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  1. I'll have to try out Chipolte sometime, and that's awesome to hear that Five Guys will wrap it in lettuce because I was hesitant of going back there. Thanks for the advice everybody.
  2. Some reason I don't feel like cooking dinner today and looking to get some fast food. Wendys and Chic Fillet are the two that most go to, both are really good, but was wondering if anyone knew of any good fast food places they like to go to, or that at least offer a good amount of gluten free stuff other than the salad and drinks?
  3. What happened to me when I flew was I ended up with someone elses vegetarian meal because I switched seats at the last minute to sit to a family member instead of a random stranger. Yeah, I agree with the above, bringing snacks is your best option.
  4. It might be that, but that's strange since distilled vinegar is an ingredient in the buffalo wing sauce I use, along with a few other sauces I've had and those have been perfectly safe. I guess it could be the specific content of vinegar used in making the Rooster Sauce. Thanks for help
  5. I just had it by itself, to dip in plain chicken that had just salt and pepper and nothing else on it. But I ended up with a bad reaction from it.
  6. Does anyone else feel the reaction they do from this similar to when they've eat gluten? Looks like the company states its gluten free, but the times I've tried it I've gotten bad reaction from it. And I love this stuff too.
  7. Sure, i'll clarify the actual name is Sriracha sauce. Actually I found a thread on it already. Thanks
  8. Was wondering if anyone had information on this? Everything I've read on it says that it is gluten free, but after eating it I had the same bad reactions that I get when eating something with gluten in it. Has anyone had a similar problem or know what the cause might be? Thanks.
  9. Just saying hi.