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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Neshema- I appreciate your concern and advice. Mine (like everyone else's story here) is a long one. To cut it short. For me, looking back my main symptom was headaches like no other in my life that started after the birth of my second child. (was also my secon c-section). I spent 2 years being bounced around from doc to doc trying to find the cause of my headaches. In that time I did have an MRI done. Eventually I did see an endocrinologist who treated me with dosinex. It took a couple times and a couple of years of going on and off the dosinex, but all seems to be fine for now. I have just finished all my testing, which was negative. However I am 100% sure certain levels of gluten are the cause of my headaches. I believe the burden of pregnancy and surgery is what triggered a gluten "sensitivity" for me. I have many other symptoms that correlate with celiac, but I will call myself "gluten sensitive". Now I just need to learn to stick to the diet!
  2. Hmmm. Interesting. My period was almost like clockwork until after my second pregnancy. I have always said something wasn't right after I had her. Every time I call my ob about issues with my period they blame it having a tubal and my age. I'm 35 now, but they've been claiming my age at 31!!! I fought it for four years but it's getting bad, apparently my options at this point are taking birth control pills or an ablation. Yippee! A couple of months ago I had to have my gallbladder removed and the thought of surgery scared the daylights out of me. I started to research all I could and came across celiac. It definitely connects most (if not all of the dots) for me. Someone posted a link a couple threads down about a study that was done at the University of Maryland, and that fills in the missing pieces for me. As long as I'm not overloading my system it seems once in a while I can handle a piece of pizza with out a problem. Now I know what I need to do, it's just following through.
  3. Hello all- Sorry if this is to much info. About 2 years after the birth of my daughter I was still having a nipple discharge (I never breastfed). I just kept figuring it would stop sooner of later. Eventually I was sent to an endocrinologist, my prolactin levels were not high yet I still had a discharge. Looking back there were other sypmtoms as well, headaches, sinus / allergy type issues, fatigue, joint pain). Anyway I recently finished all my testing. It was about a month between my endoscopy and my follow up appt for my results. I went gluten free for that time (for the most part, maybe a slice of pizza on the week end or so). At my follow up I was told results were negative. I spen the last week eating gluten products and I am realizing that I am paying the price with how I feel! I know a lot of people have neurological issues. Is this something that could be connected to a gluten problem? Anyone else have a pituitary gland problem?
  4. There are actually quote a few good gluten free vegan cookbooks. I mainly eat friut for breakfast. I make 3 or 4 recipes on a Sunday and use them for lunch and dinner with salads. Snack on raisins, nuts, Lara bars and fresh fruit. I do have an occasional Ice cream with the kids. Quinoa is a great protien source. At this point I was just trying to get away from all of the antibiotics, pesticides and hormones that animals are fed. Once I get to feeling better maybe I'll buy organic and eat meat sometimes, right now I'm just trying to eat as clean as possible. I know nothing about a fructose problem. So I was wondering if there were "levels" , like you said maybe some fruits that would be ok?
  5. I am beging to suspect Iay have a fructose intolerance. Had my biopsy a couple weeks ago (no follow up appt yet). Since the biopsy I have for the most part cut out gluten. I tried to have a pretzel the other day and I got an instant headache. I have also mostly cut all meat and dairy. Had my gallbladder out a couple of months ago, so it hard to tell what's working and what's not. Anyway, I do eat a ton of fruit. My weight is down lower that it's been in a long time, but I look pregnant! This is leading to the fructose suspicion. Does anyone have any input here? IfI cut out friut, I don't have a whole lot left to eat!
  6. Does anyone else get an immediate headache after consuming gluten? Almost a sinus type of headache as well as a tension type, up the back the and into shoulders? I struggled with these for years, I can now relate it to an almost immediate reaction to gluten. Is it normal to feel symptoms so fast? Would that be more of an allergy problem vs. a celiac problem? Thanks
  7. Does anyone know where I can find info on prescription medication? After my endo I stopped taking all meds. Yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore and had to take my allergy med. I also had to start provera yesterday (period problem which I am also hoping will regulate once gluten free for a while) Anyway, I now seem to have a sore throat, (almost a swollen fleeing) that I can't shake. Not sure if it's due to all the pollen or something in one of the medications I took. Is there anywhere online that I can find ingredients info?
  8. This is my 4th day officially gluten free. (Biopsy was Monday, no word yet) I already know I have some form of intolerance because I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed in April. After surgery it was a few days of no appetite and as I started to eat again "symptoms" (mainly headaches) that I struggled with for years I was able to link with the food I was eating. I opted for the endo because the surgeon wanted me to see a gi to have a colonoscopy done anyway. I figured if the GI doc was going to do one he could do both, which was why I went back to full gluten. My question is, the first 2 days weren't so bad. Yesterday and today I seemed to feel ok until about late afternoon a terrible sinus like headache hit. How long does this "withdraw" stage I've been reading about last?
  9. Wow, all good points. It's a little overwhelming. I spent so much time researching symptoms and worry about testing I thought I was a little bit better prepared for this phase, but apparently not. So here's another question. Yesterday, I was in the store looking at 2 different brands of quinoa, the ingredients seemed the same but one bag was labeled gluten free and one was not. That's just labeling, right? Technically they are both gluten free, correct? One point/ question though, the shared equipment in my home is washed between uses, doesn't that make a difference? So if something was to be made in the same facility, shouldn't it be clear if it's the same equipment or not? Wouldn't that make a difference?
  10. Can anyone sender for me what constitutes arms gluten free? I thought I was starting the diet a few days ago. I'm also going vegan at the dame time, so there's not a whole lot of processed stuff that I'm eating. However after dinner I am always looking for something sweet. I bought a bag of cinnimon cookies that said gluten free. I had 2 after dinner and a few minutes later got one of my "classic headaches" (that I assume gluten has been causing the last 4 years). So I went back and checked the package again, no gluten ingriedts (I guess?) but it does say manufactured in a facility that produces wheat products. My question is 1) I asummse that would be cross contamination? 2) then how can that be labeled gluten free. 3) that small of an amout can cause a reaction? I guess I need to learn to read labels better. Is there a list somewhere of other words or names of gluten I need to look for on labels? sorry, Iphone must have "corrected" some of those words!
  11. The way I see it, this "disease" is telling us there is something wrong with the way we are eating. Even if they made a vaccine, I don't think I would want it. I am eating way healthier than I ever have.
  12. Is genetic testing something ordered by a general doctor or a gi doctor? Or is it something people do out of pocket? What's involved, is it a blood draw?
  13. could be both. I just had my gallbladder out last month, I had many of those symptom almost all of the time. After my surgery, I seemed to have some of them some times. I suspect it is also food related / celiac. I had my endo on Monday. If they test your gallbladder, ask for a hida scan, not just an ultra sound. If they had done an ultra sound on me it wouldn't have shown any stones. The hida scan shows function, I was only at 9%. I had a "mini - run" of gluten free after my surgey, as my appetite increased and I started adding food back in, I was able to link symptoms to what I was eating. Today is only my second day of gluten free, but noticing small improvement already. Regardless of biopsy results I personally will be staying gluten free.