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  1. so sorry it has been a while since i have been here i have been feeling fantastic these past few weeks i have never looked so good either i have droped 67 lbs and im now at my body weight for my hight 135 now i went through hell to get here but it all changed when i cut out all grains and cereal family foods along basically i eat grain free lactose free nightshade free soy free for morning i drink one glass of green smoothie and take one with me 2 big leaves kale 2 leaves romaine lettuce chia seeds about 2 pinches pear and apple sauce and blend yesterday i put mango in place of the pear then i take something for lunch today it was qunioa flour almond flour herbmare chives onion flakes mixed that with chunked up boneless chicken breasts and baked and then made sweet potato fryes oh yummm hubby loved them the other day i did a grain free pancake recpie useing almond flour eggs soda coconut sugar in a muffin tin just pour enough to coat the bottom then drop in supposed to be sauage did not have any so i put cooked chicken and baccon on top then poured rest of the pancake mixture on top works great if you do your batter in a blender then baked at 350 for 20 min it was great to take to work then i got this great recpie im in love with grain free carob muffins omg to die for they taste like a cross between chcolate cake and brownie i use coconut oil all the time for everything my sweetners are coconut sugar and honey and sometimes a bit of agave if i run out but only use it if recpie calls for a couple of tbs if it goes into cups i use honey now mind you if i try and say oh well a bit of this or that wont hurt it does so i am super strict with what i eat i process my own coconut flour and milk open them up with a cork screw works wonders the pull down kind and then take it to a piece of cement like the basement stair and it cracks open nicely im so happy i finally figured out what i can and can not eat i also have been doing oil pulling i think that helps alot too i highly recomend oil pulling now that the brain fog is gone i can now go and get my licence and i am now learning a new job as an aprentance to a upholstery shop working monday - friday 9-5 its wonderful i love it so much and learning alot
  2. Allergy Diet

    it has been a while since i been here i have been involved in searching for grain free meals i have been making almond coconut meal muffins found out that i can not even tolorate rice or grains or anything from the cereal family since i gave up the cereal and grain family i have felt alot better no more desert feeling throat or feeling like i swollowed sand or powder so in that aspect is great brain fog has calmed down as did virtigo but boy do i ever know it if i have been glutenated wow or any of the other top 10 allergins i made a wonderful turkey dinner by only useing qunioa flour buckwheat flour and arrowroot flour for the gravy and using honey for sweetning the squash, carrots and stirfryed in coconut oil aspargus garlic green beans and almond meal over top the almond meal kindof tastes like parmasaun cheese thats pritty cool i made a coconut cream pie as well with almond meal agave and baking soda for crust and topping is 24hr cold coconut milk opened up from bottom pour out liquid whiped up the cream added coconut and sugar free vanilla pudding whipped that up and that was the topping omg talk about good now mind you when i used the pudding mix it was sugar free but also had aspratame in it and i did not really like the after taste of that so if i ever do that again im going to make sure that i have gluten-free vanilla and do a non aspratame version mind you im still having a hard time trying to figure out what to have for breakfast cause alot of times my guts no not really want anything thats so solid i have to try and find a nice soft soothing filling breakfast so i have alot of investagateing to do in the breakfast feild so im off to do some searching have a great day everyone
  3. Allergy Diet

    ok folks first off im feeling pritty good lately thanks to the L-G probiotics and digestive enzimes the new doc says that the pro that i bought was the best on the market and made a good choice as well with the enzimes he just says keep doing what you are doing stay away from allergins keep going to the allergy dr and he will be currious to get a report back from the allergiest and to look at my file in the mean time do investagation your self choose healthy foods and i have to see him in 3 months then we will disscuss further testing for intolerences and celiac and everything so thats good i am able to tolorate sweet potato i have also been drinking pau d arco tea with yerb mate they are both really good soothing too so that is an update on me
  4. Allergy Diet

    im in nova scotia canada i have been looking at some of the tea's but alot of them have soy i guess ill just have to keep trying them all until i find one i like i do like the pau d arco tea mind you i can not drink too much of it due to it's strongness and robooios tea thats nice chai is a bit too spicey im goign to look for a nice one on friday
  5. Allergy Diet

    i am excited to see a new dr thanks so much this clears things up nicely my head is not functioning very clearly i do not know what has gotten into me but i ake all over joints ake muscle ake even my skin hurts i dont know if its malnutrition or malsorbition or is it the flu or what but all i know is i feel like total crap eyes are red and burn i took an allergy pill today as well in hopes it could be allergies mushroom what type of herbal teas would you suggest i see you have pritty much the same limitations as i do what is your fav herb tea to drink
  6. Allergy Diet

