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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was glutened several times in the past month, so symptom-wise, I'm pretty much back to where I was six months ago when I was diagnosed. The problem is that no matter what I eat, I have the same problem -- stomach rumbling (in an uncomfortable way, not to mention audible), bloating, discomfort, intense nausea/pain at times, and gas. Everything I'm eating is gluten free - either it's specifically marked so or it's fruit. I just had two tangerines and my stomach is going crazy. What's going on? What should I be eating when I'm glutened? Is citrus too harsh on my stomach? I also got a pro-biotic yesterday that I thought would make my stomach pains go away. Maybe that's causing something weird? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. Hi there! I'm new here, and I am excited to find people who really understand what I'm going through. I've been gluten-free since January...sort of. Since March I've accidentally had gluten as much as once a week -- I just keep messing up! I have had problems with depression, anxiety, and ADHD long before I had any celiac symptoms, but they got unbearable when I got sick. Things started to get better on the gluten-free diet -- I was finally feeling hopeful. But now I'm in finals week at an Ivy League college and I'm melting. I can't stay awake, focus, or remember anything. I can't get my work done and I'm embarrassed about going to my professors because I should have told them about celiac long ago. I'm worried I'm going to fail, and I can't stop crying! It feels kind of like pulling multiple all-nighters. My friends think I'm being a drama queen. Even my sorority sisters with celiac (there are 4 celiacs in my chapter!) don't really get it because they've been gluten-free for so long -- they act like I'm making too big a deal about it. Anyone have any ideas about how to get through the week? I take Wellbutrin daily and Ativan as needed (hopefully these are gluten-free -- I looked up all the ingredients online and they seemed fine), but it's not enough to overcome the evil celiac symptoms. Just 6 more days until I'm home...but I feel like I won't make it!
  3. Overweight With Celiac

    I am so relieved to see this topic. I'm not really sure how long I've been celiac -- I was only diagnosed in January, and had TERRIBLE symptoms for 6 months before that, but I had issues with fatigue for long before that -- but as soon as the symptoms started to get really bad, I gained 15 lbs in just a few months -- and I'm only 5'0. I'm in a sorority and at an all women's college, and I've always felt the pressure to look my best, so it was pretty devastating. I went up 4 whole BMI points! I still can't lose the weight, even though I've been gluten free for a few months now. I've been getting "glutened" accidentally about once a week for the past couple months, so that probably doesn't help. My clothes don't fit me right and I'm covered in icky stretch marks. How long has it taken other overweight celiacs to lose the weight after going completely gluten free? Do you have to heal completely before losing the weight? And does anybody know WHY some people gain weight with celiac? It seems so counter-intuitive!