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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That is something I have noticed as well. The only difference is I workout quite often and it isn't after every workout, maybe just if I really push myself... But anyway I get home and can't stop eating. The only things that have helped are to consume a lot of water which gives you a sense of fullness, also take a multi vitamin to make sure you get proper nutrients and to eat lots of small snacks to make you feel like you are eating a ton, but really you have just spread it out to fulfill what you body wants.
  2. Seeming Spontaneous Symptoms!

    Reactions can act really late, so if you ate something with gluten a few days ago you could be getting the consequences now... A little odd you would wake up feeling great though, it could be that your stomach doesn't get along with something other than gluten. Like the potato chips could be too harsh or something. Not quite sure though...
  3. Metabolism...

    Oh dang you are lucky to be fortunate enough to live in your own place and have it completely gluten free! I'm finishing up college so I live with my parents and my kitchen is not gluten free... Sounds like you are on the right track though. I'd say just keep up the good work and things will get better, the fiber does work like a charm for me though. Other then that you'd probably have to post up what you typically eat each day for people to really understand what might be 'missing'. Oh sweet a Seahawk fan =], you must be equally awesome! I live about 45 mins from Seattle, but have always been obsessed... I'm so stoked for this year(if the stupid jury thing on June 3rd goes well...)keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Cinco De Mayo Leftovers, Shouldn't Have Eaten?

    3 days!? If your time scale is right i'm screwed haha. I usually say no more than a week, but I spaced until I had already eaten this time... It's been worse... I think old food upset stomach is better then glutened upset stomach unless I got food poisoned then it will get worse. Lol @ your inlaws That actually made me feel a little better haha.
  5. Just ate a taco salad and the ground chicken and re fried beans were from cinco de mayo. I just realized that is 10 days ago, should I try to make myself puke or is 10 days not too long? Starting to feel a little iffy in the stomach, but not sure if I am just stuffed or what... Wish I knew how to make a poll, A) No worries, digest it. Puke it up. C) You are on your own.
  6. Metabolism...

    Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Fiber should help keep you "regular". I have organic agave fiber powder that I drink every night before bed and I wake up ready to GO... Maybe give that a shot. I eat like 2000+ calories and hit the gym 3-5 times a week and I have lost weight since going gluten free. Make sure you are not getting any cross contamination or any hidden gluten, because that can make me constipated and bloated and feel like I am fat when really it is mainly just my body reacting bad. Also you might want to switch up your exercise routine if all else fails. I have been doing metabolic circuit workouts which are really faced paced and burn tons of calories and that might help your metabolism.
  7. Grrr. Evil Gluten

    What probiotic do you recommend? I think I could use that...
  8. Oh, yeah I really have no idea... I'll probably call just to stay safe, thanks for looking out
  9. Oh nice suggestion Marilyn, thanks! Is potato vodka at regular liquor stores? I know Celiac and gluten allergy are different, but does just a gluten allergy hurt your system too other then just immediate side effects?
  10. New Member From Washington, Hi!

    Oh, probably those 2 factors get me then... Just had a gluten free burger last night off the "gluten free" menu and feel horrible. Won't be eating out again very soon.
  11. Okay cool sounds good! I also was wondering if anybody has ever tried raw bee pollen? I ended up buying a sack of that at the health food store when they said it might help with allergies and energy. And sometimes when I eat lately, my heart starts beating faster. Any idea why this might be?
  12. New Member From Washington, Hi!

    Yeah I could imagine it does take time... I have got terribly sick from mexican and don't know what it could be. I ordered carne asada without the tortillas. So it was basically just the rice, meat and then full beans, because he said the refried beans had cheese sprinkled in already... Vietnamese might be worth a try.
  13. Oh nice, I might save a few bucks and get the Nuetrogena shampoo and all free clear detergent. When I do drink, I'll try the Adirondack sparkling water. I don't like artificial sweeteners... And that oatmeal recipie sounds amazing. You should send it to me! I am going to take a break from the oatmeal to heal up better but when I bring it back I want to try that, if you are willing.
  14. Ravenwoodglass posted "Shampoos and other toiletries- Many of us do use gluten free toiletries. Anything that gets on your hands etc can get into your mouth or contact other mucous membranes and keep the antibodies active. I use Garneir products as they label well, Dove and Suave will also clearly label gluten ingredients. Shikai is a nice organic company that will also clearly label gluten ingreidents and also Giovanni. There are others." So maybe you could try garneir shampoo? I think i'm going to order some of the online stuff that is organic that Racer J posted above. I have no idea of detergent is really important, but I just feel that the amount of time i'm wearing my clothes is way too much to have gluten in them lol. I'll probably buy soap nuts offline. Yeah I have lived in the dorms and those washers have had crazy stuff in there haha, so I don't know what you wanna do. I'm getting all new stuff though haha
  15. Thanks for the responses, each and every response has been helpful in so many ways. I appreciate it. I hope this topic is helping others as well The whole wine thing isn't a everyday concern as I only drink once every few weeks, but when I do i'd like it to taste better. I was more of a beer drinker then wine drinker. Thanks for the products listed as well, I will check them out and see what I can buy and try!