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  1. Hi Fubble, Thank you so much for replying. I was hoping I could help someone with my story. I have even more good news for you. After 9 days abstinence from weed, I decided to smoke. Sounds bad right? It was awesome because unlike previous times It brought me no additional "Relief" and it wasn't even euphoric. If anything, it was somewhat annoying as I couldn't control my thoughts as well as I could sober. So, I am so happy because weed no longer "fixes" (bandaid) anything, because I fixed it myself by stopping the gluten. It took over 2 months to have my brain heal enough to feel good enough to quit pot. So once you go gluten free, don't rush out too fast to quit weed, you might find you still need it during your healing process. Sounds like possibly contradictory advice (to keep using for a while), but it created the best transition period for me. I hope to see your follow up posts on the board :-). My best, Jeff EDIT: I realize I didn't make something clear. I am no longer smoking pot again. The 9th day "test" was just a test, and I feel if anything more relieved knowing now that I am truly not missing anything. I glanced back at my old ways and confirmed that I'm only moving forward now.
  2. I've been Gluten, Dairy and Soy free for about 2.5 months. I feel great, but still have 3 to 4 bowel movements a day. Note they aren't super runny, but very soft. Is this normal for me now? I always go to the bathroom about 1 hour after I eat. I thought after some time, I should go to 1 or 2 times daily on a schedule/routine. Is it possible I am reacting to other things, or possibly my villa are just damaged and it's going to take Year(s) to get regular bowel movements?
  3. I'm sorry that I wasn't very clear :-). There is no gluten in Marijuana. I was smoking Marijuana to help with the symptoms of Gluten Intolerance/Celiacs. Marijuana greatly eased the anxiety that I had from eating bread. Now that I've been gluten free for a few months, I tried quitting pot and am finding it 100% doable. Before when I ate bread and tried to quit pot, it wasn't even in the realm of possibility. I would do anything to make the anxiety stop and my fingers were bleeding from excessive biting of my nails. Today is day 4, and so far it's even better than the previous day 3. So I'm on the right track.
  4. My wife didn't respond to iron pills. She _only_ responded to Liquid Iron. Note there are two kinds that I know of: 1) Floravital IS Gluten Free -> http://goo.gl/9DiIA 2) Floradix is NOT Gluten Free -> http://goo.gl/bcQhq You could try the first one and see if that works. My wife is also gluten intolerant. Once she started this liquid form, her Iron returned to normal levels pretty quickly. I don't have the exact time frame, but I believe it was well under a month.
  5. I was at 4 ng/L, basically NO vitamin D in my body. I took 25 drops of 2,000 IU Cholecaliferol a day (50,000 IU a Day) for 30 days. Then I took 5,000 IU's a day for 30 days more. I had my Hydroxy-25 Vit D levels tested, and I was at a mere 54 ng/L. Normal is between 30-80. So, over the course of 60 days I took 1,650,000 IU's and my levels hit 54. It also changed my life. I was out of energy, napping every day, unable to focus and felt like crap. It only took a week or two to start feeling much better. Your Vitamin D3 levels won't change because you fixed your gluten intolerance (original poster). You either need 20 mins outside in the sun EVERY DAY, or you need supplementation like I did. I don't recommend taking 50k IU's a day like I did. Doctors max prescribe 50k a WEEK. I did it on my own accord without doctors supervision. I don't recommend that. I am just stating what I did as historical fact :-) Go get some Liquid Cholecaliferol Drops. Talk to your doc.
  6. I've been gluten free for over 2 months now. I feel fantastic. I didn't just stop eating bread. I took it to a whole new level. I decided to eat great, and exercise. I am Gluten, Dairy, Meat and Soy Free. I did it all at the same time. It was shocking and for a few weeks my head was spinning, but now I've come out the other side and it's great. Once I see a solution to a problem, I just do it. The trick for me is believing that the solution will really work, then just doing it with every fiber of my being. * Blood pressure dropped from 145/90 to 115/65 * Unconsciously stopped biting my finger-nails after doing so for 28 years (since 5 years old) * Social anxiety is completely gone. I went from avoiding others on the sidewalk, to cheerfully greeting people and saying Hi. * General anxiety is gone. I no longer sit anxious/bored and unable to do anything. * Focus went from near non-existance (diagnosed Inattentive ADHD) to being able to focus on something for multiple hours. * Couldn't keep eye contact during a conversation before, now I can 90% of the time. * Energy is WAY up. I used to nap every day, and now I sleep less and feel great. So, why am I writing this post? Because there was one more thing that I had to do, quit smoking Marijuana. I started smoking weed two years ago, under California's Medical Marijuana program. I smoked every morning, evening and night. I even smoked in the middle of the night to go back to sleep after waking up. I have to say, it saved my life. It saved my marriage. It got me to where I am now. It is a tool that I used to analyze myself and understand who I am. So why quit now? Marijuana seems to have a course. It was a crutch to get me by while I was sick and unaware of it. See, this whole time, I've been self-medicating for Gluten Intolerance. I tried to quit smoking weed a couple times in the past, once making it for 11 days and I never felt more horrible. Six months ago, at the end of 11 days pot free, I was yelling at my wife and kid, angry at the world, not sleeping and feeling like the pain would never end. I threw in the towel and started smoking again. Once I found out I was gluten intolerant a little over two months ago, I thought "Maybe this is why I couldn't stop smoking weed". So, today, is day 3 of not smoking weed. The first two days I was pretty sick. Today I am already feeling 85% of 'normal'. I actually feel GOOD, I am happy. This is the answer, I figured it out. It was the GLUTEN. I read in many books that many people drink alcohol and smoke marijuana because they are self-medicating an underlying condition. The thing is, as you are all aware of I'm sure, is that you are lost. You don't know that you are gluten intolerant. You think you're just broken, or you just need weed/alcohol. But, What if... what if, it's not really just that you have a weak soul. What if, you are sick? I was. I am kind of speaking to the wrong group here I realize. I should be posting this on a Marijuana Withdrawal Forum, which I will do. But for now, I just want to put this out there and see if anyone else relates. Or, if you are a pot-head like me ( I can't really say I'm not after only 2 days right? ) -- then check this out. Get yourself super-healthy, avoid the top allergens Gluten/Caesin and after some time, then try to quit pot. You may be shocked on how easy it is now that you aren't self-medicating anymore. Good luck to you all. I feel great.
