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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dont Eat At Downtown Disney!

    Sorry you got sick on vacation. TREX is not owned by Dinsey but Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney is. I have eaten there 3 times as a celiac with great results. I have also -being the Disney freak i am- have eaten at every resturant in the world showcase at Epcot with the exception of japan as a celiac . All those places in Epcot will accomodate you and the chefs will come out and take care of you just like at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Did you contact special guest services before your trip? All the hotels will accommodate you as well . I had a great time at Chef Mickeys on our last trip in March when I got back from the buffet the chef brought me a special gluten free warm chocolate cupcake with mickey sprinkles ...yum
  2. I have been taking a probiotic for a year now with good results. It is called Kyo-Dophilus. I can find it right in the health food section of my local market. I think it runs about $23.00 dollars a bottle for 45 pills but you could take one or 2 a day. It is free of preservatives, sugar, sodium, dairy, yeast, gluten and artificial flavors and colors.
  3. Just got back from the GI concerning this issue. He thinks I am lactose intolerant even though it seems all dairy has seemed to bother me but he said the effects are cumulative and it would take 3 or 4 good weeks to really heal. In the meantime if I am still inflamed any dairy or anything fatty or acidy would cause me to feel sick as well. He seems hopeful if I just go lactose free and give it a month with very healthy eating I should improve. I am set up for another endoscopy but I can cancel if all symptoms resolve. He gave me a digestive enzyme with probiotics to take. Even though I thought it might be a casein issue he does not think so as he said those symptoms are more allergic in nature and most people develop a casein allergy earlier in life.I am going for a lactose breath test to confirm this. Just thought I would put this out there for what it is worth since we semmed to be having the same problem.
  4. Well I thought I was home free being gluten free for about 2 years and I saw you have been gluten free for about the same time. I am really mad about having to give up dairy!! But now I am at the point where I will give it up and eat the front lawn if it is the only thing that will make me feel better. I have an appointment with my GI tomorrow so I will see what he has to say but I think I may have solved my problem. Thanks!
  5. Meh, I Think I React To Chex :-(

    Wow, Pricklypear1971 I had a terrible reaction to Riceworks chips too that knocked me out for a few days. I never knew what got me .
  6. I am doing the same thing. I know i am not getting gluten but have not been feeling well -bloating, intestinal pain, and D. I have cut down on dairy and noticed a reduction in symptoms but really have just been strict about it for the last 2 days and I do feel better so far. I have tried lactose free coffee mate and cabot cheese and was wondering the same thing-is it lacotse or casein? How do you tell?
  7. well... looks like a varied diet is very important and i will really pay attention to that. Sadly i think i won't be able to eat dairy anymore. I thought i was good to go being about 2 years into this diet but i really do eat alot of cheese! i think it was a safe comfort food after being diagnosed. Going to Italy without cheese... that stinks! Thank you everyone .
  8. Do these other intolerances feel like gluten or do you get different symptoms? I don't feel glutened but have some similiar symptoms like bloating , loose floaty stools and lower abdominal discomfort with a little backache. With a gluten episode i have upper left side pain and bad stomach cramping. Right now they last for a few days after eating dairy and possibly nuts. I am not liking the idea of having to give up dairy. Can you guys tolerate small amounts and if i have to be dairy free do i have to avoid all products that list milk in the ingredients?
  9. Well i hope someone can answer that for me as well. I have been gluten-free for 2 years but not feeling so well for a few months and i think i am having a new dairy problem based on my food diary and symptoms. How did you discover your soy and sugar problems ? are you keeping a diary? I would think new intolerances could show up any time.
  10. How many food intolerances did you guys find? a1956chill-did you find any other problems for yourself besides soy ? Did you guys get similiar symptoms from them like before you went gluten-free? I have some of the same symptoms but not as severe.
  11. Thank you for some good ideas. I hope i can find my new problem before my doctor appointment or at least have my symptoms resolve. I am thinking at least dairy is a problem but so far my food diary is'nt helping me figure this out. Is it common for us celiacs to find other intolerances after feeling good for a while -in my case almost 2 years?
  12. I think i need to start an elimination diet but i don't know where to begin. I want to eat healthy while trying to figure out my problem . What can i eat for breakfeast lunch and dinner ? And how long should i do it for? I did buy some white and brown rice and chicken today along with veigies. Are bananas ok?
  13. I can totally relate to food being a huge deal only it is my own family that is this way. They take forever preparing it ,eating it , and of course taking about it while they are eating it-this annoyed me even before i was diagnosed! Holidays sound like yours with all homemade dishes and baked goods and way too much of them. Last year at Christmas they all trampled in to my home with cakes and pies and cookies and all I saw was poison , poison and more poison.I was so anxious! This year my kitchen is totally gluten free and when I announced to my mother it would be a gluten-free Christmas at my home she told that is not fair to everyone eles and my food wont taste the same so they are not coming. Your in laws will not change but if you can set boundaries ahead of time maybe they will adjust . We have to think of our health first. Explain to them that cooking and eating in a shared kitchen can be dangerous to your health using the words "my docotor said" seems to make people listen better. Good luck
  14. Thank you ! That helps clear things up a bit!
  15. Hi Everyone, Even though I have been gluten free for a little over 2 years I still dont really understand the gluten content in prepackaged foods. I recently transformed my kitchen from a shared kitchen to a 100 percent gluten-free kitchen and in doing so i have been buying more gluten-free snack foods for my husband and kids. I don't eat many snacks but if I decide to eat a cookie and the company says it tests for gluten at levels of 20 ppm what does that really mean? Is each cookie 20 ppm -or the serving size- or the box? So if I eat 3 cookies could I get sick? Hope you can help Thanks