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  1. I <3 LAX + DANCE

  2. Brendygirl ans glutenfree:) , I don't think there is a wegmens near me but trader joes is one of my favorites because it is cheap and whenever i go i can find a worker carrying a sign which mean you can ask them anything. We asked her about gluten free protien bars and she opened up lots of bars and let us sample them. They are very helpful there and have their gluten-free foods labeled with a lowercase g. I love that place! You should try it out! -Laxgirl18
  3. Hi, I also just got diagnosed about a week or so ago. I don't know anyone with the disease, but my friends parents always go on gluten-free diets and know of lots of gluten-free things. I always feel sick when I am glutinized, but I had no idea you could get joint pains...that must stink. Do people with celiacs always have no gluten, or do they grow out of it? Also, my doctor said that people don't become glute-free overnight, but I thought once you were diagnosed you got cut off cold-turkey from gluten. I am confused!