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  1. I understand some of them but I dont understand when people say "This was my favorite treat DD" Or "My DH loves them."
  2. So I made the recipe with this option but rolling the pretzels was so frustrating. adding the oil and water sorta helped but they were still crumbly. and when I added more water they were too sticky. Any suggestions???? Help would be much appreciated!
  3. I am new to this forum and have been browsing some of the topics. I am not a celiac but have a serious wheat and gluten intolerance, as does my father. ANYWAYS, back on topic...some, well all, of the abbreviations confuse me. What is DD and DH??? I can't remember the others but they are super confusing. Help!!!
  4. Scharr brand table crackers are delicious!!!! They taste like saltines and club crackers had a baby. I am super picky about what I eat and these rock pretty hard.