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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks guys. I don't do the cooking in my house. For the time being I still live with my Parents, and Mum is the cook. Gluten seems to be in everything. And Mum and Dad shouldn't have to go gluten free, and I don't expect them to. That leaves me with sorting out ALL of my own food and cooking processes. On a jobless student's budget. I can hardly afford petrol to get to TAFE (college)... adding in 3 gluten free meals a day to that is undoable. Now I know my Mum can cook gluten free meals and use gluten free ingredients in her existing recipes, but when things like our BBQ, toaster, brevil, oven trays, pots and pans are contaminated, what's the point!? Especially when i show no symptoms and won't even know if I get 'glutened'! Frustrating! Anyway, lets just say mum and I work together (which we are), and try to work out alternatives,the things we need to sort out are probably: Stir Frys BBQs Currys Pastas and pasta based dishes Soy sauce is in a lot of marinades my mum makes. We also eat a fair bit of spaghetti and pasta based dishes. Soy sauce is also in stir frys. There's a seemingly endless amount of ingredients that mum uses in her recipes which contain gluten in some form or MIGHT contain gluten. And of course, eating out. We get pizza probably once a month from our local pizza shop. I LOVE that pizza. They offer gluten free pizzas, but then they only have one pizza oven... so how's that work? We also sometimes go out for Chinese or Indian food. I have no idea how that's going to or is supposed to work. This is all quite depressing, if I'm honest. I drank my last ever beer on Monday. (Well I guess at least the hardest part is over! lol)
  2. Well my thinking is that an intolerance means I can actually tolerate a little bit of gluten, where coeliac disease means I can't. Finding it extremely hard to eat 100% gluten free to be honest. I don't have the money. And even with focusing on eating gluten free I accidentally ate at least 2 things today that had gluten in them. Cutting way back is easy and entirely doable. Eliminating it entirely seems like an expensive and utterly difficult task.
  3. Thanks heaps guys. For the moment, due to (mainly money) constraints, I'm unable to be strict about this. I've certainly cut it way back though wherever possible. (I had a pretty terrible gluten intensive weekend away while camping). Now I'm back in the normal world again I can start focusing on learning and progressing. I'm certainly not looking forward to being more sensitive to gluten, but I guess its all part of the experience! I'd be keen to see some more test results. I've seen a few others on this forum and mine certainly look "Just" positive (except for the T-glutaminase- which i think only shows intestinal damage?) My last question (for the moment) is: Could this just be an intolerance to gluten instead of coeliac disease?
  4. How will I know when my body starts to improve if I don't show symptoms? How long will it take for any existing damage to repair itself? Once everything is fixed (ie, no gluten then no anti-bodies attacking, damage repaired), can even one bread crumb undo all the hard work? Or will my body be able to process SOME gluten? What is likely to happen if I don't go gluten free? I know it can cause long term damage of sorts? Is there any chance the test results could be a false positive? (ie, I'd been sick, could something other than coeliac disease have caused the results?)
  5. I just received results from tests that say I have Coeliac disease. And I'm left feeling mighty confused. I've been trying to research and seek answers to my questions, but I think its just making me MORE confused. And knowing the great power of internet forums, here I am. I do apologise if I ask questions that should have obvious answers, but I really just can't make sense of everything I'm reading, and need some experienced opinions! History: I'm 24, male, healthy, a bit above average fitness. Besides the occasional stomach bug, I've had great digestive health for all my 24 years. Recently (about 5 weeks ago), I got very sick after a family bbq (beef sausages). I was the only one to get sick, and after about 18 hours of diarrhea and some intense vomiting during the night, all was fine. About a week later, I ate red meat again (steak) and then got sick again. About another week later, I tried some sausages and again, I got sick! Over the course of the last 5 weeks I've had an "upset stomach", but no gastro symptoms at all unless I've eaten red meat. Being quite confused i went to the doctor. I was thinking along the lines of food poisoning. He did all sorts of tests, but the only one that came back positive was for coeliac disease. Which surprised me because in the last 5 weeks I've eaten a lot of gluten containing food, and haven't been at all sick from it. Its only when I've eaten red meat that I've had big issues. So, if you are able, can you please interpret these results for me, and also answer a few questions... RESULTS: Gliadin IgG 24 units (<20) Endomysial Antibodies POSITIVE Total IgA 3.44g/L (0.69-3.09) Transglutaminase IgA Ab 22 U/ml (<7) Questions: 1. Is it possible that I have some other issue? I can eat as much bread and as many cookies as I want without problem. It's only red meat that makes me sick. 2. Gluten is even in things like soy sauce that my family sometimes uses for marinades. I can't imagine there is THAT much gluten in it, but it IS there. Can even the occasional, tiny amount of gluten undo any progress made from a gluten free diet? ie, how strict do I REALLY have to be with gluten free? How much damage can a small amount do to me? 3. If I don't react to gluten, how am I supposed to measure the results of eating gluten free? (this I am most confused about. Gluten does not give me digestive issues and as far as I can tell I'm not lethargic and anemic etc)