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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Inhaling Flour

    wow! that is crazy! i work at a brewery, and although i am not exposed to the malt and the barely since i work in the store up front, but i fill up growlers at work and get beer on my hands. i dont have any reaction to it, i get really dry skin maybe, do you think that it is possible that it could eventually hurt me?
  2. thanks a bunch! i have already cut out beer, i did in december. i was pretty much just in denial i think ha. potatoes i dont have a problem with i would absolutely die if i couldnt eat potatoes! i am just going to cut back and be even more strict like you said, avoiding ANYTHING that has any of those words in front of it, and go from there. is eating things like soy lecithin causing more actual damage to the villi? or just hurts cause its hard to break down? i hate to think that i have been causing more damage without knowing! all this is so hard without a seeing a doctor, but from the sounds of it, it might not be much help anyways. this site has really helped me figure things out!! i had no idea that so many other people have the same intolerances i do! thanks again
  3. i am not able to eat wheat rice corn soy dairy or eggs, and maybe something else im not sure? i have been off of wheat for almost 5 years (except for beer cause it never bothered me before) and the last ones ive phased out over the last year. the last week or two i have been getting gut pains again! and i am starting to get a little worried. how deep do these intolerances go? for instance if i cant eat soy can i eat soy lecithin? or corn syrup? or soy oil? corn starch? or maltodextrin? is there gluten remaining in these products? or is it just that they are hard to break down? i feel like i am at a huge loss here i cant afford insurance or a doctor, ive been feeling great since cutting all of these things out of my diet but im wondering if even eating something that is derived from one of those things is setting me back? help!
  4. Can't Afford Doctor

    haha ya drinking liqour regularly really takes a toll! it sucks for sure! thats why i started brewing. i have no idea what the calorie content is for it though ha. but i am drinking less than i used to and that is always good even if its kinda boring some times haha. how is it that i could eat those two rices?? im intrigued!
  5. Can't Afford Doctor

    yes i have tried red bridge! its pretty good! but its just a little pricey, im used to getting beer for free haha! i did however start brewing my own hard apple cider a few months ago, and its really good too, and ive been experimenting with different juices, its fun!
  6. wow im so glad i found this site! i also cant eat eggs, but i am not sure about in baked goods i havent really experimented with that i will have to give it a go! i havent been able to eat wheat for about 4 1/2 years now, and the egg thing is fairly new. i also cant eat rice or dairy! but i am going to try to reintroduce these things back into my diet eventually!
  7. Can't Afford Doctor

    thanks so much! i would love to be able to eat rice again ha! i am guessing i did some damage by drinking beer. and its hard not to cheat when your around people that can eat whatever they want, but since the rice thing i have been very good and cant really think of a time i have cheated at all in about six months so i am going to just keep it really strict. i dont work directly with the grains, i just work in the front store so thats good i really like my job ha! thanks so much again!
  8. i have never actually been diagnosed with celiacs because i cant afford the tests and i dont have insurance, but i have talked to a lot of people that have it or is close to someone that does, and ive done a lot of research, and i stay away from the things i know my body doesnt like. i havent been able to eat wheat for about 4 1/2 years now, however beer has never bothered me until recently, about 5 1/2 months ago i had to stop drinking it because of the headaches, tiredness, and gut pains. it was a harsh realization to come to since i love beer, and i was always wondering about it but just kept goin with it cause it didnt ever seem to cause me problems until recently. the hardest part about this is that i work at a micro brewery, and my main concern is that if i actually have celiacs if just working there and being around the small amounts of malt and barley and wheat that could be in the air could cause damage? and also i have heard that if you "cheat" and cause damage that that could in turn cause you to have other food intolerances? i also heard that if this does happen you can eventually reintroduce the other foods back into your diet? i recently can no longer eat rice or dairy or eggs and its really hard to find things to eat!