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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 2 Months, But I'm Back

    Hello Raven... It was suggested to me to get off gluten by my doctor who is working with me for BHRT's. However, my therapist (shrink) said he suspected I was sensitive and suggested a year ago that I do the self-elimination testing. Didn't do it until the other doc flat out told me to get off gluten. Though it was a self-elimination workup, therapist said I should do a second exposure. His reasoning is that he did an elimination then had oodles of tests done but came up negative for celiac. Then he had lab work done for allergies done and found his sensitivities to many things. BHRT doc recommends seeing a nutritionist and having the testing done via saliva or blood. Therapist did blood. Either way, I can't afford it now. Scheduled for a colonoscopy in August, so will speak with GI prior to procedure. It was a bit startling to read your info and realize how much of it I can relate to. Did you depression really disappear? I wouldn't know how to act if my depression went away as I have treatment resistant depression and can't anything for it. Thanks for sharing. Love reading others' posts and getting educated.
  2. 2 Months, But I'm Back

    Thank you and to you too.
  3. The doc I'm seeing for BHRT wants me off sugar . She was the one who suggested I do an elimination diet to see if I was gluten sensitive (I am). Is it doable? Just learning to live gluten free, now this. Anyone have anything similar going on in their lives and how do you cook & bake without sugar? Not that I use that much, but needing to know for future reference and baking. Do you use stevia, honey or agave? She was very strict about not using artificial sweeteners. Thanks.
  4. Checked out the site. Thanks so much. Many questions answered and I'm sure it will make life simpler.
  5. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions.
  6. In the old days, :~)when I could use self-rising flour I made drop biscuits using self-rising flour, canola oil and milk and had the best biscuits with sausage gravy. Now, all I can find are recipes using crisco/marg/butter. I'm lazy. Would anyone have a recipe similar to the one I used to use. Thanks bunches.
  7. Alrighty...was here a couple of months ago asking questions. Since then, I've learned a lot. Wow. What an experience. Swore I didn't want to have to learn to cook again at 59, but I'm doing it. And learning to live gluten free. Sheesh. Went gluten free for 6 weeks then splurged at great nephew's graduation party. Had a brownie and a couple of cookies. Had 2 slices of toast the following morning (that I considered to be more enjoyable then the brownie & cookies)and then pancakes for breakfast the last day. OMG. Talk about being dippy and miserable physically. Immediately went gluten free. But was told I should go off one more time. A double study I think he said. So I'm waiting for a special occasion to eat conservatively. Not going to pig out like I did the first time. I've been lucky with avoiding cross contamination with hubby's toast or sandwiches. He's even eating what I eat and has cut back considerably on the bread. He claims he's declared the day "gluten free" several times a week. Of course, he really has very little choice if he wants to eat. But is enjoying the different dishes I throw together. Learning to appreciate spices. Baking is still up in the air. I have a shelf of flours in my fridge and have attempted pancakes, batter for squash and zucchini and I think I found a good combo for my zucchini bread. It's actually scary trying to put together food and flours so they're tasty. Also, the pre-mix flours are terribly expensive so I prefer to combine my own with the exception of using Bisquick gluten-free. Their pancakes are much better then mine and I altered the recipe so they're on the lighter side and have less fat. I've been encouraged to have saliva/blood screening to determine the extent of my allergies. Which would show sensitivities to everything, including spices and would rate the sensitivity from 1-5. So, if I'm not horribly sensitive that would mean I could indulge in something once in a while. Pricey and can't afford to do it but will hope I can trim a little from the budget here and there and get the scoop on everything. If I can feel a little better then I do now, gotta do it.
  8. Glutened

    I hate a Hershey's Special bar the other day and no problems.
  9. Have come to terms with my gluten intolerance

  10. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm sure this is going to be a learning process. I don't know the reason the doctor told me to go gluten free, but she said she could just look at me and see hormone imbalances (eventhough she had the saliva results which indicated I was a mess hormonally). I'm going to do the designated containers for myself so there will be no cross contamination. It's only been 2 days and I think but not willing to swear to it, but I might be feeling better. Is it too soon to expect results?
  11. My doctor who is working with me regarding bio-identical hormone therapy recommended I go gluten-free. My therapist (has celiacs) made the same suggestion several months ago. I hesitated because my husband has no problem with his belly and issues involving gluten. I can't force him to go gluten free. He has a basket of his own physical issues that keep us on our toes. Now, the question. Can I be around wheat/rye/barley, not eat it and not have problems? Making toast or sandwiches? Oops, another question, told you!!! If I get crumbs in the margarine, does that contaminate it for me? Thanks, Kitt