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  1. Do you happen to have any metal in your mouth? I developed celiac and several autoimmune issues (tho none diagnosed.. but I couldn't function without cutting gluten). Heavy metals (mercury, titanium, lead, cadmium, aluminum) are known to cause autoimmune dysfunction. Just google .. I just had my titanium dental tooth implant removed from my mouth and I'm feeling a ton ton toonnn better. Metals in your mouth also create a battery. And, I believe, create a toxic environment for our "friendly" bacteria, leading to overproduction of yeast, which becomes parasitic yeast - in our organs and growing roots in our digestive tract (leaky gut syndrome). These metals are also linked to autism for children who's mothers have these metals in their mouths during time of gestation (like my ASD son). If anyone would like any more info. I've happened to stumble upon in my research, you're welcome to email me. morgan0123@ymail.com (not a doctor, just trying to give good information) It is my belief that the human body is simply phenomenal at healing itself and adapting. However, when it's being poisoned daily by the most toxic substances on earth.. which reside in it's mouth.. very bad things occur. I'm feeling so much better. I have not incorporated gluten back in (and probably won't ever have a regular diet of it), but I finally don't feel like I'm being poisoned. Even my pics look different. My husband can't believe how much different and "alive" I look (now that the implant was removed, 6 days ago.)
  2. Just wondering if there is, by any chance, a brand out there anyone knows of that sells almonds that are not cross-contaminated with cashews or walnuts. I know my chances of finding them are slim. My son is a ridiculously picky eater and want to try him with almonds, but he's allergic to cashews and they're both usually cross-contam'ed. Thanks..
  3. Not Healing.. Thyroid Problems?

    Hi Amber - I'm just a mom w/ two kids.. all of us are gluten-free and my kids are also dairy free. I've done a lot of reading and about 12 yrs ago went to a phenomenal nutritionist (PhD, as well), Dr. Fred Bisci. This dude's healed people of cancer. He is so great - He sees people for consultation, also. Not a money-grubbing guy. He's 80-yrs-old and he really understands the biochemistry of foods and the body, in general. Off the top of my head, I would maybe try to take some vit D. Be careful not to take huge doses @ once. My doc (medical doc) once prescribed pills that were two weeks worth in each pill and I got sick because vit D is fat-soluble, not water-soluble and can be toxic too lg. a quantity. Also, I am thinking it is possible (you probably know this, but) you're body might be (?) getting something that is causing sickness - such as things that celiacs are/may be sensitive to (for me - cross-contamination @ any restaurant or cafeteria, citric acid, maltodextrin, or any modified food starch). You probably have these bases covered. Also, non-gluten-free soy sauce or even oats. Even gluten free oats, I've heard, are too close to the "wheat family" for some celiacs, and they have a reaction to them. Also, I have heard of celiacs being sensitive to nitrates (I'm sure you're aware) - found in hot dogs, bacon, ham. Also, diet chemicals or sweeteners. A last possibility is that your body has heavy metal poisoning, in which case you would need to detox. Usually, to my understanding, your body can do this if you eat just fruits and veggies (organic preferably), meats, brown rice (there's also brown rice pasta), potatoes.. I would highly recommend a consult with Fred Bisci and I would buy his book. I am not advertising anything and I don't get anything for this. I just have never seen anyone else have the wisdom this guy has on nutrition. He approaches it very simplistically. Just from a mom/celiac/previous issues w/ thyroid and lack of carb- standpoint - I would recommend you get enough carbohydrates (potatoes, sweet potatoes, brn rice if you can tolerate it, lots of fruit..) I was also just reading on a celiac facebook page ("Does that have gluten in it?") someone commented that it's possible that most people who are celiac also have thyroid issues. I am not a doc, but I can see how this would be true. I was recently on an extremely low-carb diet for weightloss and if I am not mistaken, a lack of carbs can really 'jack' with your thyroid, too. I really would recommend a consult w/ a good doc or nutritionist. (but someone extremely schooled, experienced and knowledgeable). Truthfully, I don't really fully trust most of them, except Bisci. I really hope you feel better and I'm sorry I wrote an epic novel here. Morgan
  4. This safe list looks really good too:http://www.celiac.com/articles/181/1/Safe-Gluten-Free-Food-List-Safe-Ingredients/Page1.html Actually sodium lauryl sulfate is on the "good list" and I know a lot of people can't use soaps with this in it if they're celiac, so .. I don't know if this list is great or not..
  5. Citric acid! It's found in most diet drinks and it gives me a major reaction too. It's in diet Snapple and was in my diet cherry soda and diet root beer. Also, this site was helpful to me re: additives. http://www.glutenfreekiwi.com/additives-containing-gluten.html This one looked very good, too: http://www.celiac.com/articles/182/1/Unsafe-Gluten-Free-Food-List-Unsafe-Ingredients/Page1.html
  6. Also, if you do almond butter or put it in shakes, it will help "bind him up" a bit, so he's a bit more regular and doesn't have diarrhea. Helped both my kids a bunch w/ their stools.
