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  1. My daughter was diagonosed with Diabetes and I was talking to the diabetic dietician about how I had gone gluten free and how much better I was feeling, and thought that my daughter also had problems with gluten grains. She said gluten-free eating was just a fad and the chances of me or her having it were almost zero. She said that Celiac Disease was very, very, very rare. They fed her wheat while she was in there, not even bothering to check to see if she had celiac disease. It seems like hospitals are so far behind the times.
  2. I'm new here and have a question. You refererd to a code. Can you tell me what the code is? Thanks!
  3. I sympathize with you sir. Fathers want their sons to be healthy and happy. My son also feels like he is the
  4. After I went gluten and milk free, I found I didn't need as much sleep as I did before. I think it's great!!!!