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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Different Reaction To Gluten?

    It could be that the headaches and such were caused by the prolonged glutening. Trust me, it's hard, but you HAVE TO STAY CLEAN. HAVE TO. You'll feel sooooooooo much better. Also, after a glutening, I sometimes have reactions to milk.. It could be that to!
  2. What About Oats?

    I learned the hard way. Someone had told me that some are sensitive to the protein in oats that is similar to wheat gluten, so I was steering clear.. My little brother picked up a box of cookies that said "Gluten Free" and they had oats.. I had a reaction. I'd say just steer clear!
  3. Thanks guys I am pretty sensitive and oats are actually one thing I'm sensitive too. I learned the hard way. My 3 year old brother does not eat hardly anything so when he picks out food we typically don't say no. So we were at Whole Foods on the way to a doc appt and he pointed out Lucy's Cookies. It was some kind wih oatmeal and I had a pretty minor reaction (surprisingly lol). I am careful about hair and skin products because I used to chew on my hair. My mom scared me out of that (remember the story of the woman who had to have her stomach pumped?) but my hair still ends up in my mouth. And shampoo seems to be attracted to my face. my mom is a tad crazy about that. She's like "well we could get that for V." :| I want to hug my sister! Lol. I use nail polish but not much. It won't stay on my fingernails!
  4. First the Q: is it possible to have a reaction from stepping on glutened foods if you don't have skin reactions? My dear sister "accidentally" dropped the oatmeal this morning. I'm on my way to a shower but worried. Anyway so I'm reading through posts since my last visit, thinking I should visit more, when I run across the coffee thread. Someone mentioned the crazy things people thought had gluten. I EXPLAINED what gluten was to my (ex)boss. On the second to last day of work she bought some foods. Her soon-to-be-daughter-in-law works for a gluten free bakery down south, and is probably gluten intolerant (all hearsay from the boss of course). So she's asking if I can have the cheese she bought (she put it on the same plate as crackers. I was polite but didn't touch ). Then she points to the cookies and goes "these are peanut butter but because they are touching the chocolate chip ones you can't have them, right?". I am very shy and couldn't brin myself to say "well yes but they also have wheat in them" or somethin. My dad is still surprised at what I can eat, but he listens really well. When he makes grilled cheese he makes mine first so it isn't contaminated. He knows the stuff labeled "gluten-free" in my section of the pantry/standup freezer is safe for me. Etc. Then at the store he goes "can you eat beans? Corn? Rice?" lol (worse: he knows what my foods are made of and STILL asked about rice.). So everyone share!
  5. I don't typically HAVE mood swings more than female issues. Like, ever. The other day, mom had to go to the WIC office after she got me from work. I planned fast food for lunch and we stoppe at taco bell (warning: don't get the Nachos Belle Grande even without meat. They aren't safe andante all locations. I can't even imagine what the difference is!). So that was last week. I had some pain yesterday (my issues are joint issues) and this is my worst contamination issue since nov 2010. The real issue comes: I've had some major mood swings. I can go from perfectly content to nearly crying in 10 seconds flat for seemingly nothing. And I don't normally cry ever muchless on a dime. So are mood swings part of a major contamination issue?
  6. It's Hard To Stay Gluten Free

    I suggest getting glutino's foods. My brother (who should be gluten free but isn't) will sit there and steal pretzels and cookies. The genius bread is beyond awesome. I never liked ANY bread before I found that one. (I didn't like white bread before going gluten free in 2010; almost all the semi-tolerable breads are white) Personally I can't cook (I froze some pancakes and when I went to reheat I realized they weren't cooked through but it was burnt on the outside -.-) so I just try and try to find yummy prepared foods. My family rarely gets to tease me because I win I get pizza and cakes and cookies and Mac n cheese (Whatever brand is at Walmart is good. Better than when I tried to make it myself) I could give you a breakdown of what good foods I've had but I'll try to list brands instead Udi's, Kinnikinnik, and glutino are the absolute best. Also be aware that the words "gluten free" only covers gluten, not oats. So granolas and such may not be safe. It's up to your body. I found out I could do the oats because of Lucy's cookies.
  7. Glutened By El Pollo Loco!

    Or go in so you can ask someone who has time to answer. I learned what made taco bell unsafe so was stupid enough to try something they didn't call gluten free. I now am only touching thigs like fries (that I've either asked about or eaten at THAT location so know I don't have a reaction) or chik-fil-a (the location near me is very nice; there's a pretty small group of people here but within a week of the new nuggets being offered I asked and she didn't even hesitate despite that I told her (through my mom) why *I* wasn't just trusting the "bread less" factor. Fast food is a bad plan
  8. Some Info

    I called nutrisystem (and don't advise it for anyone with a short temper. I got the new guy who had no clue. Doesn't help that my phone doesn't work well for calls). They do NOT have a way to accommodate us. But, medifast ( medifast1.com ) has a gluten free plan and it is also oat free. So for those that can do corn (and some other things but I forgot what all it was. It's listed on their website) it is an option. Just wanted to share that!
  9. A Good/bad And A "what's Going On?"

