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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone have any issues with this? I didn't pre-gluten free, I could eat loads of them with no trouble. Fast forward to yesterday, I had some broccoli in my lunch, then at dinner had a roast, some cauliflower and some wine, and this morning I feel like hell. Is this just an isolated me thing, or do others have issues with broccoli and cauliflower too?
  2. http://www.gfoverflow.com/results.php?q=advil
  3. I can't find anything that's conclusive; even emailing their customer service didn't help, they just gave me the typical lawyer response. Does anyone here take it and have no issues? I gotta find something now that Advil isn't safe.
  4. Tylenol is for sure gluten-free? I can't find anything anywhere to confirm it.
  5. Cleaning My Coffee Pot...

    Yeah, it's not a glutening. I feel similar, but not as severe. Plus, like you said, vinegar is gluten-free because of how it's made. Hell, I live in MI, it could be my sinuses... Sinus/allergies have made me feel like this before too. Thanks for the tip on Heinz though!
  6. Cleaning My Coffee Pot...

    I'll keep Heinz in mind next time, I just grabbed a store brand this time. Didn't know it'd make me react at all though, I hadn't used it since being gluten-free. Maybe once I get some coffee through there a few more times I'll be good to go again.
  7. It gets really hard sometimes being the only on in my family who is gluten-free. I get a lot of eyerolls if I say something "glutened me", that kinda deal. I'd like to find a friend, locally, or just someone to chat with online who gets what I'm going through. It might improve my mood... I tend to get down in the dumps, especially this time of year with the holidays, having to be gluten-free.
  8. Anyone have any tips here? Before I was gluten-free, I'd use white vinegar, but I react to white vinegar despite it being gluten-free (found this out because I cleaned my coffee pot with white vinegar and am currently feeling less than stellar). What can I use that won't make me feel like $#!+...?
  9. Spicy Food?

    I emailed La Costena to check on gluten/MSG, just to make sure, but I've never read anything about them not being safe. I've ate fresh habaneros and had no issues, which seems counterintuitive as they're hotter than jalapenos... But, to be fair, I've had something with peppers in it at least twice a day for almost 2 weeks now... Maybe I'm just overloaded?
  10. I've been gluten free for about 3 years now, and am overall feeling MUCH better. I've had the typical ups and downs that most of us have while I find my limits within my new diet. I've noticed something and was wondering if anyone else had experienced it, and if there's anything I can do to alleviate the symptoms while they're there. One of my favorite things to cook since going gluten-free has become Mexican food, I love it, and it's so easy to keep gluten-free. Anyways, I've been using a lot of La Costena jalapenos and chipotles, and if it's a one shot deal, my body is fine. I've noticed though that if I have spicy foods like this over a longer period of time (I usually make enough to yield left overs, my work is in the middle of nowhere, so bringing a lunch is easier than going out) that I'll end up with what feels like gastritis. My insides will feel irritated and burning, I'll have acid reflux, slight issues feeling like I'm going to dry heave (this was a big sign that lead me to going gluten-free), a pain between my shoulder blades (from the acid reflux), I'll sweat a bit at night, little dabs of blood on the toilet paper, etc. This will be horrible in the mornings, and occasionally wake me up during the night. After I've gotten it out of my system, I'll still feel irritated but it'll ease a lot, and eventually go away if I go off the spicy food. Has anyone else encountered problems with spicy food? If so, what are some ways to cope with the symptoms while they're there? It's pretty obvious I need to cut back on spicy food, but I just love it so much.
  11. Anyone had any problems with this? I found out the hard way that I apparently can't handle oats, and having Chex or gluten-free Rice Krispies seems to leave me with hypoglycemia issues since I'm getting about 0 carbs a day. Just wondered if anyone has had any reactions to this in anyway before I buy some to try it?
  12. Beware, there's some TMI to come. That said, I'm wondering if anyone here had an issue where they could seemingly do dairy again, and then had their lactose intolerance return? I've been gluten free for 3 years now. For the first year of that, I was taking Lactaid pills to control the intolerance, and eating greek yogurt frequently to build up good gut bacteria again, without having to take probiotics. One day I forgot to take a Lactaid pill with a meal, felt fine, did it again for a few days and was fine, so I just stopped taking them. Fast forward to about a year ago, and I started having sporadic, random issues. Once or twice it was an accidental glutening, so I went through the motions, felt better and shrugged it off. The problem is, I noticed that symptoms would linger a bit. I couldn't explain why, but the bloating, cramping and (here's the TMI) yellow stools. These were all signs originally that I was having a lactose problem (which in turn led me to cut gluten, and discovering my gluten intolerance). So what gives? Could my lactose intolerance really have came back? Am I imagining things? Or was it just never gone in the first place and just managable?
  13. Seasonal Allergies Causing Symptoms?

    Well, at least I know I'm not imagining it. Hope you guys feel better soon as well, and thanks for the birthday wishes!
  14. I'll give it a whirl. I've just gotta lay off the Tums, they can do some nasty stuff to a person, especially if you eat them like candy like I tend to when glutened.
  15. Is there anyone who can help me out here? I need a substitute for Tums that I can use when I'm feeling glutened. They're kinda my go to for settling my stomach, but when I'm glutened I go overboard with them for a few days, which is just gonna make me sicker in the long run. I've come up dry so far. Anyone have any ideas or advice!?!? I don't wanna end up with milk alkali or something stupid.