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  1. Liver Detox Plan

    Hi there, Thanks for all the replies. Thought I'd give a heads up. Don't worry, I'm being careful. It's not really that kind of heavy duty detox I think. It's more focussed on diet ( in terms of what you eat rather than how much ), than the supplements and the supplements you take are much more aimed at getting toxins out of your body once your liver and gallbladder start working and metabolising the fat. For me the supplements are a little Slippery Elm and some vitamin supplements to help the liver repair itself and function. I'm thinking of adding Grape Seed Extract after having done some research on it, but that'll be it. There is a list of allowed foods and a list of ones that you shouldn't eat. So right now, poultry and eggs are out for example. But in another week, I get to add them back to my diet along with some fats ( coconut milk I think ). The food is decent and I'm not lacking for calories or protein. It's just that for the first two weeks, that protein comes from fish. Also almost all fats are cut out except for those contained in olive oil and the like. I have hot water and lemon in the morning I juice in the morning, salad at lunchtime and then have some nice seafood dishes in the evening with a hearty helping of veg. I also drink a lot of water through the day. All the herbs and spices are aimed at aiding liver function too, turmeric being one well known example, nutmeg also gets used quite a lot. What there very definitely isn't, is any mention of calorific intake. Since my last post I've lost a further 3 pounds which is quite remarkable, but predicted in the book. I have lost weight rapidly in the past, but this year, aside from the rapid weight loss when I got ill with celiac disease, I've been stuck at my weight. the book said that for many people, once the liver gets a chance to recover, it starts to metabolise fat rapidly and the main focus then has to be safe removal of toxins stored with them. Which brings me to the glutening. As Skylark suggests, for me, the sensation of being glutened is very specific. It involves neuropathy down my right side and is very different from anything I get from, say, dairy or soya. So I'm certain I got glutened. and I'm equally certain I didn't ingest any. I'm 100% in control of my diet right now. Which lead me to believe it was treated as a toxin by my system. The sensation of glutening is lessening now but is still not down to zero, which suggests to me I'm still metabolising fat put on when I started reacting to gluten. I admit I have no idea how this can be but I do know a lot of research points to fat loss and redistribution of toxins in the system. Also, to add, according to my scales ( which measure fat percentage ) this is not water I'm losing, it really is mostly fat from what I can see. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/12/041219134759.htm http://www.wellnessresources.com/studies/a_theory_of_how_chemicals_cause_obesity Another thing that seems to be happening is spots. I'm a 40 year old male. I haven't had a spot problem in decades. It's just another thing pointing towards the metabolising of fat and the release of toxins. It is absolutely fascinating to me.
  2. Liver Detox Plan

    Ok. Cut a long story short. I've started to have gallbladder trouble. Serious issues with fatty foods ( left me ill for the Xmas hols ), and am due for an ultrasound soonish. However I've had more than my share of medical procedures this last year so I want to try and nip anything potentially serious in the bud. I was and remain skeptical, but am doing the Liver Detox Plan by Xandria Williams as she /seems/ credible to me. I've been on it for a week now, and am finding it quite remarkable. I appear to be losing a whole bunch of fat rapidly which I struggled to lose despite some serious exercise earlier this year. So far 5 lbs in the last 4 days. According to the book, toxins which have been stored away in fat can get released as you finally metabolise it after all those years of lugging it around. A google around leads to some articles, and Wikipedia entries which seem to back this up too ( look up toxins and adipose tissues ). Now here's the kicker... I feel glutened. I have total control over my diet right now. Cooking from scratch using the simplest of ingredients. No vinegars, only fish and vegetables plus a little rice. All my supplements are lactose, dairy, soya and gluten free. I have never been more in tune with what I'm eating. So why do I have the unmistakable sensation of being glutened? Muscle aches, neuropathy are all present. Stomach issues too, but that could simply be the diet change. Is it really possible that I could be re-releasing gluten into my system? Albeit to a lesser extent? Has anyone else done this?
  3. I'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and voice my thanks to the eternally helpful regulars on here. It was about a year ago ( actually I can pinpoint boxing day as a key moment ) that I started to hit a brick wall with my health. It was very much due to the helpful and knowledgable posters here that I managed to eventually see a way past it. I'm pretty sure I'll still be putting my hand up to ask for advice for months and years to come. It's an absolute roller coaster. So once again... Thanks folks and have a good holiday!
  4. Keratoconus

    Interesting. I notice from your sig, your children have the condition. I take it you yourself don't? Could this be the hereditary link for your kids? Ever since I found about the hereditary link I've seen undiagnosed or misdiagnosed evidence of it in my family for at least 3 generations. I think I got away very lightly ( so far ) with the Keratoconus. It's a pain to wear hard contacts, but I'm so glad no-one will be operating on my eyes.
  5. Just to echo Ravenwoodglass. My nerve issues seemed to dissipate much more rapidly after heeding advice on here and taking a vitamin b complex supplement, which I am now taking again to try and help with the neuro issues which resurfaced after I went back on gluten prior to my own endoscopy. They do a damn fine line in good advice here
  6. Keratoconus