  7. Regarding eating out gluten-free: You can look up online any gluten free menus for restaurants you want to eat at. There are lots of them and I'm finding more restaurants are starting to have these menus and be aware of this issue. http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/restaurants/gluten-free-restaurants-in-london-recommended-london-277.html Here's a site on eating gluten-free in restaurants in London. I'm sure there are others, as well.. Also, this looked like a great guide to eating gluten free in south africa. Looks like she's just got to go to the right markets and/or restaurants to pick up gluten-free breads and ingredients. .. not sure how easy or hard that is, but this site looks informative. http://gfsouthafrica.blogspot.com/2007/08/welcome0.html Also, just utilize google. there's a ton of info thankfully now on eating gluten-free.
  8. http://www.naturalcandystore.com/category/gluten-free-candy Hey there, found this site on gluten-free candy. They also have candy that's completely free of all 8 major food allergens. It has an "orange 'A'" at the top. My son is super super picky. He's 3 and has major texture issues. He eats tons of "Sticks and Twigs" by Mary's Gone Crackers. She makes lots of crackers that are wheat free and yeast free. Also we make him a "shake" of sheep's milk yogurt, raw almond butter and rice milk. (that's his protein) Also, juicing. If you're staying away from anything sweet to clear out his system (of yeast), then you can juice cucumbers, lemons, kale, broccoli, zucchinis, pretty much anything. It's pretty good and surprisingly sweet. Just make sure you juice organic stuff. otherwise tastes awful. The best thing, truthfully, is to troll your health food stores' aisles and just read every label of food that looks interesting. You'll learn a lot of what is in stuff and what your son can and can't have. Also: beware.. yeast is also a prob for some kids w/ celiac or 'gut issues'. I consider Julie Matthews (licensed nutritionist) to be the expert on what to feed and what not to feed when it comes to kids and gut issues. http://nourishinghope.com/ Don't worry! Your son will get used to the new foods. I know I know.. he is picky. I totally understand your pain. He will at least find it interesting to explore the new foods or at least look @ their boxes, etc. He will get to 'pick and choose' and maybe nibble here and there. Then he'll take more and more. I so know how stressful it is!!! You're not alone in this struggle. Feel free to w/b or email me: morgan0123@ymail.com Hugs and best of luck to you!
  9. For my picky 3 yr old, he eats tons of "Sticks and Twigs" by Mary's Gone Crackers. She makes a lot of gluten free crackers that don't have yeast in them, which is bad for kids with ASD (which my son has) and ASD related-conditions. (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Also, since he has major 'textural issues', we make "shakes" in the blender with raw almond butter, unsweetened rice milk and sheep's milk yogurt. (We have him on a Gluten-free Casein-free diet - gluten free, casein or dairy free.) also, I juice vegetables for him like cucumbers w/ lemon (minus the rind), kale, broccoli, peppers, you name it. all organic, or else tastes horrible. you can also do any fruits if not trying to rid your child's system of yeast.. my other son is not picky and he eats brown rice, potatoes baked in the micro, baked chicken, brown rice pasta w/ homemade sauce (he reacts to some of the sugar or whatever they put in the jarred sauce), lots of fruits and steamed veggies. (He is 1.) Also, quinoa with herbs, lots of eggs for breakfast, brown rice cereal w/ rice milk for b-fast, too, sheep's milk yogurt, a little fish.. All this, you can find @ a good health food store. best of luck to you! Also, if you're interested in reading up on celiac: Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book, The gluten-free Diet is good. Also Dangerous Grains by Dr. James Braly is one I'm just starting. These will help you understand the symptoms of celiac. And you don't have to have symptoms to have celiac...
  10. My son also has the itching gums (bottom front) and itching, red eyes. He has me rub his eyes b/c they itch so much. He is 3 yrs old. I think I may have celiac and my son, we believe, has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), as he is not fully verbal and has some 'foggiheadedness'. We have him on a Gluten-free Casein-free diet (gluten-free, casein or dairy-free) and it helps him immensely. He cannot have either one or he is screaming and behavioral for weeks. Also, he used to have the fatty yellowish stool. He drinks "shakes" we make in the blender with raw almond butter, rice milk and sheep's milk yogurt. These help him, as almonds help "bind you up" a little bit. I am going to cut him off of OJ and any sweet stuff (agave, coconut milk ice cream) for a couple weeks to see if that gets rid of the yeast in his digestive tract. (I believe that is what the smelly stools are a product of.) I notice it happens when he drinks the juice.
