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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Maybe I saw the same person as you. I actually thought I was seeing a GI doctor and when I went I saw a CNP. My biopsy(which was ordered by my family doc and performed by a general surgeon in my area) showed blunted villi but my blood work was negative so my family doc said I didn't have celiac because of the blood work. I requested a second opinion with a GI doc and that is where I saw the CNP. She said she didn't think I had Celiac but maybe a gluten intolerence. HUH!! What about my blunted villi, what causes it. I'm not sure at this point if I'll get another opinion now but I am on a gluten free diet and feeling absolutely wonderful.
  2. Can anyone help with these blood results. I had a positive biopsy which showed blunting of my villi and have been gluten free for week and doing well. At my last visit the GI ordered HLA TYPING for Celiac Disease. See below HLA-DQ2 (DQAQ*05/DQB1*02): Negative HLA-DQ8 (DQA1*03/DQ1!*0302): Negative HLA_DQA1*: 01 HLA-DQA1*:05 HLA-DQB1*:0301 HLA-DQB1*: 0604 I'm really confused. I have been doing soooooo well gluten free and I believe these tests show I do no have the gene for Celiac.
  3. I actually experienced something similar. I was at an allergist and he asked me what I thought I was allergic to. I said you are gonna think I'm nuts, but I think I'm allergic to tuna sandwiches on whole wheat bread. I was trying to figure out what was causing my symtoms. I thought I had an ulcer because everytime I would eat pasta I would have terrible pain, gas, nausea etc. I had an endo done and my biopsy showed blunting villi. Here it was not the sauces that were causing my pain but the pasta it self. Looking back we were on a high fiber diet and it was the gluten that was the cause of my symptoms. I am now on a gluten free diet and feeling wonderful with more energy. No more pain or nausea. I also had terrible hip joint pain and that has lessened since going gluten free. Best of luck.
  4. I finally had my GI consult and I'm more confused now then before I went. First let me say that I had a biopsy and the pathology report showed some bluting of the villi (I had a general surgeon do my endo not a GI doctor. After the biopsy showed the blunting of the villi my family doc ordered labs which came back negative. He then said I did not have Celiac and was to follow up with him in 8 weeks. I decided to get a second opinion and that's were the confusion comes in. I live in a small rural area with no GI doctors. I had to go about 90 miles to find any GI doc. The main concern of this GI doc(it was actually a certified nurse assistant) was why did I travel all this way to see her and wasn't there someone closer. I told her that I have read a lot about Celiac and that everything makes sense as to my symptoms. I mention to her about this rash I get on my hands that are tiny blisters and I read that may be an associated thing as well. She never even looked at it. The bottom line is she is not sure I have Celiac despite my pathology report. Am I missing something here? Isn't it the blunted villi that shows if you have Celiac? Now she wants me to have a Celiac typing panel done and Gastric emptying study. What is this? I think I was so put off from her making a big deal of me traveling that I have a bad taste in my mouth. What to do next.
  5. Has anyone had difficulty breathing as a symptom for Celiac? My throat gets very tight and I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Almost like my throat muscles won't relax.
  6. First let me say that I have dealing with my smptoms for years, since my gallbladder removal 3 1/2 years ago. My family doctor at times has made me feel stupid and that all my symptoms were in my head. I have gone through a lot of different testing and just when I thought I had found the reason of my symptoms I have been let down with no resolution. I kept telling myself, that was it, I'll just live with this. But I start feeling miserable and I would say this is NOT in my head something is wrong here. I have felt for a long time that it had to be associated with eating. My diet was limited the last few months because I started to realize what foods were making me feel like crap, bread, pasta. I actually thought I had an ulcer because every time I ate pasta I was in pain so I eliminated all these from my diet the last couple of months. Finally after 3 1/2 years my family doc sends me to a general surgeon for an endoscopy one week and then a colonoscopy two weeks later. The endo showed that I had broadening and marked flattening of the villi in one area. Pathologist states that if on a clinical basis, patient has Celiac disease, the microscopic finding are compatible with celiac disease. My family doc calls me and says you have Celiac and wanted to do lab work. I went for the blood work the next day and found this wonderful website. I then began eliminating gluten from my diet....I felt wonderful!!! 11 days later my family doc calls and said the blood work was normal and it is just gastritis and no I did not have Celiac reck with him in 8 weeks. I was dumbfounded. Everything I have read says if your biopsy says celiac you have it. I could have cried.....let down once again! I called my family doc back and spoke with the receptionist and told her that I was concerned my blood work was false negative due to me removing a lot of fiber and starch from my diet the last couple of months, would she please have the doc call me....to date no call back yet. I wasn't about to back down on this, I believe this is what I have. I then had my colonoscopy. The surgeon called me with my results and said I had microscopic colitis. (Again I have read this is associated with Celiac). I asked him about the positive biopsy and negative blood work. He said there is a lot of false negatives with the blood work and he said the biopsy did show blunting on the villi. He suggested a second opinion with a GI doctor which I have scheduled for next Tues. I know a lot of you are experts on this..........DO I HAVE CELIACS IN YOUR OPINION????? I am so afraid that this doc on Tues will agree with my family doctor and not the surgeon......I would appreciate any support I can get.
