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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello I will be traveling to a non English speaking country in a few months. Can anyone recommend the best place to get chef cards or other things that I should have to bring with me to ensure I don't get served something I can not eat. Food allergies are soy, gluten and dairy. Ideally I would love a card with the other language Spanish, French whatever and then the English translation on the other side. Thanks for any input. Alison
  2. Thank you all for your great posts and your remedies for constipation. I appreciate all your input and help. Alison
  3. Yes greens spinach sometimes apples may get things moving. I think it all depends on how backed up I am cause sometimes even the Miralax does nothing for me. I appreciate all your remedies keep them coming. You never know when I or you may need a new one to try. Alison
  4. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and advice. I hope once things heal inside that the constipation will at least decrease. For those that still suffer with constipation what is your fix or remedy to help. I have been through many over the years, from chamomile tea, heating pad on stomach, eating liquids only, triphala, Miralax etc. what helps gets you through a bout of bad constipation?
  5. Thanks cyclinglady I have had my thyroid checked many times all good. As for eating I have always eaten good whole foods fruits veggie meat etc so the only dietary change has been eliminating gluten soy and dairy which affect me also. In terms of caloric intake that hasn't changed either. I work out hard always have so not sure of the weight thing. I have had chronic constipation like I said for years so bad it turned into colonic inertia over a period of 8 years, where I would go once every 20 days. I do have slow gastric emptying also. Long story very short I had surgery to remove my entire large intestine about 2003 and still struggle with constipation, crazy I know. Anyway can't figure out this weight gaining thing. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and insight I appreciate every single word. By the way this is all new just diagnosed Jan 6 Alison
  6. Wow that's two totally different answers! I am hoping I fall into the constipation going away category but I have battled SEVERE constipation for 20 years so I'm not real sure. I also seem to be gaining wait even though I'm eating much healthy and better, not sure what that is about. I have always been about 110-111lbs. I work out 4 times a week and so the only thing that has really changed is my food intake. I have always been a healthy eater but I love chocolate but now that I'm allergic to dairy that's out so why in the world am I gaining weight? Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm still hoping this constipation becomes a thing of the past!!! I can dream can't I? Alison
  7. Hi just wondering how many people suffered with constipation from Celiac before being diagnosed. I believe the more common is diarrhea but what about constipation how common is that. Once being diagnosed and removing gluten from your diet did the constipation finally resolve? Alison
  8. Hi wondering if anyone has had a complete celiac panel that was negative and was then given a diagnosis of non celiac gluten sensitivity? If so how long did it take for someone to diagnose you and how exactly did you get diagnosed. Thanks Alison
  9. Thanks for the info I went today for my blood we will see what happens.
  10. Hello all I am having my yearly physical this week and I'm going to ask my MD to run a bunch of blood work to tests for ferritin, thyroid hormones including peroxidoase and antibodies, and celiac but what should be run for celiac? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone I have had the following symptoms on and off for a while, fatigue, headaches, blisters on side of tongue, cysts on ovaries, thyroid nodules, stiff or achy joints, constipation, bloating, peeling skin on toes. the only constants are bloat and constipation. The others come and go never constant or permanent. Many years ago, appox 10-15, I was tested for celiac and the only positive result was the IgG gliadin AB. All others were negative including biopsy. I was initaiily told I had celiac and get a biopsy when that was negative I was told nope I am not celiac. I had 8 years of severe constipation that's resulted in mega colon and colonic inertia. Essentially my colon was twice the diameter and the contraction of the peristalsis was ineffective I would go to the bathroom every 20 days give or take. I don't believe that they even offer the IgG gliadin AB blood test anymore cause all the labs I have had for celiac do not include this test as it resulted in many false positives from what I read. Any thoughts on the symptoms and the lab work is appreciated. Thanks for reading and your input. Alison
  12. First thank you everyone for all you help and input thus far. I did just think of something and not sure if this would affect blood results or not. I DO NOT have a large intestine it was completely removed in 2003. From my limited knowledge of celiac it seems that all the damage is to the small bowel but what about the anitbodies the blood test check for would they be skewed since I do not have a large bowel? Again many thanks for you thoughts. Alison
  13. I see a lot of people mentioning total IgA my blood work says Immunoglobulin A (IgA) with normal values at 61-356 mg/dl is this a total IgA since it doesn't say total
  14. Hi have been thinking so please tell me if this is a correct train of thought. It seems that the Iga the wheat, gluten and tTg test for intestinal villi (tissue) damage. From what I have been reading the gliadin IgG AB (which was positive for me) is telling me that my body is making antibodies to gliadin which is a protein of gluten. So my body is having a immunologic reaction to gliadin without tissue destruction to the small bowel villi. I am correct in my thinking here? So I have a sensitivity, intolerance to gliadin but not am not officially celiac? Again many thanks for your help Alison
  15. Thanks for the response but the next test is skin tesing and then a nutionist wants me to do the LEAP allergy blood test anyone have experience or results with LEAP? The allergy doc I went to did even seem interested in me being in her office as she never looked me in the eye and then said what are you doing here celiac disease is a gi problem! Wouldn't it be helpful to be diagnosed first! It is hard to find a good doctor.