  11. I bet if you do cut out gluten, you will feel a million times better. All of these sound like "over"-reactions to gluten, if you ask me. Read "The gluten-free Diet" by Elizabeth Hasselbeck and "Dangerous Grains", Braly. All the stuff you describe is in these books. Best of luck to you. There's hope.. like I said, I can bet you you'll feel tons better cutting gluten anyway. I have joint/ muscle pain on gluten and terrible constipation, dizziness, just feeling of overall awful sickness.
  12. Probiotics!!! They work wonders for me and won't cause any diahrrea. Solgar, Solaray.. those are some good qual brands. Make sure they're refrigerated. otherwise not really effective. Try to get several diff. strains (in one bottle.) I like the ones w/ lactobacillus. I have the same problem and I think I'm just very wheat intolerant.
  13. Wow. This is an incredibly interesting thread. I, too, have had breathing problems, starting with my first pregnancy. I was preeclamptic (toxic) with both pregnancies and each time I felt like it was hard to get enough air in my lungs. And as you said, thought my lungs just didn't have enough room to get air in. I thought it was b/c the baby was blocking them or my diaphram was, or just all the water weight I was gaining. Both my pregnancies were like this - both horrible horrible experiences. (plus developed a he*# of an anxiety problem for which I now take the supplement, 5-HTP - awesome awesome thing) On a different note, I now firmly believe that preeclampsia (though 'they' don't know officially what causes it) is an autoimmune condition,(only happens in pregnancy) triggered by wheat sensitivity. During my 2nd pregnancy, I couldn't even sit (or lay down) and read my son a story. I couldn't breathe. It was crazy. Not until literally about a week ago, when I figured this stuff out and went off gluten has my breathing finally gotten better. I realized (after doing a diet where you buy pre-packaged food) - This diet doesn't use much wheat in their stuff and even has gluten-free foods.. Anyway, I realized my breathing was much better. I have two kids, 3 and 1 to chase and when I've gone back and had gluten. - I swear to you, I thought I was going to die. I can't believe my reaction to it.. I just feel so so so so sick. I have to lay down and it lasts for days.. even just stuff that's cc'ed (cross contaminated) I can't afford to eat it for a month -(I seem to react even much much worse to it now) - even after eliminating most of it for about a month on this diet. I can't afford to put my health at risk and not be able to schlep my little guys around and feed them, etc. It's not worth it to me to take a gluten challenge... Btw - in the book I'm reading - Dangerous Grains - Braly, I remember a certain researcher or doctor strongly believing they should change the name of celiacs to just gluten/wheat sensitivity. I've suspected, too, that there's not much difference betw. the two. So, that may put your mind to rest slightly if you at least know you're highly sensitive to wheat. I just kind of think about it as "all the same".. - disclaimer: I'm no doctor/nutritionist.. And yes, I really want my diagnosis, but.. I will probably get the finger prick test they sell online now. $50 and they send you test and you can do it @ home. it's brand new.. If that doesn't reveal anything, I'll just get DNA tested. That, at least, can tell you if you have the genes for celiac, and if you have two of them or only one. I believe you can get a full work up and get even more info on your DNA, or also get a comprehensive blood test that tests for upwards of 60+ different allergies.. (if you so desire.) Btw - both my kids are violently wheat and dairy intolerant and my son presents symptoms of ASD. (more proof it's the stinking wheat!)
  14. I have recently gone on the a diet where I order pre-packed foods online..(This site doesn't allow me to post the name) The diet is great because their food does not contain wheat in the ingred. Plus, they have a bunch of certified gluten-free foods you can order. Within the past week I am realizing I am wheat sensitive. I stopped eating anything made on cc machines, etc, and only ate the gluten-free foods. I then started running out of my diet food and ate one of the 'bars'. WOW. Felt like complete crap - the way I did when I cheated on my diet over Easter and had a scone. What happens is, at first I just feel foggy.. then several hours later I just want to lay down because I feel incredibly sick inside. Every limb, every part of me just feels horrible. It's hard to describe. It's as if my blood is sick. And my body 'wants' to break out into a sweat. I don't want to move. I don't want to lift my head up and I get winded if I speak. So the day I had a bar, that evening I experienced the symptoms, but then the next day was fine for a little bit and then boom.. I'm feeling the same way again. I notice my body just wants to rest and when it does, it then can go for a little while and then I have to rest again. (maybe until I rids itself of the gluten?) I think cutting gluten while going on this diet helped me identify that wheat was making me sick. Has anyone heard of these symptoms for wheat sensitive/celiacs? Thanks ahead of time.
  15. Regarding the skin issues, I know there are several skin problems associated with celiac's and gluten sensitivity. Personally, I think it's all related. I am not a doctor or nutritionist of any kind, but no, I wouldn't necessarily recommend eating wheat stuff before going in for surgery. If it has bad negative reactions with your body, it's only going to complicate the process of surgery and THAT you don't want. Wishing you answers and the best of health.