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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was eating the gluten-free oats for about a year before test. Nothing else though. No biopsy.
  2. I am almost certain I have gluten intolerance. I used to eat oats that had gluten in it and my stomach would bloat. I switched to gluten free oats of the same brand and I don't get nearly the bloating.
  3. I am 42 years old. A few years ago I began having bloating when eating and constipation. The past few years I have had endoscopies for other stomach issues but I did not have a Celiac test. I do not believe that the physicians that performed the endoscopies looked for any type of Celiac damage in my stomach lining. The blood results appear negative, but I am not certain. Clicking on the picture will enlarge it.
  4. Excellent point about re-introducting for testing purposes. I imagine a regular diet would have enough gluten. Although, I might switch breads to a flour based.
  5. I just ordered a Celiac panel blood test. There are instructions on the webpage for the test that state the following. Everywhere I have read says that fasting before a Celiac blood test is not necessary. I think the instructions above are general for all blood tests. Someone mentioned in another thread that it is good to eat the "equivalent of four slices of bread a day for 12 weeks". Someone mentioned 2 slices. How much gluten is in 2 or 4 slices of bread? What exactly would be equivalent? I do eat pasta 2x a week. If I would to eat a lot of flour products a few days before the test, would a more accurate diagnosis be likely? Everyday I eat a bread called Ezeloe; 4:9. It is a sprouted grain bread. The website says the following about the gluten content. Since the gluten is metabolized, does that mean it would affect the blood test diagnosis whether I have Celiac? Should I eat regular bread instead? I can surmise the answers to these questions. I would appreciate any responses, but would like to know if the answers are surmises or based on fact.
  6. 4 slices? Wow. Right now I eat one slice of flourless bread every day. Not sure I could handle 4. If I eat a giant slice of cake the night before the blood test, could that give me a more accurate diagnosis?
  7. I asked this question before and was given an answer. However, since then, the lab I was going to use reduced the price and am not sure the panel includes the same tests. http://www.healthcheckusa.com/Celiac-Disease-Antibody-Profile-Comprehensive/63473/ Why do I even have to ask these questions? There should be a standard.
  8. Is it ok to eat a tortilla chip that is made without gluten but may or may have not been made in a gluten free facility? If it was made in a facility that made foods with gluten, could the chips be ok to eat?
  9. Is this assuming that I have been on a gluten free diet? To clarify, I have never in my life stopped eating gluten products. Doesn't pretty much everything contain gluten? Can I eat a regular diet?
  10. I have never eaten a gluten free diet except for a slice of bread in the morning that has gluten but is supposed to me tolerable for people sensitive to gluten. Are there any foods with gluten I can eat before my blood test in order to increase its accuracy? For how long before the blood test should I eat this gluten diet in order to increase the accuracy of the blood test?
  11. Thank you. I don't care about gluten sensitivity. Just Celiac.
  12. According to this celiac website they are. This is as of 2011. It might have changed. http://www.celiaccen...y List 2011.pdf However, according to the manufacturer website they might might not be. http://www.farleysan...e.asp?brandid=5
  13. It is my understanding that a Celiac blood test requires some type of subjective analysis. I am wondering if I would receive a more accurate diagnosis if I had a blood test done at a hospital lab versus an independent lab such as LabCorp since the hospital lab technicians might be more proficient. How much subjective analysis is there with a Celiac blood test?