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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Have they done a stool sample to check for intestinal bleeding? That's the first thing they did for my 2 yr old
  2. The teddy bit made me laugh! She sounds a bit like my SIL, except my SIL is mean and rude with it, not sure about the teddy bit as well. She's 70 so I guess it's part of aging! My FIL 90 yr old aunt stayed with us for 3 months she did things like scrub the writing off the front of our toaster oven, and now we don't know what dial is what! Told us we needed to hand wash clothes before using the washing machine, vacuumed the dryer after every time it was used. Washed the washing machine down with bleach every day. Reaaranged all jthe kitchen cupboards as things were in the wrongplace. We just lft her to it, and put things back the way they were when she left
  3. It might be worth talking to your doctor about a bowel management programme. It basically involves set toilet times, for certain amount of time. It helped our daughters deal with my eldest going from being so backed up she was leaking up to 20 times a day, and my youngest who was so impacted she couldn't go. Miralax along with bowel retraining worked. Our ped said there bodies just need retrained to learn the signals. It's funny but my 4 yr old still goes at the set times without being told to! I say we are goin out her reply is I'm just going to the bathroom before we go! She potty trained in 3 days. My horrifically impacted 2 yr old turned round and asked for underwear and that was that. Be patient it will happen, her body has been through a lot, and you'll soon be loving the calls of mom im on the toilet come wipe my bum!
  4. If it hurts to sit you probably have hard stool blocking everything else, it's just going to sit there and get worse, no amount of fluid and fibre is going to help. Get some Miralax, some versions are called laxaday. The actual ingredient in PEG 3550. Just ask the pharmacist for PEG they will know what it is. Th advice we were given by a gastro for 2 very urged up kids - take a double dose for 3 days, it will soften everything up and get it out, then take a normal dose for a few weeks to give your bowel a rest and a chance to shrink back to normal. As you've only been backed up a few days I'd try a the double dose for 1 day and a single dose for a week. That should solve you initial problem, but like other posters said you need to make sure the things you are eating are gluten free. C was our kids min sign of being glutened. With the PEG you can't really overdose, if it turns to liquid poop, just lower the dose a little. We keep PEG in the house for accidental glutenings, my eldest is just getting over one, she was telling us she couldn't eat because her poop was stuck and food had nowhere to go. No amount of water, prune juice etc helped, the PEG cleared things out and she drank more than a liter of water today and has gone to bed a very happy 4 yr old again.
  5. What was she like as a toddler we are starting to suspect my 2 yr old has crohns but my MIL is 75 so can't remember what my husband was like at that age.
  6. Lower left quadrant pain and rectal bleeding and having er appendix out? That sounds exactly like my husband when he was 15 he was eventually diagnosed with crohns. The doctor might not be sr off the mark with I B D
  7. If you are intolerant to anything in milk it is lactose. It is more likely for you to be allergic to casein as it is a protein. Orit could be whey as it is also a protein. My daughter had an anaphylactic milk allergy and the allergist told us this. It's something to do with the protein chain that causes an allergic reaction with milk. Lactose intolerance causes stomach issues, caesin a dn whey allergy can cause stomach skin and respiratory issues that can be mild. Caesin is a protein just like gluten so it is possible your body is having a similar reaction. I'd cut out all dairy and ask for the milk skin prick test you don't need to be drinking milk for it. That way you can find out if it is a milk allergy
  8. Toddler W/celiac?

    I'd keep taking her to the er, she's lost weight and will be getting dehydrated. 17 days of diahrrea is not normal.
  9. Medic-Alert Bracelet

    We got bracelets from Idonme, they do medic alert and basic I'd, they are waterproof etc, adjustable, and they have paper inside so if details change you don't need a new bracelet.
  10. Medic-Alert Bracelet

    I lived in the middle east where we have digital records, done properly they work, but if anything changes unless you make sure they change it there can be glaring holes. Even here in Vancouver, I went to the hospital they hd the qigong doctor as my family doctor, the hospitals and family practices keep seperate records as the health care system is split up into 3 departments neither deal with each other except through managers. The health system was one system a few years ago no things were better, but health records are one health authority now, and admissions and doctors are another. My husband works in admissions, and in his area there is the switch board for the whole hospital, if the phone operator is in the washroom for example he isn't allowed to answer the phone as it is working for another department without permission even if that call could be about a disaster that has just happened.
  11. Lunches

    OP, Veggies with hummus or tahini for dipping, great for weight gain. Send her with full at Greek yogurt too. Both our kid had a lot of growing to catch up on after going gluten free. Most schools are nut free, but you can get something call sun butter it's soy nut butter tastes exactly the same, just doesn't stick to your mouth! Great for dipping apple slices in. Homemade sushi, you can se cooked rather than raw protein. Homemade muffins made with butter an coconut milk for extra fat, add dried fruit Protein and a variety of at sources will help with the growth. We were told a small piece of meat at every meal an snack would help.
  12. Medic-Alert Bracelet

    We have medic alert bracelets for our kds, my eldest is allergic to 2 types of antibiotic so we have added severely gluten intolerant on it too. . Our issue is that gluten exposure even a trace amount cause horrific diahrrea leading o dehydration and impacted bowels very quickly. They have become much more sensitive. We live in an earthquake prone area, our min concern s being separated from them and someone giving them gluten. A kd having diahrrea is not going to be of immediate concern in a disaster, but unfortunately for my kids rations from red cross food parcels could make them horrifically ill. We actually ave a large supply of gluten free dry goods at home in case of an earthquake as anything Ivan out by the authorities will nt ve gluten free. One thing to consider is if ou are incapacitated enought hat someone needs to read your medic alert bracelet, I dont think there is much Vance of them feeding you gluten! If even a trace exposure causes immediate and possibly severe medical complications I'd get one for example if it cause bleeding etc
  13. I was looking into starting a support group for kids in our city, the adult group meets once a month. I tried talking to the leader, but when I mentioned our kids weren't given a formal diagnosis but we were told to assume celac and forget the rest of the testing as gluten made them so horrifically ill, her attitude changed from helpful to nasty. It's a shame as a local kids group would go down well as we are in a very family friendly city. I found the same issue with licenses for health safety, f you want to serve food.
  14. Toilet Issues

    That's great! It might take a few weeks to get the dose right nd things moving along again, so don't worry if it isn't working at first. I'd mention a bowel management plan too, I know she's older than my kids but it will help. Even now miralax free my kids go to te bathroom as soon as they get up, before and after eating, before we leave somewhere, before we go somewhere and before bed, and also when thy feel the urge. Our ped said it would help retrain their body into relaxing and get things going. Good luck
  15. We used to mix my 2 yr olds miralax in water without telling her we just gave her the water, she never knew when she did or didn't have it. You can mix it in anything just don't tell her her or let her see! As she is really backed up. We've put it in yogurt, soup, juice. When you see your GI make sure to ask about something to use besides ene,as, the bowel nerves start to rely on the signals from the Emma rather than the body after extended use, and then they forget completely how to work. You could try lansoil it's just like jello. Talk to the doc or a pharmacist. That was our first course of action before miralax and before we knew about celiac disease, but beware things can come out as they go in!