    Thanks for the reply. I've had the IBS catch-all thrown my way several times. Always gets me angry. Thankfully I won't need either transplant or surgery. We caught it early and controlled it with hard contacts. It hasn't changed at all in the last ten years.
  7. Just a heads up. Feeling infinitely more with it today. Had a couple of odd missing time moments this morning but since this afternoon I've been fine. Still got the sore neck though. Thanks for the advice.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keratoconus I was found to have this condition nearly 20 years ago. It's essentially a warping of the cornea which can cause light to smear and requires the use of hard contact lenses to correct. I was lucky enough to find an expert in the field working as an optician near me. The hospital uses him as the keratoconus specialist round here. One interesting thing that he has found is that every single person he's treated for this condition has also had asthma. He talks of people having a particularly sensitive body type,so they're prone to getting these kind of conditions. As such he was entirely unsurprised to hear of my gluten issues over the last year. Now, as most of us know, there's a high incidence of asthma amongst the celiac disease community. What I'm wondering now is, given that my and many other's asthma got better after going gluten-free, is my keratoconus linked to my gluten problems too? Does anyone else here have this condition?
  9. Out of interest does it feel like the muscles in your neck are tightening up? That's how it feels for me when I get the headaches and eye pain. I also get rapidly and extremely irritable. It does sound to me as though you're homing in on at least a major culprit in your issues. It was a revelation for me when it happened so hopefully it'll answer a lot of your questions too.
  10. Thanks Ravenwoodglass, I very much agree it's still in my system which is alarming as I was told that I would feel fine when I woke up this morning. It's now well past the 24 hours that i was assured was all it would take to get out of my system and I still feel decidedly out of it. If I still feel bad tomorrow I'll be contacting my local practice.
  11. Hi all Wondering if anyone has had any odd after effects after the endoscopy procedure. I had mine yesterday, and was given some sort of amnesic sedative, which didn't seem to make me feel calm at all and didn't really erase much of the memories of the procedure. I remember a lot of it, and a great deal of it I truly wish I could forget. However, as time went on, after the endoscopy I started to feel woozy and detached. My short term memory also started to fade slightly and this has continued today. I can recall what I did today, but it requires an effort of will almost, like it didnt happen today, more like i'm having to recall memories from months ago. I've had several senior moments, for example I don't recall in the slightest getting my house keys off the hook yet they were in my pocket after I searched for ages for them. I also walked past my daughter's after-school club, having forgotten that that was why I was out of the house in the first place. On top of that I have a persistent, terrible headache, and a very sore neck... Could that be from the way I was held during the procedure? As I'm sure you can understand, it's pretty scary right now not being fully in control. Edit: as an additional piece of info, I've had to come back and edit this post several times in order for it to make sense. This is not normal for me. Aaaand I just noticed I screwed up the title.
  12. I had very severe neuro symptoms also and MRI scans galore at the beginning of the year. It covered the gamut from uncontrollable rapid vibrations of my right eye only, thru loss of grip in my right hand and blinding pain in bands up my right leg and arm, to the simple, standard tingling in my extremities that for so many is a sign of being glutened. For months I had the spectre of MS over me and thankfully it turned out not to be that. My neuro was convinced it's celiac but because I'd figured it out before her and cut out the gluten ( symptoms cleared up rapidly ), my bloods came back normal. I think of all the things I regret, it's not coming on this site earlier and heeding the warnings not to cut out gluten before I got tested, but much like you, the symptoms were too serious to really contemplate anything else. It may be worth thinking about not totally cutting out gluten until you can be properly tested, but you'll will know yourself if you feel you can take that kind of scary punishment any longer. It's taken months to persuade my docs to send me for an endoscopy, in fact it took what looks to have been an ulcer to get it done. I've been back on gluten now for three weeks and am getting most of the old symptoms back. Tonight was the last night I will ever have gluten again on purpose, the endoscopy is tomorrow. it's been absolute hell as the weeks have worn on, particularly this last few days. And, frankly I don't care anymore. Even if they still find nothing I know now, where I had growing doubts before, that I have serious issues with gluten and it does serious damage to me neurologically. I've come to accept the idea that I may be long gone before the medical profession has anything beyond a perfunctory understanding of the effects of gluten on the nervous system. And like others in this thread, I'm sure - I'm done with doctors who simultaneously profess no knowledge of celiac disease yet continue to look at me like I'm mad when I reel off the symptoms I get. And yes, I also had an elevated liver enzyme result and they put it down to me being overweight at the time.
  13. Just a heads up. I've got 5 days left til I can stop taking this horrible poison. The endoscopy is on the 13th The neuropathy is worse but still not a patch on how it was months so. What's getting unbearable is the pain in my abdomen on the right side. It tends to vary and radiate up and down, and from back to front or vice versa. Is this normal? And how quickly have people recovered from this ordeal? I want to be on the mend by Xmas if I can... Edit: also getting terrible headaches which is something new.
  14. Thanks, Skylark I am concerned about c/ myself, I have to say. It's not as bad as it was, at the moment. If it gets close to that then I will call it off without a doubt. The most prominent symptom right now after 2 days is a painful right side of my abdomen. I'm getting tingling down my right side though, so will be keeping an eye on it. I am getting desperate to get a full diagnosis though, if only so I can get some proper professional nutritional advice. Ive had a lot of problems with other grains giving me trouble and feel that getting past the GPs to a hospital nutritionist would be a massive step forward. Right now, I get fobbed off with the fact that the blood test was negative, despite the further fact that I'd already been off gluten for months prior to that, making it highly likely to be negative anyway.
  15. Hi all, Had a bit of a set back with an ulcer recently. And I have an endoscopy to do in December, so I have to gluten myself every day and that means I don't really feel up for it right now. So... hopefully I'll be back at it in January. Hope you're all okay. Cheers Noodleunit