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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Calling Expert Celiacs!

    Nice one! Generally but not limited to many people from the USA
  2. Calling Expert Celiacs!

    Why do Americans always think British folk pay more taxes? US and British taxes are pretty much the same, it's just that each country spends them very differently. I'm Scottish but currently live in the States. I was diagnosed in the UK 2.5 yrs ago. Lots of blood tests, gp visits, gastro visits, scans, biopsy, all that jazz..all free.
  3. Calling Expert Celiacs!

    She is in the UK. She spoke about the NHS. It takes longer to see specialists but at least it's free
  4. Calling Expert Celiacs!

    Hi Katie! I hope we can help you to feel better! In reading your symptoms it sounds as though you could certainly be celiac. I suffered from many of these things myself before being diagnosed. The stomach pains, terrible bowel movements, extreme fatigue, weight loss and some of your other symptoms are text book of celiac disease. Whilst I'm sure many other things present the same symptoms celiac disease sounds like a prime candidate. If your IGA levels are high this again suggests and autoimmune disorder such as celiac. You say you have gone gluten free for 3 days and you feel better? Have you tried a gluten-free diet in the past or is this the first time? If you are celiac and you go 100% gluten-free it will take a while to get completely healed but you should start to feel better and better, often right away. Have you ever had the celiac biopsy to check if your villi are damaged? This would normally be the next step but you would have to be eating gluten for results to come back positive as if no gluten is eaten no damage will be being done and it may show a false negative. For me being dx as celiac and never eating gluten again made all my horrible symptoms go away....I hope for the same with you!
  5. Dating A Celiac

    Hey Julie! It's so great to hear that you are taking your boyfriend's disease seriously and that you care enough about him to come onto this forum. He is a lucky guy! If he has been diagnosed with celiac disease then he can't consume any gluten at all but don't worry too much about making him sick as there are a couple of simple precautions to take * Be careful that you don't eat anything with gluten before you kiss him. (or if you do them first wash out your mouth or brush your teeth) * Anything you put in or near to your mouth could be a concern if you're going to kiss him so make sure you don't wear any lip gloss/lip stick containing gluten. If you aren't sure which brands are safe don't wear any before you visit him * Any other non food things should be fine. Most regular toothpaste brands are gluten free so you shouldn't have to worry there and your shampoo won't affect him unless he plans to eat your hair
  6. Brain Fog

    I'm eating a huge spinach salad right now.
  7. Brain Fog

    I haven't started using anything new as far as I can remember. I'm not a big make-up wearing person and I've been using the same type of shampoo for a long time.
  8. Brain Fog

    Interesting. Yes, it really is difficult to explain to others who don't experience it. How long does your brain fog usually last? For me it's currently been over a week but at certain times it's worse than others...not sure why. A lot of people have been suggesting that it could be that I'm not getting enough fatty acids like omega 3. I'm going to try to incorporate more salmon, etc and see if it makes a difference.
  9. Brain Fog

    Hi everyone, I know there have been posts on brain fog before but nothing too recently so I wanted to ask if anyone could help me.. I was diagnosed as celiac a little over 2 years ago and have been completely gluten free ever since. I am extremely careful about what I eat and have been feeling great since all my horrible symptoms left. Recently however I've been getting really bad brain fog. It makes it difficult to concentrate and I feel as though I'm only half here. I feel spacey and out of it. I have no idea whats causing it. Could it be stress? Something I'm lacking from what I eat? I was at my doctor for a physical less than 4 weeks ago where they did lots of blood tests and everything came back normal except that I have low iron. I'm not anemic as my red blood count is fine but it was suggested I take multi vitamins which I do now. Has anyone experienced something similar? Any tips on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Laura
  10. Struggling To Cope With Boyfriend's Mother

    This is ridiculous. Your boyfriend's mother is clearly a horrible person. Personally I would just stay away from here for good. It sounds as though you've done to best to explain things to her and she doesn't care. The solution is obvious...don't visit her. Why would you ever want to be around someone so nasty who is trying to make you sick!
  11. gluten-free In Chile/ Sin Gluten En Chile?

    Hola! Que bueno! Chile is amazing! I travelled there last year and stayed 100% gluten free. Where are you moving to? Awareness of celiac disease isn't too great but there are tonnes of naturally gluten-free things to be found there. If your Spanish is good then it will be much easier. Grocery stores in larger cities like Santiago have gluten-free products but in smaller places like Valparaiso (which was my favourite place there) your best bet is shopping for naturally gluten-free things. Many of the products you do find labelled as gluten-free in Chile come from Argentina as gluten-free awareness/labelling is much better there. Buen Viajo!
  12. Anxieties When Travelling As A Celiac

    Yes, it's beautiful and the people are very friendly. In Slovenia we travelled to Ljubljana (which is one of my favourite cities in Europe),Bled, Postojna and some short stops in between. In Croatia, we drove down the coast and stayed in Zadar and a couple of other places along the coast. Beautiful.
  13. Cereal

    I'm pretty much the biggest cereal fan ever! I'm from the UK but now living in the US. Chex are meant to be safe for celiacs. I ate them for months, a huge bowl every morning and often more at night, and was fine but more recently I've been getting diarrhea after eating them. I've stopped for a while and I'm back to Envirokids cereals...yummy! Peanut Butter panda puffs and gorilla much are my favourite right now and they go perfectly with Nature's Path Corn Flakes. Nature's Path have lots of other good gluten-free cereals too. I've heard from a few friends that the gluten-free rice krispies have made them sick but haven't tried them personally.
  14. Anxieties When Travelling As A Celiac

    That's great to hear it doesn't stop you from travelling. I know it certainly does for some celiacs which is why I started my website when I was diagnosed to encourage people that it can be done. oooh, Croatia is so beautiful. Where abouts in the country is your house? Sorry to hear that your chronic pain isn't allowing you to get there at this time. My husband and I spent 10 days driving around Slovenia and Croatia a few years back. A beautiful part of the world and definitely somewhere I want to go back to. What's it like finding gluten free food in Croatia?? I was there in pre-celiac days.
  15. Anxieties When Travelling As A Celiac

    Interesting..I didn't realise Oz and New Zealand were tough on brining produce in. Chile is very much like that too! They have huge signs when you go through customs of fruit with big crosses through it!