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  1. Hi! Thanks for responding. I guess the hesitation was because I wanted to be really sure that I have celiac, because I am sure you know, going gluten free can be very challenging and expensive at first. I didn't want to bother making all of those changes if perhaps It was something else causing my stomach ailments and not gluten. The specialists wording threw me off a bit, but now that it has been over 1 week gluten free and my stomach issues have cleared up about 90 percent..I guess it is pretty obvious! So I will stick with the diet. I am enjoying feeling good on a regular basis!
  2. This April I had a biopsy to test for celiac disease. In january I had the blood test done and it came back highly positive. When my doctor got the biopsy results she called me and read them to me "Suggestive of possible early celiac disease". Suggestive of possible early celiac????? Is this just how some specialists talk? Those terms do not sound very definitive to me. Should I get a second opinion? I feel like they have told me " you maybe probably have it but we wont say yes for sure" and I am very frustrated. I have been gluten free for a week now and my stomach issues have improved tremendously. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks Jen