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  1. Help - Sick At Work All The Time

    I cannot advise strongly enough to avoid working from home as much as possible. I have worked from home for close to 15 years, due to the nature of the job. You will find that your going out anxiety will increase the longer you work from home. You will also see "regular" anxiety increase as well as you lose social connections. I have known many who ended up becoming agoraphobic over time while working from home. Twice during the 15 years I have worked from the office for an extended amount of time (4 months and then a year and a half) and after a couple week adjustment, the anxiety almost fell away. I was a new man. I thrived. I did have to push in the beginning though. I do think that we overthink things. While I think it is possible that soaps, perfumes, and errant crumbs could hit a person, I think it is much more likely to be that subconscious anxiety. I can be perfectly fine all week and you mention going out to eat, me coming over, or a possible date and whammo I have a "celiac reaction." I would be a lot of others are like that or were before they were able to wrap their head around things and get 100% compliant for a lengthy amount of time. Right now you are new to the disease. Less than 6 months if my math is right. You are probably still healing and learning what your triggers are. The worst thing I ever did was get into the overthinking it phase which I bet many due at the beginning. Most likely you are discovering other food categories that bother you or maybe you have not narrowed those down yet. When the gut is off, anxiety is up. They will feed off of each other to where you will not know what is the primary cause. You may find relief from a therapist and possibly with medication, although therapy can work wonders fast.
  2. Help - Sick At Work All The Time

    Do not discount the possibility that you could have developed anxiety issues. Many of us stop going out to eat because over time we subconsciously associated this with getting sick. Some get the same feeling just going to work. Celiac can fuel anxiety and that feeling can lead to many of the Celiac symptoms. It can be difficult to determine if you are having a true Celiac issue or an anxiety one. I work from home as well and over time you can find yourself being home bound. If you do not get out as often as possible this can make it much worse. Someone will invite you over or you need to go to a work function and you get that instant gut twinge of anxiety.
  3. This girl Sarah on Master Chef Junior is a riot and Gordon Ramsey is so great with the kids. Wow at their talent.

  4. I just got pulled over for the first time in over 17 years. I wish all the cops were that hot and nice. Had a brake light out. No ticket. No warning. Just an FYI. I might go speeding just to see if I can see her again.

  5. So Microsoft brags that they brought the Start button back in Windows 8.1, but all it does it take you to the junky Metro screen. Epic fail.

  6. It is official, Mark Wilson, Melissa Sines Wilson, and I have Sim-people clones who have more fulfilling lives than we do. lol

  7. I've got to stop coming to Walmart on Friday afternoon

  8. Glad Arrow is back on. Pretty good story line with a lot of depth. Much more than the new Marvel Agents of Shield, although it has potential

  9. Crock Pot Pork-Stuffed Peppers - that was good...

  10. The only thing worse than a bicyclist riding in the driving lane when there is a bike lane is a bicyclist riding in the driving lane going the wrong way.

  11. Bitter sweet, but there is no way I am missing the Dexter finale tonight.

  12. So excited. Did not realize they have gluten free bread. Found my new lunch spot.

  13. All the hype over IOS 7 and Apple Inc. still will not add a delete all button for text messages. It is a very tame upgrade not the "make it feel like they're getting a new phone" at all. Maybe I have been wrong and the iPhone/iPad franchise is on the way out.. #epicfail

  14. This new survivor looks interesting. If I went on with Shannon, I would sell her out...now Sissa....I would sell her out too...