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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ok thanks I will contact this person, although my pancreatic tests (blood tests) came back normal
  2. thanks guys. the problem is that my doctor says that if i'm not loosing weight and I don't have bloody stool then I'm healthy. It is pretty discouraging to have faith in finding what is wrong with me as for digestive enzymes I am testing the prescription kind but still not much effects here.
  3. Long story short I have been on gluten-free diet for 4 years (and also paleo at the same time) and I still feel week, depressed, fatigued, my joints are in pain and I still have acne (and I am really no longer a teenager). But my blood results are all normal, same for thyroid. I have also tested pancreatic enzymes in blood and had USG but it came back normal. Same goes for parasites - no parasites were found. As for depression I tried several SSRI nothing works it just makes me feel like zombie. I have been seeing fat and undigested food in my stool for 2-3 years already - and also my stool is yellow/orange most of the time. I decided to go to a doctor recently and he ordered some stool tests and prescribed me digestive enzymes. So apparently they have found a large number of fatty acids in my stool. I believe taking digestive enzymes cannot create such false results? Any ideas what can I do? Or what can be wrong?
  4. Well I did it especially to test if I'm being glutened or something. I feel even worse when I add potatoes and rice. Eating gluten free sweets for example = bad stomach pain and toilet mode.
  5. This month I was only eating chicken and watermelon and I still don't feel good. I think I'm missing something big time because with all this gluten-free diet I should have results already
  6. beachbirdie: Do you mean the blood test for antibodies of celiac disease? If so I had them and they were negative (two times) I also did the Igm, IgG for allergies or something they were also good. I only had one biopsy this was an experience I don't really want to repeat again... cavernio: that sounds reasonable, although I'm not really sure how i can test for candida. On the other hand I m still on "candida-free-alike-diet". I'm taking multivitamin but without much effect. What can you recommend in this case? And after eating dairy my head gets heavy and I don't feel well. T.H: Mostly same brand. But for apples I just go to the local shop and I have no idea where they really come from, same with chickens and meat. Are you eating any supplements? I'm currently trying digestive enzymes but without much luck. Anyway this "brand" thing seems interesting. Too bad this all eco-food is so expensive. Thank you all for the support! you are great!
  7. Ok now I understand. I'm from Europe and I'm not native english speaker sorry. Actually the buckwheat that I'm buying is recommended by local glutenfree society so I doubt this is the problem. Right now I have started supplementing with l-glutamine, probiotics and colostrum. I wonder if there will be any result...
  8. dilettantesteph: sorry I'm lost, I have no idea what means to sort buckwheat. I just buy it bagged and there is a sign on the package 100% gluten free. Regarding the strawberries I just buy it from a farmer typically. I'm trying to avoid those from big shops like walmart etc* Maybe I should focus on repairing my digestive tract - like by supplementing l-glutamine or something?
  9. @pricklypear1971: hey thanks for help I really mean it, I didn't want to sound harsh or something. If I did I'm sorry
  10. @dilettantesteph: sorting buckwheat why? I just buy it straight from the shop in a plastic bags (they are safe). As for this sensitivity journal that thing never worked for me. Like one week I eat strawberries and I am fine, I do the pause for like 1 week and when I eat strawberries again I feel sick. And the story continues. No ideas why. @pricklypear1971: >You do realize most of the foods on your safe list are low salicylate Appending to the fruit table - apples are moderate/low in salicylates. And Bananas have negligible amounts. Sorry, but this does not suit my symptoms at all. @AVR1962: the moral of this story was there is no proven connection between bananas and acne (?) or I am missing the point.
  11. Hello, Well I have already spent like a ton of money on allergic tests etc. and appending to them I have no food allergies. I have allergy to dust and that is all. After all those years jumping from one doctor to another, trying different diets - all of this this became really tiring
  12. @Skylark: well I was thinking about it but few things are not really right. Like I should be able to eat bananas but even after eating small amount of it I feel terrible and my skin breaks out. No such problems with apples - which are considered high in fructose. So what is going on?
  13. @Skylark: I found out that by eating something different my acne increases. Plus after some vegetables I have gas and stomach issues. Same for fruits like grapes or water melons.
  14. Hello, I had a biopsy - damaged villi - 2 Marsh scale. As for the wheatgrass sorry my translator returned the wrong name -> I'm eating buckwheat not wheatgrass. The box says it is 100% gluten free. As for vitamins levels it is hard to say because such tests are very expansive but I had D3 vit testes it is ok. Same for B12 right now. My blood results are ok.
  15. Hello, I have been on gluten free/diary free diet for almost a year now. The only positive effect that I see is the lack of stomach issues but it may be related just to the healthy food I'm eating. Which right now is: apples/tuna/wheatgrass(gluten free)/chicken/eggs. These all the only things I eat. Anyway long story short I still have perioral dermatitis/acne and besides that I don't feel really well. Is there any possibility I have been misdiagnosed?