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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it and the link to the Celiac Disease Center in Chicago.
  2. Hi, A week ago I accidentally bought and put in my mouth a sunflower seed cacao treat at LAX airport. I put it in my mouth, chewed, looked down at the label and saw it has wheat. I spit it out and gargled, brushed my teeth, etc. And then I tried to forget about it. I felt okay for about five days. . . and then, by this past weekend, and until now I have fatigue, muscle stiffness, and some anxiety. Of course it could be a tiring life and anxious conditions in life too. Does this happen to celiacs to get a delayed reaction to a glutening or does everybody have glutening symptoms come on within 24 hours? I've been diagnosed and gluten-free for five years but this is the first time I KNOW I put gluten in my mouth. I had a lot of fatigue for two years after diagnosis but lately it's been better, now this! Thank you!!
  3. Symptoms That Improved On Supplements And Gluten Free Diet

    Very great to hear! Congratulations!
  4. Gluten, Beer, Kissing

    Hi everyone, I'm dating someone new and when I showed up for our date last week he was drinking a beer. Sigh. I have the policy that I will not kiss someone who has been drinking beer for 4-5 hours. Brushing teeth, chewing gum, gargling, it just doesn't feel like enough. If he was eating gluten food then brushing teeth and rinsing would feel OK, but beer is a coating. I am very sensitive and I do so much to avoid cross-contamination, I don't want to endanger myself. We had a pretty awkward conversation about this afterward and at the end of the day, I plan to stick with how I feel about this. But I am also curious about how you deal with kissing a loved one if he or she has consumed beer. . . what do you consider safe, especially if you are sensitive? Thanks!!
  5. Hi everybody-- First, please watch out for GoodBelly probiotic coconut water and other drinks. They use barley malt and oats in their probiotic culturing process. I told the company they should put a big CONTAINS GLUTEN label on the bottle. I was so shocked after a took a sip that a coconut water would have gluten in it. So this leads into my question. I took a sip of the coconut water almost two weeks ago. Just a sip, and it's a small amount of gluten according to GoodBelly. However, I have had a bout of depression and anxiety hit me over the last week. So that would be about a week after the incident. There are a lot of things I could attribute this depression to but it feels really physical, like that oozy oily dark cloud on my mood that comes in bouts and goes. I don't really feel like it's from emotional issues, I feel like something triggered it--either that I am trying to eat rice again (I have been off grains for four months due to food intolerances) or this glutening. I am wondering if anyone has a delayed depressive bout from a glutening, even from trace amounts. Oh, I would like this to lift and get back to feeling more normal. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  6. 5 Consecutive Canker Sores In 16 Days

    I am having the same experience--every 5 or 6 days now for the last two months I get a canker sore, some of them not so large, and with it I get all muscle achey and fatigued, knocked out! I never got them frequently before. It is really a drag--feel like I can't rely on being able to get out and live my life. I will hunt the SLS free toothpaste. I already am strictly gluten-free and do Paleo (no grains, dairy, or eggs), I wonder if there are hidden ingredients in any processed foods triggering these? Why all of a sudden?
  7. Frequent Canker Sores Anyone?

    Wow, so you think you got these symptoms from just being cross-contaminated with corn as opposed to eating it? I have also cut out all grains including corn, dairy, eggs, and chocolate based on the results of food inolerance testing. But I never think that cross-contamination from those things will cause symptoms in the way that gluten cross-contamination will. What you are describing sound like my symptoms too--knocked over and it keeps happening weekly so really want to get to the bottom of it. Good luck and health and love to you too.
  8. Hi all, I've been gluten-free 15 months and I'm very strict. For the last couple of months I've been getting frequent canker sores that are accompanied by a cold/tired feeling/muscle aches that last 2-3 days. It's frustrating because it's been happening weekly. I found one post on this topic on the forums and got the tip of getting another toothpaste (sodium laurel sulfate free). I will avoid acidic foods now (maybe it's because strawberries are in season?). But I'm also getting colds. Some posts online suggest that canker sores are a sign of hidden gluten but it is hard to imagine where the hidden gluten could be. Does anyone have any advice or wisdom to share about celiacs who are already gluten-free getting frequent canker sores? I would be most grateful, hoping to stop this soon. Much love and blessings. Thanks for all the support on this wonderful forum. So grateful for it.
  9. Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

