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  1. Hello! We've found our grocery bill to be higher if we buy packaged items marked as gluten-free. For example, pre-made bread, muffins, waffles, pizza, or cookies. Those things are now once every so often treats because they are too costly to purchase regularly. Good carb choices include quinoa, brown rice, or amaranth. We can buy the quinoa and amaranth in bulk to cut down on cost since we're not paying for packaging. We don't have a bread machine so I can't offer any tips on that. Hope this helps at least a little!
  2. For everday, I love and rely on my banana flavor protein powder from Bioplex Nutrition. For once in awhile treats, Pamela's Gluten Free Brownie Mix. So YUMMY!
  3. I'm new here and wanted to provide another option for gluten-free protein powder. I've been using the banana flavor 100% whey protein from Bioplex Nutrition. It says "gluten-free" on the container. I'm not sure about their other flavors but the banana is definitely a safe choice.