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  1. I haven't seen it or the other ones (cookie dough and pizza crust).
  2. Indeed. My gallbladder was at 5% and ultrasounds and blood tests were normal. The HIDA scan was the only thing that found it. I had pain in the upper right though. No gallstones. Have you tried eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger ones?
  3. Yay! I used to like the original.
  4. I was commenting that they only seem to be offering tomato sauce with cheese or pepperoni.
  5. It did. It turned out to be very good.
  6. So, I got a box of glutino corn bread stuffing. Could I substitute the butter it asks for with olive oil?
  7. I have a small gluten free apple pie in the freezer for me
  8. Nothing wrong with that I felt the same way when i got spinach back.
  9. Appendix issues? It is located in that area.
  10. I've had them (the cinnamon one) and have had no issues. The brown sugar one sounded rather sweet to me though.
  11. So... I've found some miso... what can I do with it? Does anyone have any recipes?
  12. Now I have to find a good recipe for miso soup... hmmm....