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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm trying to clean up my online presence and cancel the accounts to websites and forums that that I haven't used for a long time, and I can't figure out how to delete the account related to this forum. Can someone clue me in? Thanks.
  2. Pizza Crust

    I make the yeast pizza crust from Bette Hagman's cookbook, and it is excellent. It holds together and you can actually eat it without a fork! It's not that difficult to make, although the dough is very sticky to work with, and it helps to have a good heavy-duty mixer. I highly recommend it if you would rather make your own.
  3. I just talked to Kim at the consumer relations department for Safeway, and she told me that all Lucerne yogurts are gluten-free. The modified food starch is made from corn. Does anyone else eat the Lucerne brand? You get 8 oz per container vs. 6 oz for Dannon or Yoplait, and it's cheaper! scout
  4. I saw a list that said that the Lucerne yogurts are gluten-free. Does anyone know anything different about them?
  5. Thank you, Burdee and Deb. It's important that people feel like they can use this forum as a sounding board, a place to question as well as to ask questions. I've seen several references about members (particularly newbies) who are "tearing down the diet" or somehow demeaning and mocking others who follow it. I haven't seen this at all. Nobody is doubting that the majority of the people on this board get very sick from ingesting gluten. Comments about the palatability of certain gluten-free foods does not in any way diminish the importance of the diet, nor does questioning whether the diet is really right for particular individuals. It's rough being new to the diet, and getting our heads around the disease and all the changes that go with it can be overwhelming. I think it's natural for the asymptomatic people to question their individual need for the diet in their quest to gather as much information as they can in order to make their own decisions on how they want to proceed. It's part of learning how to cope with it. Maybe there should be a "newbie" section on this forum so that there is a guaranteed safe place for them to post and have their questions and concerns answered by people who don't mind answering the same things over and over. scoutfinch
  6. It was my impression that this board, in particular this section on coping with the disease, exists to SUPPORT people who follow the diet, people who are trying to follow the diet, people who are trying to understand celiac disease and all its implications, including how other people cope or don't cope with it. Attacking people with a "follow the diet or die and don't question anything" attitude is neither helpful nor supportive.
  7. Cheating...interested How Many Of You Do

    I agree with Burdee. It's easier to stay gluten-free when there are noticeable rewards for doing so, and the asymptomatic celiacs don't have the "avoidance of pain" motivation for sticking to it 100%. I'll admit it - I've cheated, suffered no ill effects and wondered once again whether the gluten-free diet is worth it (and to top it off, I've recently joined Weight Watchers because of weight gain after going gluten-free and have limited my food choices even more). Instead of food being something enjoyable, it's become an enemy. I've knowingly cheated twice since going gluten-free at the first of the year, and recently ate some cereal that contained oat flour. I certainly don't envy the people who are highly sensitive and get sick, but at least they have a more concrete reason to stay gluten-free, and I admire their convictions. I know I sound negative, but this has been a real struggle for me. I feel like I'm taking extreme measures to fix something that isn't broken, and suffering through food and weight-related stresses for no reason. scout
  8. Gf Cereals

    I also think the EnviroKidz cereal is good - the Gorilla Munch is pretty sweet and reminds me a little of Cap'n Crunch. I can find it at Safeway. It might be in the organic food section. Barbara's Puffins cereal is okay, a little bland but not offensive. It's also cheaper than the EnviroKidz. I just wish they made a gluten-free version of Froot Loops!
  9. Degrees Of Gluten Intolerance?

    I guess I'm not really so interested in cheating on my diet as I am in being able to worry less about every little molecule of gluten, whether from a grill that's been used to cook pancakes or from caramel coloring or crumbs in the peanut butter. Sure, I'd love to have a bagel or a warm sourdough baguette, but mainly I just want to be able to not be so hyper-vigilant about everything.
  10. Actually, you don't have to have your colon removed to have a colostomy. The colostomy just refers to the creation of a stoma where the upstream end of the colon is brought to the outside of the body. This can be permanent or temporary. I came out of hysterectomy surgery with a colostomy - the doctor tore a hole in my bowel with a retractor - they basically disconnected the lower part of my colon so it could heal. Of course, this was a nasty surprise for me and necessitated another surgery to reconnect everything 10 weeks later. Needless to say, I know more about my colon and things related to it much more than I ever thought I wanted to. That still doesn't explain the tube in Joe C's stomach or the 60 pills a day...
  11. I have relatively "silent" celiac symptoms - low iron, maybe depression and irritability (who can really tell? ) I don't get any immediate "feedback" when I ingest gluten, like so many people who have the terrible GI effects. I asked my gastroenterologist about it - at first he told me to follow a "strict" gluten-free diet, and also told me that he thought oats would be okay. This seemed contradictory to me, and I asked him about it at the next visit. The crux of his response was that I probably didn't need to worry so much about the minute contaminant levels of gluten, since I didn't get the diarrhea and other effects. I said "but isn't it still doing the same damage to my small intestine?", and he said that he didn't believe so. He also said that if I thought I was going to die without a slice of pizza, then to go ahead and have one - it just would probably set my healing back three weeks or so. Have any of your doctors ever indicated something like this to you? That possibly people with fewer symptoms are somehow damaged less by the same amount of gluten as people who are highly reactive?
  12. Yet Another Newly Diagnosed Celiac

    Hi Wandering Hermit: I'm also relatively new to the gluten-free diet. At first, I had no idea what to eat. Then I figured out a few things that I could have (like white corn tortilla chips and cheese), and then went overboard on them. I think it takes a while to get more comfortable with food, but you'll soon develop a core group of staples. I guess that my initial advice is to avoid overdoing it with the "comfort" foods that you can have (like me and my nachos) in an effort to compensate for the satisfying foods you miss. I've stopped really trying to find gluten-free substitutes for baked goods. They're more of a disappointment than a help when you're just starting on the gluten-free diet - it just made the feeling of loss even worse for me. On the other hand, I did discover some gluten-free corn and sesame thins (kinda like a rice cake) that make pretty tasty PB&J sandwiches.
  13. So what is in the different yogurts that is not gluten-free? Since diagnosed with celiac disease, I've been eating more yogurt. My symptoms are silent, so I don't typically get noticeably sick. I eat mostly the Lucerne brand of yogurt, and didn't see anything on the label to worry me. What am I missing?
  14. Gained 15 Pounds 2 Months

    Hi Mom: Thanks for the gidiet website (and also for letting me vent!) I'll check it out to see what it's about. scoutfinch
  15. Gained 15 Pounds 2 Months

    I've gained 20 pounds since I started a gluten-free diet at the beginning of the year, and I was a little overweight to begin with. My celiac symptoms are "silent" - other than having low iron and some lactose intolerance, I don't suffer from the awful GI problems that many do. I think the only reason the gastroenterologist found the celiac disease was because he was doing an endoscopy/colonoscopy to find out why I wasn't healing as well from surgery as I could be. This is so frustrating!!! I feel like I've given up my favorite things for nothing! I don't think I'm overeating, or eating a lot of fatty or high-calorie food. I haven't been substituting much of the gluten-free baked goods because they're just not worth eating. My body must now be absorbing every single calorie I ingest. I'm now working out 4 days a week and really watching every bite I take - if I can't lose a significant amount of weight by the first part of June when I have a follow-up doctor's appointment, I'm thinking that something else is wrong. I'm ready to ditch this gluten-free diet. Is being obese a bigger health risk than chronic low iron and diet-related angst? As you can tell, I'm "fed" up! Any advice?