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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Re: non-functioning gallbladder

    How do they test for this? How did you get it fixed. I have pains like adhesions and d and I've had it for a month. I'd love any ideas or advice you may have. I have had a lot of abdominal surgeries, like C-sections, 3 of them and a hyst. Several other surgeries down there as well.

    Please suggest any thoughts or ideas you may have. I see a new primary care next Tues. and have a colonoscopy on the 15.

    Thanks so much!


    1. cyclinglady


      To check for a non-functioning gallbladder, a HIDA scan is ordered:


      My gallbladder was removed because it had 0% functionality and it was infected.  Not so pleasant to do when you are on a business trip!  

  2. I need some safe basics since everything is now making me sick. On the 15th I'm redoing my colonoscopy after 6 years. I have super bad cramping and pains and urgent poop most of the day. I had to quit my sub jobs for a while. Please suggest some safe foods to eat for a while till I figure it out.
  3. I am wondering if it could be ovarian cancer? I have all the symptoms and pains, cramps and foul smelling poop and loose stool at the wrong times. My pains are just above my csection line on both sides of my Lowe abdomen. It has been several weeks now. I am getting a colonoscopy in two weeks. I had the first one 5 years ago. I haven't changed my diet. I just don't know what to do.
  4. How do you know they are returnable on Amizon?
  5. Where do you get quinoa milk and is it free of carnageanan? sp? What milks do you drink other than soy that are free of carnageenan?
  6. I get better for a day then react again. I had two cups of coffee this afternoon with hemp milk. I have been drinking both drinks for a while. I am so lost and discouraged.
  7. I have used a probiotic that claims to be gluten-free. Please suggest one and where to get it. Thanks for the food suggestions. Not sure what they all are and where to get them. But I'll look it up.
  8. I am wondering if I am reacting to probiotics? I have tried two recently that are supposed to be gluten-free. As you know, I have been having very bad reactions the last week or two and I just restarted taking probiotics as well. Do you have any thoughts on that? Please let me know what you think. Are there some safe foods with probiotic in them besides dairy? Is there a fool proof way to take probiotics? What do you all take and where do you get it?
  9. I was going to post something. the above post is very good. I second that post.
  10. I keep thinking about it. Could it be my probiotic? Can I not tolerate all probiotics right now? Recently I tried two different ones that claim to be gluten-free. I was thinking it may be my Udi's bread. Then I was thinking it may be the food for life chocolate chips. But I started retaking probiotics recently as well, after a long break. I used to take them ok I think. But I have to consider ALL foods or meds. Is there a fool proof probiotic that you can think of? If so, please let me know. Can I get probiotic in foods other than dairy?
  11. Does almond yogurt have carrageenan? Could it be am probiotic? It is gluten-free tho.
  12. There is something that has been glutening me the last several weeks and I can't figure it out. I don't know what in the world it is. I am so frustrated. I ate a gluten-free hot dog yesterday and had some food for life cookies. Not sure if that was it. But every few days something is getting me to react. What can I safely eat for a few days to test what it is. I eat almond milk in my coffee. I'm wondering if the coffee is too strong or just what it could be. My gut is in a knot and I keep having painful loose stool. I just want to be better.
  13. Yep, I'll stick with fruit bars. Lara bars seem to be ok. But like anything, too much fruit can be a problem too. I guess we can't win.
  14. We will be going there in a few weeks. Anything you can suggest would be most appreciated. I also need shopping in Mt. Juliet. I need a health food store to bet bread, soup, almond yogurts, my special butter and things like that. Please help me if you can. Thanks so much.