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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey all, I recently went out and bought some Alka Seltzer Fruit Chews because I was tired of chalky Tums. However, after scouring the internet, I only found one person's post saying that they were NOT gluten free. I just got off the phone with the manufacturer who told me: "We do not add any gluten to the product but we cannot guarantee that they are 100% gluten free because other products manufactured in the same place may contain gluten." I asked- "So it's just a cross-contamination issue?" and she said yes. Hope this helps others who may have been wondering!
  2. Seeming Spontaneous Symptoms!

    Josh, this happens to me all the time! The most common explanation that I get is that I am not fully healed yet since I was diagnosed a year ago. I am hoping the explanation is as simple as that because it is REALLY annoying to follow the rules and still feel this way! I feel your pain!
  3. Makeup

    So I've always been somewhat doubtful that shampoo and skincare products will really adversely affect me if they contain any gluten. From what I have read, gluten cannot be absorbed into the skin, so the only possible contamination would be if you end up ingesting it somehow- from transfer, etc. (Is this incorrect?) The thing that DOES worry me is lipgloss and lipstick, since obviously the chance of ingesting this is much higher than eating your mascara. In my experience, companies could not be more vague in disclosing whether or not gluten is in their products. I recently received an array of Dior lipglosses and lipsticks (Dior Addict and the regular lipstick). Does anyone know if these are gluten-free? I have used them before without a horrible reaction...although I am still not fully healed and often feel poorly, so I cannot really tell if this contributes to it. Since they are pretty expensive (for my taste anyway!) it would be a shame to waste them. Such pretty colors! Additionally, I have some Benefit lipglosses from a couple of years ago before I was diagnosed- anybody know about those? Any input is much appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hair Loss?

    Same. and i am only 23! before i was officially diagnosed i lost SO much hair and so much weight that i looked sickly. I have been completely gluten-free for a year now and regained the weight and hair started growing back in..but now that im super stressed out again with law school finals everything is going to hell again. My hair is once again falling out, i cant see the board in class (eyes apparently going), i have horrible skin (acne and weird dermatitis on arms), and also a horribly pale and deathly complexion. In addition to all the usual digestive symptoms. I am taking vitamins too and i eat healthy. This probably does not help you but take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I am depressed over it as well. I wish there was a simple fix. I have heard that the best thing is to go get a blood workup to see what we are deficient in and try and supplement those areas. I am planning on doing that once school ends.
  5. Stress + Symptoms

    haha yeah i have heard it is directly related. I do not eat out more when im stressed i am more like NorthernElf in that i just eat way less because i dont want to be sick all the time and dont have time to deal with it. So i definitely have not been contaminated bc i literally have been a hermit in my apartment studying and only have gluten-free food and gluten-free appliances in the apartment. wish we could cut the link between brain and digestion! would make life a lot easier
  6. Stress + Symptoms

    I cant even imagine how hard that must be!
  7. Stress + Symptoms

    Thanks! Well i guess there's comfort in knowing other people have the same issues.. it's just super disheartening and frustrating! Doing everything right and still feeling this badly.
  8. Hey everybody. This is my first time posting to the site.. i was diagnosed with celiac last summer (took them 5 years to finally diagnose it) and i have been gluten free since last may/june. My symptoms have improved but not completely gone away- i went to a specialist and he said sometimes it takes over a year so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. However, i am in law school and at especially stressful times- like right now during finals- my symptoms become horrible. It is almost like i am back to pre-diagnosed times. I'm having digestive issues, bloating, cramping, headaches, extreme fatigue, skin issues, hair loss, bloody noses...basically you name it and i have it. I'm taking vitamins and normally eat pretty well.. my main question is does anybody else notice your symptoms getting much worse in times of stress? I'm generally a very stressed out person so maybe thats why my symptoms have not gone away totally..but in times like this i am completely miserable. And it makes studying for (already horrible) law exams that much more difficult. I know that stress can make diseases worse in general, but i'm just wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem? Thanks!