    Hi Becca, I can relate. I have been gluten-free now for about 15 months and am still struggling with frequent colds, canker sores,an and fatigue as well as other random symptoms. I never really know whether they are connected to celiac or not. Maddening! Although I am still having canker sores and colds (was going to write my own post about this) I can say that I have felt better in general, going in the right direction, since seeing a naturopath, eliminating more foods such as dairy, eggs, and grains, and increasing my intake of green vegetables (she has me eating at least 6 servings of veggies in general per day). For the most part I feel like I am going in the right direction, though I too still get frustrated. No one else I know gets colds so often! Anyway--much love for you on this path, we know it's not a simple one.
  10. Really Random Question About Paper In Soup!

    Great! There is nothing like being able to poll celiacs about a question like this when in doubt. I am very grateful for your answers! I started eating it last night and I'm still unsure about my reaction time, I'll hold out a little longer, but seems like it's probably all good.
  11. Hi everyone! I wouldn't know where else to turn but the celiac forums with this question. I am sick and I made myself a great chicken soup to get better. I noticed after I had made the soup and eaten some that a small piece of waxy cardboard paper from the new spoon (part of the packaging) I bought had dropped into the soup and had been there the whole time it was cooking. Being a celiac, of course. now I am worried that this waxy cardboard paper could have gluten and have contaminated the soup. I've already eaten several bowls of it. . . so . . . just wondering, any thoughts? What would you do? Many thanks from one celiac to another.
  12. Advice For How To Do An Elimination Diet

    Thanks Skylark. I will check this diet. Wow, eating lamb, white rice, and lettuce for two weeks seems intense. Were you able to carry on with life as usual? I suppose it's easier in some sense because you only shop for three things and cook two. And then after this you introduced one food or food group after the next? There is a lot of noise about adrenal function. The test they would have me to do samples the saliva over 4 times during a day. Re: thyroid. Years ago my T3 was low and doctors tried to move it with hormone but it didn't move. Now my TSH is normal and the doctor says that is adequate as a read and all we need to know. Do you have any knowledge about whether a TSH is enough to gauge thyroid function? I definitely have weakness, fatigue, and frequent colds (immunosuppression). Thank you!!
  13. Hi everyone! Once again I am amazed by the depth of knowledge in this community. I just visited this topic area for the first time now that I have identified food intolerances and leaky gut as something I should look into. I've been gluten-free for seven months since my biopsy showed moderate to severe damage and I still feel frequently tired, get about 1 cold per week, and have muscle weakness. I am thinking it is getting to be time to look into other food intolerances. I visited a clinic that I am not sure if I trust and they also suggested doing a stool test to look for parasites and saliva testing to look at adrenal function. My main question: Can you recommend a website or a plan to do the elimination diet? Obviously it is daunting to strip down to a few foods and I would like to read up about this before I come up with my plan. And also curious if you have heard about whether it is effective to look for parasites in stool testing and at adrenal function. Thank you!!
  14. How Long Do Waves Of Fatigue Continue?

    Interesting. I will look into elimination diets and doing just meet and veggies (or almost only, whatever I can manage). I did feel better when I was eating more broccoli. I also have the intuition that I need red meat and chicken. I relate so much to the others who are dealing with the ups and downs of energy. I asked God today in the kitchen to jut let me feel well again. It's so hard to feel like a broken record in your head thinking about all this. I told God I will take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life and help others if I can feel consistent normal energy again!
  15. How Long Do Waves Of Fatigue Continue?

    I decided after writing this post to try once more with my current doctor by writing him an email listing the things I would like to be tested for. I'm going to research this but also thought I would ask if anyone else has any other ideas. I know for starters that although my TSH is good years ago either T3 or T4 was way low, so I will mention this for one. Thanks!