  7. My wife was negative for Rice and Oats... but that's it. Maybe now that I've spent all this money from Entero, I should go to my doc and see whats up.
  8. Hello All, I understand the IgA fecal test will show food intolerance 'allergies', not like IgE peanut allergy where you have breathing difficulties, etc. So, I'm "allergic" to: Gluten, Caesin, Egg, Soy, Corn, Walnut, Almond, Oats, Rice, Potatoes (possibly all nightshades)... So, the question is, am I just experiencing leaky gut, and once my gut heals, I will not be taxing my immune system to eat things like RICE or does this mean I should avoid all these at all costs? It seems like I would be allergic to anything I am tested for. I've been gluten and caesin free for 2 months, and I feel soo much better. My head is clearer, my thoughts are clearer. I am less emotional. I am more in control. Even when I am sick, I don't take it out on my family like I used to. So i know that this diet change is working. Now I'm wondering how far to take it. I don't need potatoes, but losing tomatoes, and eggplant, that hurts... Then again, maybe this is all okay, and if my gut heals, I'll be fine. I just dont know how it works. Here is my lab report: --- Date: 7/7/2011 A) Gluten/Antigenic Food Sensitivity Stool Panel Limited Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 162 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) Fecal Anti-casein (cow
  9. Chocolate really makes sense if you are magnesium deficient. Dark chocolate is high in Magnesium. I read many reviews on Amazon about people treating their migranes with magnesium. Having celiacs would make you easily deficient in something like magnesium. Magnesium is one of the harder to get minerals. Vitamin manufactures don't put much in their pills because its a heavy bulky mineral.
  10. A couple things are probably happening, at the same time. One, is gluten withdrawl. You can get flu like symptoms for a few days after stopping eating it. This has something to do with the gluten binding to the opiate receptors in the brain (nasty stuff I think). The second is if you are diagnosed bi-polar, you most likely have severe malnutrition issues. Do not be fooled if you are overweight or normal weight. If you are sensitive to gluten, your villa in your intestine are most likely destroyed. You are most likely deficient in some or all of the following: magnesium, B6, B12, and more. You need nutrition. You should probably take multi-vitamins, but make sure to check magnesium. Most multivitamins don't use enough, and magnesium is needed to process other vitamins, so just taking a multi-vitamin can cause some magnesium issues. I take a multi + separate magnesium supplement. Make sure to get vegan + gluten free supplements. I've seen so many that are made in factories processing wheat... bad stuff. Look into things like this: http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/Ultimate-Life-Meal-1200-powder/dp/B00013YYR6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307578401&sr=8-1 It's a super-foods meal in a fruit blend shake. Read the reviews, people are recovering from mental disorders using this stuff. I think because they are finally getting all the nutrients their bodies need. I personally love it. Try to treat your body like it's very sick, because it is. Give it the best foods, drink water, go on some walks. But you gotta find out if you are deficient and take care of yourself. I'm not a doctor, and if anything sounds like advise, please research for yourself and consult your own doctor
  11. I'm 12 days into gluten-free free diet, and I stopped biting my finger nails for the first time since 5 years old. I'm 32 now. It's a physical representation of changed behavior from the anxiety I was suffering from the gluten and subsequent neurological effect on my brain. Outside, you see new nails growing. Inside, I'm becoming more mindful, confident, aware, and gaining energy, and less anxiety, fear, and emotional swings. I can feel this is going to be a long healing process, but I've already had life-changing benefits, in just 12 days. I'm happy about that.
