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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i too went thru the same thing with my husband. i had to just make meals that were gluten free. Then let him eat it and then say...well that was a dish you enjoyed and it was gluten free. just to prove to him that he still enjoy things he loved to eat. just we need to find gluten free ingrediants to make them. the life safer for me was http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ seeing im a working mom. I did not have time to make two seperate things for every meal.
  2. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    hello all i just found this thread. Im from Fort Atkinson between Milwaukee and Madison. Travel mostly to Milwaukee area. I would love to found out any tips you all might have in these areas. I have found it hard in my little town not having much for me to purchase.
  3. Need Help

    Thanks for all the helpful insight. I have been doing so much research that my head feels like its spinning sometimes. When we went to the nutrients she made it sound like we were DOOMED to function as a family due to this. She made it sound impossible to go shopping in a typical store and so on. But after some good reasearch on my own I have found it to be ok. Its frustrating to find a place to go out to eat in our little area.
  4. Need Help

    yeah I have learned about the assuming issue already. I bought some ganola bars that said 100% organic Oats and there was NO LISTING FOR WHEAT OR CROSS warning. I called the company once I found there info on line because no number on the box to call from store and he informed me that if my husband had mild celiac hed be ok; if sensitive he would be adviced not to eat them. I rolled my eyes in frustration and hand them to my non celiac kids.
  5. Need Help

    ive been fallowing her blog and I love it!
  6. my husband went gluten free six weeks ago and was complaining he was feeling like he was going thru withdrewls or the flu...are you saying that this is a true symptom of the celiac as hes going thru this transition?
  7. My husband went gluten free about 6 weeks ago. And I have been doing my best to do as much research as possible to keep gluten out of his diet. I even got a seperate pantry so that he knows that its ok to eat. I do 95% of the shopping. I read the labels with the best of my knowledge from reading and so on. Also visiting alot of sites and emailing. From several articles I have read that Wheat is no by law suppose to be listed on labels...is this correct? Which makes hiding gluten more difficult correct? (at least from wheat) I guess here is the big question. I bought steam packed veggies and rice...it does not list wheat or list wheat allergy warning...but BROTH is listed. Am i to assume then it is NOT gluten free?