  7. I have been reading some posts and a lot of them mention food intolerance blood work. I had a positive biopsy but have not had any food intolerance blood work. I have an appointment with a new GI next week and would like to ask him about it. Can anyone give me any specifics as to what tests they exactly are?
  8. I had a colonscopy and it is showing colitis. Does anyone know if celiac disease can cause colitis of the colon?
  9. Can anyone tell me is they have had hip or low back pain associated with their Celiac? I had and MRI of my back and the only thing it shows is arthritis. The pain is mostly in my hips and there are times when I have difficulty standing up after sitting for extended times. Every morning I have so much pain I need to get out of bed. I didn't know if this was associated with something that can be caused by Celiac.
  10. my biopsy showed bluntening of the villi and inflammation. is that the same as athropy of the villi?
  11. I had a biopsy done and showed Celiac. My doctor then ordered me blood work which, 11 days later, came back negative so he now says I do not have Celiac. During the 11 days that it took for my blood work to come back I cut out all Gluten and was just starting to feel better when he called and said I do not have it. I've read that biopsy trumps blood work so I am going for a second opinion but I cannot get in until the middle of June. Do I continue to go gluten free or should I add it back in and suffer for the next month? I don't think my physician did all the gluten studies so if I stay off gluten it may change the outcome if the second opinion doctor wants to do more. Any suggestions?
  12. I had a positive biopsy but blood work came back negative so my PCP states I do not have Celiac. I am looking for a GI who deals with Celiac in Northwestern PA (Pittsburgh or Erie PA) or in Western NY near the Buffalo area to get another opinion. Does anyone know of one?
  13. After a positive biopsy showing Celiac my GP ordered a celiac panel which consisted of the following three tests Tissue Transglutaminase <3 Anti-Gliadin IgA AB 4 Celiac IgA (Nephelom) 210 Because these are negative he is saying I do not have Celiac. Can anyone tell me if I had all the Celiac blood work tests done by looking at this list?
  14. Testing

    Thank you for your comments. Biopsy report states duodenal mucosa with a heavy inflammatory infiltrate consisting of a mixture of lymphocytes and eosinophils. The inflammation involves the glandular eopithelium, broadening and marked flattening of the villi is seen. Epithelium shows increased mitotic activity. Broadening and flattening of the villi is associated with two entities, Non-tropical sprue (celiac disease) and chronic duodenitis. If on a clinical basis, this patient has celiac disease, the microscopic finding are certainly compatible with celiac disease and patient should be treated for the clinical impression. also of note is that I get dermitis herptiformis on my right hand all the time. I never knew exactly what it was until I read this site. I also recieved a copy of some blood work I had done. ALT is very high and Lipase level is very low. From what I have read on the celiac site this disease and effect your pancreas (lipase) and liver(ALT). My doctor said he's not too concerned with these levels. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill????
  15. I recently had a stomach biopsy that showed blunted villi. My family doctor called and said that the pathology report indicated Celiac Disease with blunted villi but he wanted to order some blood work (Celiac Panal). Since his inital phone call to me I have been reading anything and everything possible on Celiac disease. I have just about every symptom that was listed down to the rash that can appear on hand due to too much gluten. I have tried to follow a gluten free diet since my doctor called me 10 days ago. I feel WONDERFUL. No more stomach discomfort, no more nausea,finally my prayers have been answered and I have an answer to why I have been feeling like this for so long..NOW my family doctor calls me today and said, I don't have Celiacs, the blood work was fine. What about the biopsy report, everything I've read indicates that he should go by the pathology report not the blood work. Has this happened to anyone else?