what the doctors try to blame it on... but either way, no matter how the results come back, I know it's gluten. The more people I hear say that they tested negative, but still can't eat it... I'm more sure that's it. I'm glad you figured it out! However, I'm curious... how did gluten come into the picture for you?
  8. Waiting for test results...

  9. Well, given that I spent 2 years like this... and only went 4 days w/o it... maybe I'll still have the antibodies present for the test. If not... then maybe I don't have it! I do know one thing though... I know my body, and even if I'm diagnosed with not having it... I do have a problem w/ gluten. I've never felt better, or more regular than when I stopped eating it...
  10. Jaywalker... I did the same thing and I recently posted something asking for advice. I eliminated it (after chronic constipation) and started going, but stopped again. I'm supposed to get tested tonight, so I added gluten to my lunch... What exactly did you do that was the mistake? Did you test negative and then later find out it was a false negative??
  11. I am 26 years old and I've always been perfectly healthy. I had my tonsils out at 13, I had my appendix out when I was one month pregnant, at 18 years old, and I've had 2 c-sections. I have a healthy 8 year old daughter and my son was stillborn, still delivered c-section. His death was caused by a cord accident. I've never had any health issues or been diagnosed with any sicknesses, or even stayed overnight in the hospital, aside from my surgeries. In January of 2009, I became pregnant. I stopped going #2. I figured, hormonal change... I'm pregnant... what the heck, I'm probably supposed to be constipated. I never looked into it or did anything about it. I went to the bathroom probably once a week, if that, and it was always aided by laxatives. I had/lost my son in October of 2009. After the surgery, I was still constipated... I figured, my bowels are sedentary, I'm taking vicodin for the surgery (and also a little for the emotional pain), and those both probably contribute. 3 months later, I still wasn't going to the bathroom... here it is, January of 2010, and one day I felt extremely nauseous. I ran in the bathroom and threw up... this is a little graphic, but literally, I could've sorted through my food and divided it into meals I had eaten over the past 3 days. NONE of it was digested. It was disgusting! I started going to the doctor and got prescribed laxative after laxative, mineral oil, drink water, exercise, fiber, this food, that food, try this, try that... I have tried every over the counter medicine or herbal remedy known to man! I've even tried herbal home remedies that my co-works uncles cousin's daughter's friend suggested! NOTHING worked... UNTIL I found a tea called herbal laxative through a website I found online. It provided overnight relief (watery, unless taken with 3 fiber gummies), and it worked like clockwork. I used that for about a year. If I didn't drink the tea, I didn't go. Well, lo and behold... it stopped working. I made a doctor's appointment and told my doctor that I don't want to be told to "try this..." I want to know the problem. I don't want to try and find something that makes me go... I want to know WHY I'm not going and fix the problem... she referred me to a gastroenterologist. I did a colonoscopy and everything looked good. I started researching gluten intolerence, as a friend suggested... and I find more and more that people are being misdiagnosed because they're constipated instead of having diarrhea. Well, my gastro flat out told me, "That's not it. You'd have diarrhea if you had that." I let him be right... but I just can't shake the feeling that he's wrong. I went in for the colonoscopy and because that came out negative for anything, he wants to run some other tests. I told him that before I go further with him, I want the test for celiac's disease. Here's the catch... LAST Tuesday, I decided to kick all gluten from my diet. It was extremely hard, but I did it... and my husband did it with me (He's such a great supporter!). Tuesday came and went, Wednesday, Thursday... and Friday afternoon, I went!!! No laxatives, no tea, no abnormal amount of water... I just went... like I haven't in 2 years! Saturday morning, I went... Saturday afternoon, I went AGAIN!!! THEN... we attended a suprise birthday party for my Aunt. I was told by the cook that the marinades she used for the chicken were gluten free. I ate some chicken and some beans... and since the party, I have gone once, and it was diarrhea. In the middle of it, it felt like my colon seized up and I haven't gone since. Everything I've eaten yesterday and today is still sitting in my stomach. I can't feel it digesting, I don't have the urge to go... I think there may have been gluten in the marinade... or the beans... however, I'm still on the fence as to whether that was originally my problem... sounds like it, right??? So now I have a test for celiac's disease scheduled for 6:30 tonight... and I went to Rubio's on my lunch break to get some gluten in me... They bread their fish, they use flour in the tortillas... I figured that should get me some positive test results... I'm just so worried. What if that wasn't the problem to begin with? What if it is, but I test negative because I haven't been eating gluten consistently? What if I test positive and I have to stop eating so many of the things I love? I did it for a week, but that was to "test" myself... seeing it as a lifestyle is so hard to imagine! I'm hoping for a positive test (so I can know and fix the reason for my constipation) as much as I'm hoping for a negative one! I'm so confused and worried... there are so many things pointing toward this, but there are so many pointing away from it. If I went the route of listening to my body... as much as I hate to admit it, I'd say it's gluten. However, if I go with research, how many of you guys have other symptoms? Skin conditions? Hair conditions, fibromyalgia, fatigue (which I do have a lot), migraines (which I get too...) Wow... maybe I do have it... Any advice? Any thoughts on hyping up the gluten before my test? Anyone with the same symptoms? I know that when someone develops gluten intolerance all of a sudden, it's caused by a "hormonal change." Pregnancy, trauma, surgery... I had all of those within a period of 8 months... that's another pointer toward celiac's. I guess I'm just super worried that I won't test positive for celiac's, but I do have a gluten intolerance... and I'll never know... Thanks for your input!!! And thanks for reading my book! LOL!