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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Struggling

    Watch it, Missy! Maybe you can find a few veggies you like but prepared differently. For instance, my family hates green beans if they are " cooked" . They prefer them almost raw and crunchy. Maybe hide some veggies with a sauce?
  2. I knew I had found something about this on WebMD when someone was trying to sell me something related to this nonsense. http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/alkaline-diets-what-to-know
  3. I have never found any real info about people being "acidic". It is usually just these fringe "doctors" that like to say that stuff. All you food mixes with acid in your stomach at the start of digestion so I guess it would become acidic then. Sounds like you just need to force yourself to eat a little bit every hour or so until your body get used to eating. When a person has been starving themselves, it can be hard to digest anything and you may just have to force yourself for a while. If you are really "turned off" by eating, you might want to look for some eating disorder counseling and dieticians. They know how to help you start the healthy eating process.
  4. Red Apple Lipstick

    Anyone use their eye shadows? They look like they are out of a lot of colors right now. They have some that are "matte". So many eye shadows have a glimmer, sparkle or shine to them.
  5. I have noticed that you ask a question and never come back to it. Why? And I am wondering....if you " hate everyone", why are you asking us questions? Are we not part of " everyone"? Not sure why I am asking you to answer as you don't respond. Silly me!
  6. Maybe. For me its usually about 1 a.m. After I accidentally get gluten! Then I spend the next couple of hours in the bathroom and feel " puny" the rest of the day.
  7. For a Newbie, you sure post a lot! Love the enthusiasm! but- I don't think I would post articles I didn't understand. How do you know they apply? And I liked the monkey, too! Edited to say: Not trying to be harsh, Marcus. I love that you want to help.
  8. Looks like you have learned one of the basic rules of Celiac "Read the label!"
  9. Losing your libido turned you from gay to straight?
  10. NO Cheating! For all the reasons above! Welcome to the club!
  11. Eos Products

    I think I got mine at Target. Love the little balls. When they fall to the bottom of my purse, I can find them easier.
  12. Coffee and coke, while wonderful inventions, are pretty acidic. Probably a good idea to cut back on them and try to eat a more "normal" diet.
  13. Eos Products

    I have seen those little egg lip things. I'm going to try one. Thanks.
  14. Maybe skip the caffiene for a few weeks?