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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Scalp Problems

    My sclap problems are only at the back hairline. Blisters and oatmeal flakes also. I am finally pretty clear, started gluten-free in March. I think it takes some time to get your diet under control. Currently, it only takes a small amount of Gluten to set me off.
  2. Dh

    I start to feel neddles under my skin 3-4 hours after I eat something with Gluten. Then the itch will start shortly after that, even wakes me up at night. Rash and itch lasts 2-3 days and then 2-3 days for the area to completly heal. I am very careful with my diet, but I still get Gluten.
  3. If You Break Open Your Blisters ...

    I think it spreads on me. I can feel the liquid on my body. If there is a large area, I shower and re-lotion. I think it helps.
  4. Dh

    DH on the ears is the pits! It is so hard to get ride of. Not as painful as other parts of the body, but just as itchy. Luckily, I do not have any GI problems.
  5. Me too!!! Mom past away with ovarian cancer. Had DH for 25 yrs. cheated all the time. I beleive that the two were related. She did not have the options that we have today. She was never test for Celiac, I do not think the doctors had a clue. Took me 3 years to determine that my rashes were DH, no doctor even mentioned the possiblity. If I did not know about her "allergy" I would still be a mess. Thanks for the ear.
  6. So your family members are all DH? I have tried to get y sisters to test, but to no avail. Thanks for you help, I think that I have Lamasil at home.
  7. Dh

    I have been gluten-free since March 05, I find , even the smallest amount causes me to break out, usually in a place that is in the healing stage. I have been really careful, but every week or two, I get into something. It is usually when I eat away from home. I hope that someday we will all have a wonder cream that will work on all stages of our rashes.
  8. Can you tell us what the OTC cream is that you use for you hands? Both of my middle fingersand ears have been giving me trouble for several months. I am putting Aquaphor on the spots 6-10 times a day, relives the pain and itch but it is not healing. My skin is so dry after an outbreak. The itching is almost as intense as an outbreak itch. Cetaphil cream is the only one that helps. My neice, in pharmancy school, made me a gel from hydocortisone cream and benadryl cream. It really works for a break out itch, it take the needle pain away and speeds up the rash healing. thanks
  9. Can anyone tell me if Pam Spray if gluten-free?
  10. How Long Until You Stopped Breaking Out?

    I can usually trace the source of my break out. I feel the itch 3-4 hours later, the rash appears within hours of that. I try to be really careful, but you can not trust the manufacturing process. I had tortilla chips yesterday, the label listed nothing in the gulten family, but I broke out mildly today. I assume it was cross contamination. I read somewhere that McD's fries were fried in an assigned vat. I recently talked to a McD's owner, and that is not true. I just feels like I can't get ahead of the game.
  11. How Long Until You Stopped Breaking Out?

    I have been gluten-free since March, I have had 3 accidental break outs. Each one is worse than the other. Both arms, legs, my chest. back of the nack and my hands are effected. I think that a small amount of gluten effects my skin more than when I was eating gulten and unaware of what was happening. My out breaks last up to a week, but the painful itch subsides after 3-4 days. Emotionally, I am a basket case, I fear eating out, being the customer from hell because others do not understand what contaimination can do to me. I am luckly to live in a large town with Whole Foods, a gluten free bakery, and a large product selection. Dapsone, benedryl, cortizone cream and cetaphil cream are my friends, if any one has other products that work for them, please let me know. I spend 2 days fishing in the gulf, 3 days after a break out. I stayed out of the sun, but the heat intensified the rash. I brought my food with me. My new forced life style is difficult, but TIME is a great healer and I pray that each day brings me new knowledge. Thanks for listening!!!
  12. Everyday Products On Hands?

    Thanks for the info on the Delphi list. I have been looking for something like that! The only thing that works for me on my fingures is plan old petro jelly.
  13. Newly Gluten Free - Need Input

    I am very new at this, skin rahes, hives, and the bumps everyone is talking about on the hair line, no GI problems. My mother had a allergy to Gluten, her's startered in the 70's. I have tried to be gluten-free for the last week, but have slipped up. My rashes have improved recently and I see an allerigest on the 18th. I was hoping that people would share things like menus and phone numbers, (please casnco). Heck, I had french fires this week and cottage cheese. It is overwhelming learning what works and what does not. Any help is welcome. P.S. My mother passed away in 2001, the doctors were uncertian as to the source of her cancer, ovarian oor stomache, maybe I could teach them a thing or two.