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  1. If this is in the wrong place I am sorry, please move. How do you all go about getting your daily intake of fibre, I have been eating a lot of fruits, but my stool is still very soft, almost diarhea. Thanks.
  2. Awesome!!, thank you very much
  3. ok, I assume getting an endoscopy at the same time as an upper GI would be my best bet. I live in Canada, and therefore don't pay for medical visits, do you think I can tell the doctor what I want done?, all he is sending me for is the upper GI, I will tell him that I want the endoscopy, does he have to listen?
  4. ok, I will print those off and bring them to the Dr.'s with me, I can't thank you enough.
  5. thank you so much...is the upper GI the same as an endoscopy?
  6. thanks...I have the blood tests tomorrow, the Dr. told me that there is not just a specific test to find out if you have Celiac, is this true??? He is sending me for a bunch of bloodwork tomorrow and an upper GI on May 17th, do you think i need to continue eating gluten until may 17th or does that not have anything to do with an upper GI. Thanks again.
  7. So, after 3 days of ALMOST no gluten I decided I want to get tested to find out for sure if that is really what is wrong with me. I understand that one needs to be eating "normally" including gluten for the test to work correctly, so I ate what I would "normally" eat last night, almost imediately I had bad gas and a little while later had diarreah, then again this morning had diarrea. The 3 days prior when I was having very little gluten I was fine, I am wondering if getting the test done is worth putting myself through this. I am finding this very difficult to deal with.
  8. I will, thank you for being so kind.
  9. thank you, I appreciate it.
  10. Hello, I just joined. I am in the process of cutting out all Gluten, as you all know it is difficult to begin! I have not been diagnosed, but I have had people tell me and have done research, it seems like I have it. I usually eat a sandwich for lunch, after lunch I get extremely bad gas, it hurts to pass it and it smells VERY bad, sorry to be so descriptive, but I hope I am not the only one. I am 26 and I have had problems with my anus for around 7 years, I have had internal hemmoroids removed, it pains me to go to the bathroom, and my whole day is ruined after I do go to the bathroom. The doctors keep giving me the runaround...please, if anyone has any experience or just an idea of what is wrong I am open to hear it. thanks in advance. Joe