    thanks mushroom i was able to create a very healthy allergy safe coconut cream chicken soup with chicken breasts chicken broth leeks garlic curry just a touch tumeric ginger green beans carrot broccoli it is delish i am getting confused when to take all this stuff allergy med digestive enzmies probiotic l glutemeine i took the digestive after i ate the soup and i made some squares from enjoy life gronola cocnut oil coconut cream milk agave coconut sugar cranberries cinammon it turned out pritty good i can not wait to see the new dr hopefully he can send me for the proper testing
  7. Allergy Diet

    yup ill be telling him everything from the back surg to painpill management to my guts blowing out on feb 28th and up until now everything its a half hr apt thank god now mabe i can get the proper testing ill defentally be letting you know what happens thanks so much for all your support
  8. Allergy Diet

    i now have a new gp i am hoping that he will take a look at my case and send me for proper testing that needs to be done im going out tomorrow to get more probiotics and digestive enzime i hope i make the right choice
  9. Allergy Diet

    well today was going good until i decided to eat had a cup of tetley tea with coconut milk - nice not too burn then i decided i was hungry so i went looking and decided to try bob red mill hot cereal mighty tasty sure it deffentally is mighty tastey exp if you put a dlop of earth ballance drizzle of agave and sprinkle of cinamnon delish but what happened when it went down was not pritty intence pain started shot up to 9 for 1/2 hr then slowed down still there but bareable for oh about 10 min then it started hurting again and i think by the time it reaches a certian point D will happen i can feel it rumbleing so ok no grains the body says so ill tuck that away in the back of the cubbord for a while its a shame really it was yummy and in a normal gut filling so now what do i eat i feel like i just ate sandpaper or a big ball of sandpaper dumb ass i am i should have known better my guts are just too raw for this type of food but i was looking for a filler good greif well the search for food continues ttfn of to raid the kitchen for something
  10. Allergy Diet

    it was so great to get out with the girls they were surprised at how much weight i lost and me too i caught a view of my self in her mirrors and wow i do look good on the outside now if i can just heal the inside ill be good i was not able to stomach much today i picked at a pork roast i made with tumeric ginger leeks onions garlic celery and a couple of carrots for flavour i picked at some coconut pudding i tryed to make added some blueberries to it had some enjoy life granola it was a little too dry i think if i were to make bars out of it and bake it that it would be easier to eat mabe i dont think my guts can handle any flours or grains i try but just end up feeling like i swollowed dust this is so frustrateing trying to figure out what foods my body will tolorate
  11. Allergy Diet

    no nothing was said about coconut im super tired feeling but i am still doing housework somone has to do it and i am not the type to just lay around mabe ill take a nap later on i have to go to a friendship meeting we are going to be talking about our lodge trip that stresses me out cause we get together and eat lots of good food im so intolorant and i do not know for one day to the next what my guts can and can not eat i might just take some pre made chicken pieces and not quite sure just yet ill see what i can come with who know's i may just be able to prepare somethign really good by then i hope tonight they will be eating chocolate pie oh god yum but i know one fingure taste will do me in so ill be taking my enjoy life cookies i bought and drinking either water and bringing my own tea
  12. Allergy Diet

    humm oh my i do not remember now when i go out again i'll check i broke out in hives all over last night woke up with swelling all over joint pain and stiffness and guts are quite tendar i was so very careful to what i ate yesterday i do not know what it could have been other than i found out there was soy in the chai tea i was out looking for a nice gentle tea to drink and i noticed they all have soy in the ing why in the heck do manufactors feel like they have to put soy in everything they produce good greif i wonder if it could have been too much sugar sub , i bought stevia and added it to the chai tea drank half a cup dumped it yuck did not like the taste tryed it again used less stevia its not too bad it will take some time to get usto i guess i really like the agave nectar better it has a cleaner taste then i made coconut pudding made with tapicoa flour/starch coconut milk and coconut nectar powder its pritty good well im off to clean the cubbords and fridge and well the entire kitchen needs a good ol flylady cleaning and i think ill put a pork roast in the oven as well
  13. baked chicken pieces tossed in herb mixture of herbmare tumeric ginger onion flakes garlic powder mashed sweet potatoes with nature ballance butter home made cranberries with ciamnon clementine rind coconut nectar and agave and green beans
  14. Allergy Diet

    yes citrus and tomatoes potatoes all nigthshades even herbs i looked for a digestive and they all had lactose in them gurrr i hope to make it to a healthfood store next time but for now ill just to keep doing what im doing it seems to be working i guess i want to rush it and i can not rush my guts they will take their own sweet time healing i found enjoylife foods oh thank god they invented this i had cereal with so delish coconut milk and i found granola now i just have to figure out how to make squares out of it and cookies but that is just have to be eaten carefully i have noticed that every time i have flour's or starches of any kind i feel like i swallowed dust
  15. Allergy Diet

    what is a good digestive enzimes ? to take im going shopping today and would like to pick up something i know my vitimans have some digestive enzimes in it but should i be taking something extra ? i had a granny smith apple last night and oh burn no system not liking it to much acid have to go for somthing lighter