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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Neosporin

    I am one of those people who is allergic the Neosiporin. I found out years before my celiac diagnosis. I am allergic to neomyicinsulfate and I get a severe reaction no matter where I put it. Does not even have to be an open sore. There are other first aid creams with the same ingredient so I have to be careful. Just another thing I have to watch out for.
  2. I am so gonna try this. My arms are real bad and can't figure out what the cause is yet. Itches a alot, I have long nails, bad combo.
  3. Ive take Cipro eye drops before and had no problem. I would call the doctor.
  4. Prescriptions

    I got glutened once from a brand name medicine. My doctor gave me some samples. I called the mfg they said it was fine but also gave me a cya answer. I took it an got sick for my usual month. I had 2 pills tested and they both had over 50 ppm. Taking meds is always risky, I still call every single time, but I also hold my breath after I take the pill.
  5. I used to take hydrocodone and Norco and have never ever had a problem with gluten. I am now take Percs (generic) and doing fine. I also take claritan when I need to, no problems there either. Benedryl is okay as well. I just bought a box. Though they make me a bit sleepy it works better then Claritan for me. I am also allergic to Codiene so I don't know if they are gluten free. Check the web address above, its very helpful.
  6. I will put my 2 cents in too. I had a negative blood test but had a positive biopsy, so I am definately a Celiac. That new "fad" is saving my life. I still have some of the problems you have and they don't know why, I have had a colonoscopy, fun fun, but that came out clean. So they said its IBS. I originally lost a lot of weight before diagnosis, which took 9 months and about another year of trial and practice to start healing. Now all of a sudden I gave put on over 50 lbs. They have no idea why. Thyriod has been tested and tested and tested TSH 3 and 4 as well. So they diagnoised me with chronic fatigue syndrom and since I don't exercise a lot thats why I put on the weight. What BS. I do walk my pup all the time. I run a play with her ever single day. I am not eating enough to keep this weight on and I am so uncomfortable with the weight. Hurting my knees and ankles not to mention I had to get new clothes. I went from a size 6 to 14 in 6 months. I even had my gall bladder out. I am sick of tests. Taking a break. Seem to be sort of stable in weight. The fatigue is killing me (literally) but I am so tired all the time and now that I am fat I don't want people to seem me. I am very interested in what the doctors say about you. Maybe it can help me. All these symptoms happened after diagnosis except for the gall bladder. Even have restless Legs. Thats my latest, Yipee. I am desperate as well for I am unable to work. Go for the thyriod test and the, up the but test. Have them allergy test you for other foods a well. Or get a new doctor who does not believe eating gluten-free is a "fad". I would love to give her a piece of my mind. Vented enough and not really helpfull. Good Luck to you. I will be following this tread.
  7. Good to know, I look good in pink, lol.
  8. I had the same reaction to Doxycycline. I got so sick and my headaches were so bad they were thinking menigitis and wanted to test me for it. Not a chance. But I did stop the drug and slowly started to feel better. Doxy is great drug and they us it as a malaria coctail when you travel to those countries. I hope they have something else for me when I am ready to travel.
  9. Hebrew National is fine. I have to be free of both and that is the brand I eat since I know we (jews) don't mix meat and dairy. I have never ever eaten meat and dairy together even before diagnosis. Plus they are the best in my opinion so enjoy.
  10. I have had trouble with Almay makeup since I was young. Seem anything hypoallergenic seems to bother me for some reason. From my understanding alcohol its distilled so that would mean its safe. I always take my own goodies to the movies. Give that a try so next time you can eat while watching the moving. I love popcorn while watching a movie. Glad Almay works for you.
  11. I love Amy's mac & cheese and have been eating it almost from diagnosis and have had no problems with it. I he is ok and loves them some much I also see problem in giving it to him. I wish they would make it in a bigger portion.
  12. I have never heard of that drug, I also have Chronic Fatigue to where I am no longer able to work. Also have depression, nothing works for that either. Even got a dog, thought it would help, and she does some but I still sleep all day. I sleep about 15-20 hours a day. Not much time for anything. Been going on 4 years now. The fatigue came before the depression. Anyway you said the drug has small amounts of wheat in it. Well I only need a small amount to set off my celiacs. I would not take any drug with wheat. Might make you feel even worse. I am very interested in this drug and if you decide to take it let me know if it works. I will keep track of this thread. Thanks. Good Luck.
  13. Pharmacists--Ugh!

    I'm with Adlaide. I bring all my Meds home and call myself. I also made the mistake of trusting the Pharmacy and I got sick real sick. Not happening again if I can help it. I go to Walmart now, mostly for convience and they don't check, neither did Rite Aide or CVS and Walgreens is not allowed. They all know I am gluten free and they couldn't care less, my best friend is a pharmacy tech at Walgreens but she cannot check. She used to work for the CVS I used to go to and that is the pharmacy I used when I got glutened. She was not surprised. You have to be lucky and find a good person at the pharmacy willing to do the extra work. So far I have not been lucky.
  14. I have been using cottonelle wipes for years, did not even dawn on me to check the label, I am very sensitive and they work fine, I also use by friends baby wipes, they smell good, with out any problems, it even takes off makeup.