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  1. Salicylates

    Huh, so maybe I'll try and do low salicylate without totally getting rid of them
  2. I've had a lot of cognitive disorganization since I was a kid and was suspecting maybe additives and salicylates were to blame. With salicylates, is there a test to tell if there's a problem? My holistic doctor I go to ran some tests, and basically he said after I asked him that becaused my ammonia wasn't high I didn't have salicylate intolerance. But I saw on the salicylate sensitivity forum that there really wasn't a blood test to tell if they were a problem. Which is right? I'm going to do an elimination diet anyway, but was just curious what the case is.
  3. I'll for sure get more thyroid testing @Jmg Any other comments? Thanks everyone
  4. I have been eating gluten free, but I keep getting glutened by accident. I'm trying to be more careful these last couple months. I also don't have a gluten free kitchen, I live with my folks who are not into gluten free. I was tested for hashimoto's and grave's 5 years ago, and I do have the antibodies for both. They are significantly above the reference range, but not the astronomical levels that I've heard other's have. It's been a long time, so I should have them retested soon I think.
  5. Thanks everyone. No, I haven't had celiac testing done. I've brought it up to a previous doctor, but they didn't think I could have it because I don't have pain...hwowever, that was the opinion of a psychiatrist. The current doctor is doing an ANA test and something else indicative of autoimmune diseases, so I could probably get her to do a celiac test for me. From what I understand though, a GI test is really the only sure-fire way, right? I do have GI symptoms so it shouldn't be hard to convince. I finally also have a therapist who can tell I have physical illness, and he's helping me communicate with the doctors. And I will keep the thyroid in mind. I'm honestly kind of scared to have them look at it more closely, just in case the situation's really bad and they say I should remove it or something. That's last resort for me, I'd like to try and treat it with lifestyle and laser tissue regeneration first, and periodically test the antibody levels to see if I can get them to decrease. My doctor doesn't see my thyroid antibodies as an issue since my tsh and ft3 and ft4 levels are normal. Thank you both. My mom's been telling me to ask for celiac testing the last couple months, but I've been discouraged since that last psychiatrist I saw told me I would have an "unusual presentation". Sorry for taking so long to post back. Life's been busy. I really appreciate the advice!
  6. Hi. It's been a while since I posted on here. I kind of went into a wormhole for 3-4 years and tried to forget about my health problems, but it didn't work. I have equal parts mental and physical health issues. Chronic fatigue, which to some is arguably mental, and also some mental health problems that haven't been well defined. Right now, I'm so anxious I'm kind of dissociated from my body. That dissociation makes it even harder to quantify my fatigue to people, because I can so easily use anxiety to push through and ignore it if need be. Honestly, none of my health problems have been well-defined. Anyway, I'm so desperate for some relief that I'm planning on doing a real elimination diet for once in my life. I had the Elisa done almost 5 years ago along with Enterolabs (the panel for soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten). On Enterolabs, I was sensitive to all of them except for soy, and I had two gluten sensitive genes and one celiac gene. The Elisa actually told me I was sensitive to soy, along with a bunch of other foods. Since this was almost 5 years ago, should I repeat the Elisa to see if it's changed? Also, I saw enterolabs has other tests for nightshades, other grains, etc...is it worth getting those? I'm pretty sure if I was tested currently by the Elisa and enterolabs, there would be little left that I wasn't sensitive too. Which is fine, I eat really healthy and take a multivitamin already...I can handle living on a restricted diet for months as long as there's hope I'll eventually be able to tolerate more. I have been eating nearly 100% gluten free for a little over two years now, but haven't noticed much of a difference, even though I'd bet my life I'm sensitive to it. I'm not sure, but I think this could be due to the dulling of cognition and disconnect that I feel from my body. The last year I've only gotten glutened a few times, so I think I'd notice more of a difference in the imbetween times...my conclusion is it's a lot more than gluten. I also don't eat a lot of dairy, but rarely go more than a week or so without having something that contains it. Sorry for the rambling, I really can't help it. So should I just avoid all the foods from the two tests in the past plus nighshades, all grains, and low fructose? Or should I re-test everything? I'm for sure planning on testing oxalates, since I have symptoms that would correlate to oxalates. Oh, I'm also probably going to start taking LDN for my hashimoto's and graves antibodies. I don't know how this would affect an elimination diet, but I have to do something in the meantime since it will take a while to see results from a diet. I'm also planning on talking this over with a naturopath who favors the GAPs diet, but I thought I'd ask for opinions from here. I'd really rather not do the GAPs diet though, unless enough people tell me/I have enough evidence that it's the only diet that can help heal leaky gut and food sensitivities.
  7. I'm planning on trying a low to no grain diet, something like the south beach diet. I'm already gluten free but want to lose some weight and eat less starch and sugar. I've heard of people on grain free diets still eating quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and brown rice. I've also heard amaranth talked about in this way too. My question is what are the healthiest/most nutritious grains? Obviously I wouldn't have anything with gluten, and I'd also exclude oatmeal, corn, white rice, and potato. So are the grains I mentioned earlier actually better for you than other grains?
  8. So I've been wanting to lose weight, and this type of diet seems like it would help. I'm also doing it as an experiment to see if it'll help with my lingering depression and brain fog. I'm planning on doing it for at least a month. Anyone have tips for me? I'll probably be back to complain when the cravings hit.
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm planning on not dipping the wafer into the wine this Sunday. Also, I know that it's 100% gluten free.
  10. I've been on the gluten free diet for about 3 months and I'm not feeling that much better. I'm avoiding a couple other things as well (I'm on a doctor prescribed elimination diet), but am especially concerned about the gluten. I know from the enterolabs test that I'm sensitive. I haven't bothered to think of cross contamination a lot because just sticking to the diet has been enough of a challenge. I guess considering my antibodies to gliadin weren't that high and I don't have clear symptoms when I eat gluten, that I have a hard time believing I really need to be that careful. As an example, would dipping a gluten free communion wafer into a glass of wine that has breadcrumbs in it be a no-no? I've found a substitute for the bread, but I hadn't thought about the wine.
  11. "The undersigned believe that Chipotle Mexican Grill is a wonderful example to fast-food restaurants of the ability to maintain integrity and offer healthy foods; and that Chipotle Mexican Grill will continue this example by removing soybean oil from their food, and replacing it with a healthy oil that is not genetically-modified, such as extra-virgin coconut or olive oils." That's what it says in the petition.
  12. I found this petition at gopetition.com that was started last April. It looks credible to me, but so far has only 122 signatures. It ptitions Chipotle Grill to eliminate soy products, including soybean oil, from all of its food products. Please sign it so Chipotle might become be more like its slogan- "food with integrity". And pass this along to anyone who might be interested in signing it.
  13. Is this a problem? My parents think I'm overreacting and its "such a small amount". Also what do you do if you get generic and the manufacturer changes often when you go to refill it? Thanks for the help!
  14. No/low Sex Drive~Depression

    Hey I realize this was posted a while ago, but are you still around jemms? I also have a low libido and recently eliminated gluten and dairy, and am curious if it improved for you. Also has your mood improved? I also have problems in that area.
  15. Just realized I probably posted this in the wrong section. This should be in Other Food Intolerance and Leaky Gut Issues, I think. Is there a way I can move it?