    I haven't found the Snyder's ones No stores stock them... Anyway: The cookies were after it started.. And I'm feeling much better today (including being so hyper that I had to go on a bike ride to calm down) so I'm thinking y'all were right and it was the Subway.. So no more subway for me Thanks! ~Padme
  10. A Good/bad And A "what's Going On?"

    The Thyroid came back normal. I'm not eating out anymore, and after today will cut down on the processed foods (*clears throat* I ate nearly an entire container o the frozen Udi's cookies in two days.. I think you're supposed to heat them up...). I'm a little less tired today (like didn't fall asleep when I tried to nap.. always a plus).. I've never had that symptom of contamination, so didn't even consider it.. I'll keep an eye on what I eat and see if it goes away in the next couple days, since I'm past my typical 5-7 days.. Make sure I'm not accidentally getting something still.. But I'm the cook, and I'm super careful (like I use more dish soap washing my hands than my brother uses washing the dishes )
  11. A lot of people have said it, but I'll say it again.. I'd SO trade with any small chested woman/teen! I wear a DD.. Currently it's >42inches (I just bought a cheapy bra, and it's too tight..) but it was DD when I was a 36in waist, too (I could have managed a 34 waist at the time). I'm sick of it! I have to wear a men's large (or a women's large/x-large, depending on style), while my brother who weighs 10 pounds more than me could wear a men's medium if he wanted.. I think that I look older because of it, too, although being babyfaced.. some people think I'm old enough to mother a 5 year old! (I'm 19, and imo, I'm not old enough to have mothered the 8mo currently with us..). Be thankful for a small chest! Also, have you started your cycle? I started young (like 8) but I've heard of some (especially on here) not starting until late teens Edit: Fixed a word
  12. So I was dieting and doing only smoothies (Naked juice, all but the Green Machine Green Machine was how I knew for sure I was never purposely touching Gluten again ) and salads. I went to Subway for a good salad (I am an olive-aholic) and got the chicken and baby spinach. I'd never had issues at subway in the past, despite seeing warnings on here, so wasn't careful past the obvious. I had some knee pain that night and the next day. I didn't get the point, so repeated. Still didn't get the point, just a twinge of pain. But something was bothering me... When the man the second time asked what chicken I wanted, he TOUCHED the breaded one. Watching my brother eat his normal sandwich, it hit me. The pain was because of the CHICKEN AND CHEESE. Both were first row items. Subway personnel just wipe the crumbs in there.. So I said something about it while asking for a back-row chicken the next time, and reminded her that I couldn't have the shredded cheese because of the same reason. Perfect. No pain. (Thankfully, contamination pain only lasts 24-48h for me.) And maybe she learned something But, the sad note is, I do NOT think that the buffalo chicken is Gluten Free. I didn't check the list, but I did have a minor reaction to something, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything else. There is a "what's going on?" moment though.. I've been extra tired and had some strange moods. Mom suggested depression, and I googled.. Then it hit me why MOM has onsets of depression and I googled Hypothyroidism. I have a lot of the symptoms of it.. The cold in my feet (mostly, although it has hit my fingers and nose), the fatigue, the weight (although no gain, but again. I was dieting.). I don't track my cycle well enough to tell if it was off this month.. I went to the doctor and they said the results would be in today, but they close in an hour (or closed an hour ago) so I assume I'm waiting til Monday on that blood test. Could it be a new symptom to the gluten if it's NOT my thyroid? (They also did an Anemia test..) Lastly: On the two tests they did, should I look out for hidden gluten in the meds they'll prescribe? I know it will be Levythroxin (the off-brand of Synthroid) for the Thyroid, but I know nothing about Anemia. Thanks!
  13. I went to make cookies the other day.. I bought the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix (after checking it for milk..).. I then went to do like I always do.. Add chocolate chips. Hersheys: Milk. Nestle: Milk. Ghuildueris (I can't find the right spelling. But their chips are 70% cacao): Milk. So I settled for peanut butter chips.. But I WANTED chocolate. And I don't like the chocolate chips in the betty crocker mixes (although dairy free was nice..) So.. Someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassse help me?! I'll buy in bulk if I have to! I need chocolate chips to add to my cookies! (and the brownies someone linked to the other day ) TIA, ~Padme
  14. you managed to stop at half?! I have to bag them when I get home (and by then a third of the package is gone anyway) to make them last! Just take the gluten-free version. It's typically better anyway I look at a regular oreo and think "that looks interesting, but mine is better!"
  15. Sorry to double post but PLEASSEEEE give that recipe away?