  12. I'm day 12 gluten free. It hasn't been horribly difficult to follow the diet, as I was mainly gluten-free free for my meals, but not gluten-free free for snacks. I felt sick the first few days. Then I felt calmer over the next few days. I haven't woken up in anxiety in the last 5 days. I stopped biting my finger nails without conscious effort for the first time since 5 years old, and I'm 32 now. That's amazing. I've got more energy, but not "normal" yet. I can face social situations with less anxiety. I was in crowded San Francisco for hours yesterday and didn't have an anxiety attack like I usually do. I realize it wasn't the people in San Francisco, it was that when we get to the city, the first thing we do is eat, since it's an hour+ drive for us. We eat BREAD, then I basically get sick and blame it on all the people causing me anxiety and we drive home shortly after, often in a fight with the wife. This was different, I didn't break down, I was fine. I was tired, but didn't start biting my nails at all. The drive home was pleasant. When we got home, I put my son to bed and read him a book. It was pretty good. That is a dramatic change in quality of life, being 12 days off gluten-free. FYI- I am self-diagnosed. Now I need to go get a nail file I guess. It feels weird having some finger nails, will take getting used to for sure.
  13. My head is a bit clearer. I haven't woken up in a panic in a couple days at least. I stopped biting my nails two days ago without conscious effort. I've biten my nails since I was 5 years old, and I'm 32 now. That's actually quite significant. It represents the a high level of anxiety I am not experiencing anymore. I will write in more in a few more days. I can feel there is probably more to come.
  14. Yeah, I am just getting started, and have been dieting as well. I am giving myself a break and letting a little loose on the food intake as long as I'm 100% gluten free. Once we are better healed, we should in theory not struggle quite so much with weight loss. Note, I'm not obese, I'm 5'10" 200lbs male 32yr old. I'm very muscular with a nice gut . I plan on being 160lbs in a few months. Right now I wish my stomach would stop hurting... it always hurts, always gassy.
  15. Stats: 32 years old Height: 5'10" Weight: 200 lbs I'm searching for answers to neurological issues I have and feel that Gluten may be the culprit. Childhood Possible Symptoms: - I was unable to drink formula as a baby, I would vomit it up. I assume formula in 1978 had Gluten in it. - I was 'allergic' to milk. My mother said I could have small amounts of Goats milk and I could tollerate that. - I had a very sensitive stomach as a baby and child - I got Carbuncle's every year from about age 4 to 13. These are massive boils found randomly on the body that have multiple "openings". They are disgusting and I had to have surgery to remove a huge one from my leg at about 7 years old. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbuncle - I was sick all the time - Doctors told my mother that I had a weak immune system. - I had severe social anxiety, and still do as an adult. I can 'snap' out of it only on rare occasions. - Did very poor in school, even though I was/am very smart. I put all my mental focus into computers and didn't pay attention to anything else. I could never focus or pay attention for long enough. My mind drifts off and I'm in a fog/day-dream constantly. Adult Possible Symptoms: - I feel sick and tired after eating bread products, e.g. pizza or a sandwhich. This has gotten worse as I get older. Used to be I would slow down and not really "think" after lunch. Now I feel like I shut-down about an hour after lunch. I feel anxious inside, biting my fingernails a lot and need to go home and be by myself. - I'm generally very moody. I have empathy but it rarely "kicks in". - My Psychiatrist has diagnosed me PDD-NOS. Some autstic like traights, but not enough to say autistic/aspergers. She is very confused by me, saying I don't fit the criteria because I am capable of doing things autsitcs/aspergers can not, but I just chose not to. For me, I never do anything because I always feel sick and tired. - I have very poor working memory. I can't visualize angles when playing pool for example. I can't hold math problems in my head to work on them. I can't visualize what a horse would look like then change the picture in my mind. A few years ago, I slowly started changing my diet. I lost 80lbs in a year, down to 200lbs now. I cut most bread out, but not 100% and never paid attention to gluten in pre-packaged products, etc. I've had a huge awakening in mental clarity in the last year. I feel much less in a fog and much less anxiety/depression. I'm just not 100%. I still feel kind of sick generally, and never really feel "GOOD". The idea of going on a gluten-challenge, that is, eating lots of it to get a diagnosis makes me want to vomit. I hate how I feel after eating bread. Slow, lethargic, and bad inside. Note, I can eat sugary non-gluten things and not have this happen. E.g. a bag of Kettle Corn Pop-Corn. I have a 3 year old son. He complains all the time that his stomach hurts, ever since he started talking almost. He also got a PDD-NOS diagnosis, and with similar confusion from his doctor. He doesn't fit the criteria, but he also does in strange ways. He is very moody, seems to have anxiety already, and has big social problems in school, much like his dad did. So, I've been gluten free for a couple days now. The whole family decided to go gluten-free. We're also cutting out 99.9% of all dairy for a while. I think I feel a little better already, but it's too soon to tell and could be placebo. Does anyone else relate to my story?