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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone tried these? Not labeled as certified, contains oat flour and out fiber. I am on vacation and in a hurry I picked them up for quick, easy meals without checking the label. So the last few days I have been getting progressively sicker, I'm not going to eat anymore but just wondered if anyone else has had any problems? Maybe it's just the oats, I haven't had them for 5 yrs!
  2. I'm also having problems; it will be 3 yrs in August that I'm gluten-free (strict) and still having symptoms. I signed up for a clinical study after my doc was no help and they did a biopsy today. Will be a week or so for results but damage (flattened mucosa) was still visible in my small intestine. Very frustrating! Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Hang in there, hopefully we both can find some answers and relief!
  3. Steroids?

    Oh, I definitely will! I already have an appt with my gastro! I just feel so crummy today, I was wracking my (foggy) brain for a quick fix. I think I'm just gonna cancel my plans for this week and hang out at home to recover. I'll take a vaca next year! Luckily I was only staying with relatives so no reservations to cancel!
  4. Steroids?

    Denise, thank you, good to know there may be light at the end of this tunnel! I know that I'll get over this acute glutening but it's good to hear there may be help for the constant issues too!
  5. Steroids?

    Thanks Nicole, I actually have 2 problems going on. I have been diagnosed celiac and gluten-free for 2 years. Over the last 3 months or so my stomach has gotten as bad as before diagnosis. D 5+times a day, almost late for work because of it, exhaustion etc. I just made an appt to see my gastro again, to ask for a follow up biopsy. I have been really careful about my diet and cc so it's not that. In addition, just last night I got my first "real" glutening(obvious glutening) It was a really stupid mistake, I picked up the wrong drink and ended up gulping a large swig of regular beer! I'm feeling awful today, stomach pains, nausea, severe exhaustion... I was on prednisolone for an allergic reaction and my dr friend told me that it had the added benefit of helping my celiac reaction because it suppresses immune response. I still have a refill left on the prescription so I was thinking about filling it and taking it for a week to help this glutening ( today is day one of my only vacation this year, I don't want to be doubled over the whole time!). Any thoughts?
  6. I did a similar thing last night! I was having a few ciders and went to the fridge for another one, I didn't know it but someone had put a bud lite in the cider 6pack holder. I didn't even look at the bottle (I was talking) I just popped the top and took a big swig! doh! I do feel pretty bad today, nauseous, tired, stomach cramps-not a good way to START my vacation! LOL
  7. Steroids?

    Has anyone taken steroids for either ongoing symptoms or for a glutening episode? If so, how long where you on them and how much?
  8. Alcohol

    Imagine how I feel after 5 glasses last night! LOL
  9. Red Heads

    Auburn (with gray highlights! LOL) Welsh, German and Swedish.
  10. Just Diagnosed

    Welcome Shay! Sorry to hear you are so stressed out, but glad you have a diagnosis that will help you get your health back! It can be overwhelming at first but take a deep breath and know you can do it! I follow the KISS mentality (Keep it simple, silly!) I started with the easy (and cheap)sale stuff; a big bag of rice, meats, eggs, veggies, fruits (lots of bananas!). 2 things I rely on alot are a crock pot and a rice maker. (if you don't have them already and you can wait Walmart usually has at least the crockpot on sale really cheap on black friday). In the beginning I would make a big pot of rice to keep in the fridge ready for quick meals. I ate it sometimes for breakfast (with cinnamon and sugar), at lunch with leftover meat and veggies from dinner, with cheese melted on it, etc, etc. I have an "as I need to know" policy; it keeps me from being overwhelmed! I learned what was safe for me that I couldn't live without (for me it was brownies! , and as I go along I add to my gluten-free knowledge base. Just take it one step at a time. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon! Oh, read thru the other posts here! There is a lot of good advice on these boards! Good luck!
  11. Ah, the last time I was glutened was 2 days ago. Still suffering; D has quieted down but still have cramps (especially after eating!), tired and irritable! It was my own stupidity. Pressured into going out to eat somewhere with visiting parents (who are in their 80's and clueless about cc). After trying, again, to explain it I gave up. I was already exhausted, had the absolute worst day at work and was starving-I was really in just a weak state of mind. Even though I ordered a steak (no seasoning) and baked potato, I'm sure that the steak was cc at this steakhouse. Within 30-45 minutes my tummy hurt and bloated like I was 7months pregnant. I awoke @5am running for the bathroom-7 trips later (before 10am) it started to subside. I already visit them less, cause they just don't get it (and are pretty hard headed LOL). Next time I will just go with them and order a glass of wine and tell them I ate at work! (then go to the restroom and gobble down a larabar! LOL) I don't know how long I'm going to feel like crap- any other glutening incidences were sneaky accidents so it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I guess I'll use this as a learning experience.
  12. Thanks Laura! I didn't have any rolls, just plain old raw sliced salmon and tuna. Thanks for the info though, I have never tried fake crab-luckily I live on the eastern shore of maryland-plenty of the real thing around here!
  13. I've got one or the other, I feel pretty yucky. I was stuck at work yesterday(supposed to be there just a short time-ended up being all day), no emergency food and our boss offered to buy lunch for us; chinese takeout. I saw on their menu they had sushi, I ordered tuna and salmon sashimi. I figured I'd be safe with just fish right? It came with with "kari-out" brand soy sauce, quick search on the internet and I thought it was gluten-free. I ate about 2 pieces of each and they were gross-even drenched with wasabi and soy! So after that I just threw the rest away. Last night I had trouble sleeping, lots of joint pain - fast forward to this am and I was making quite a few mad dashes for the bathroom, both at home and at work. As the day has worn on I have had some nausea, begun bloating(pretty bad), cramping (getting worse) and have a lot of gas (my bf is lucky he left on a weeklong trip today otherwise he'd be in for a treat tonight! LOL). when I got home just a little while ago I searched the soy sauce again and the website says the low sodium sauce is gluten-free, no mention of the regular-the one I used (no wheat listed in ingredients but it is from overseas and it has caramel coloring). I feel like a big dummy; no emergency food, not checking thoroughly enough into the soy sauce AND ordering sushi from a chinese takeout restaurant!! I was just asking for trouble. Either way, I guess I'm gonna be hurting for a few days, I do not have the option of staying home from work. I just hope that if it is gluten I get over it quickly. I also hope that if it is food poisoning it doesn't get too bad. I'm cutting back to the foods I was able to eat the first few months after diagnosis, drinking extra fluids and gonna rest as much as possible. I really don't have any question here, just needed to talk about it, but if anyone has any other suggestions on how to get over this, that would be wonderful. I'd really appreciate it.
  14. For Those Who Gave Up Dairy...

    I haven't given up dairy BUT I rely heavily on lactose enzyme pills and probiotics. I am very, very sensitive and usually have to take at least 1 pill even for a little butter on a potato or a cup of yogurt etc. But after 10 months gluten-free I was pleasantly surprised last night when we made gyros with feta cheese and greek yogurt sauce, didn't take any enzyme and I was fine!! No reaction what-so-ever! A small step, I know I can't do more than that yet (last week I ate a yogurt pop and had horrible pain!) But hoping I'm on my way!
  15. Afraid To Say It Out Loud

    Yay! So glad to hear that your hard work and struggle is finally paying off!