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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all!! We made it home about 6:30 pm CST and it is sooooo good to be home! I love Alabama but there is truly no place like home!!! I am so glad that I did not cancel!! I did pretty good while on the road (it took us 11 or so hours to get there) had a few "close calls" while in Alabama. Today tho has been a different story. I have had quite a tough time with my "symptoms" we have been home 2 hours and I have had to "potty" 3 times already!! I have not started the gluten free diet yet. I wanted to wait until after vacation. PLUS I have to go for my EGD/colonoscopy results on June 28th. I am kinda anxious to get my results. I don't want anything to be wrong with me but it sure would be nice to know what is going on with me!!! Everyone enjoy your weekend!!! Take care & best of health........
  2. Still Hanging In There!

    Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hi everyone! Just thought I would touch base with yall! I have been lurking a lot. Keeping up with you all! I have rescheduled my follow up appointment with my Dr for June 28th. According to my Dr I will get my results from my biopsies (intestine & polyps) then! I sure hope so. I HATE WAITING!!!!!! So I don't want to wait any longer than I have to! We leave at 4 am on Saturday for vacation!! Woo hoo!!! Take care everyone & best of health........
  4. Thanks girls!!! Yes I am VERY thankful we were able to find them early. My Dr still sent it off to be tested just to make sure!! And much to my surprise I am not obsessing & worrying over it. Usually I would be making myself sick with worry!! I just shudder to think that if I had waited the normal 13 more years (until I was 50) to have a colonoscopy it more than likely would have been cancer! SCARY!!!!!!! And yes I plan on enjoying my vacation to the fullest extent!!! Thanks again!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I made it through both procedures with flying colors. My Dr told me he cut off 2 polyps one was huge he said they have both been sent off to pathology. He did say that it was a good thing we did this now because that huge polyp could have turned into cancer!!!! I have to go back in 2 weeks for results but I will be on vacation so I have to reschedule my follow up appointment! I am still on a clear liquid diet but just til 8 pm and boy 8 pm can't get here fast enough!!! He took several biopsies of my small intestines too! Should ge those results during my follow up!!! Thanks so much for everything guys!!!!
  6. Tomorrow Is My B I G Day!

    Thanks so much girls!! I appreciate all the positive energy!!! I am having a EGD/Colonoscopy/Biopsies. I will report back asap! I am craving a whopper soooo bad so we will be stopping by Burger King on the way home!!! unless I change my mind!!! Thanks again!!!
  7. I have to be at the surgery center at noon CST. So hopefully I will get to eat when I leave......I am sooooo hungry. Yesterday it was more of a mind over matter thing, but today is a totally different situation!! If yall don't mind please cross your fingers for me!! I will really appreciate it!!!
  8. Thanks sooooo much!!! I am currently enjoying lunch, a bowl of chicken bouillion! YUM!!! I had to sit at a restaraunt while my DH & both DS's ate! That was torture!!! Tomorrow the REAL fun starts........my bowel prep starts at Noon!! Yippee!!! Wishing you all the best and I too hope that you get some answers!!!!!
  9. I just hope I don't get up in the morning and eat breakfast!!! Me & the boys are meeting DH for luch tomorrow and it is going to be hard to watch the 3 of them eat. But I will be a good girl and have a Sprite!! I know this will be worth it becuase I am convinced that these tests ARE going to give me some answers!!! Goodnight everyone!!!
  10. Little Surfer Girl - Beach Boys
  11. ooops typed too slow! Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane