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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Soups, Soups, Boy Does It....

    So the other day my daughter and I were food shopping and she spotted soups from Progresso that were gluten free. We got chicken, rice with veggies and chicken tuscany and chicken corn chowder(this I made something like chicken pot pie but without the crust). She really loved that. We got home from are shopping spree so very happy that she could for lunch have soup, which I promptly made her and she starts eating it. What does she do? But look at me and say just how wonderful it is to have soup again( that is good) For the next three days she eats all the soup that we had picked up. So I will have to go and get more, which I will gladly get. There are more soups that Progresso makes that are gluten free that we have tried yet but we will. One soup at a time.
  2. A Good Gluten Free Bar?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. As soon as I posted my question I realized that I really did not state what bar I meant I have not heard of Mrs. May so I will have to look for them. I am going to have my daughter try the Glutino Bars that you are taking about, she has not tried that type yet(she also did not like the banana ones...nor I) and I did try to do a bar(homemade) UMMM...Let's just say...recipe and all went into the trash.(you should have seen my daughter's face when she tasted it) And no I did not try that one...
  3. A Good Gluten Free Bar?

    Looking for a good gluten free bar for my daughter. We have tried different ones and so far we have not found one that she likes ...any suggestions?
  4. New Day

    [b]Took my daughter to the doctor's yesterday and all is going great It is such an awesome feeling to know that finally we are traveling down the right road. She has had 3 months of no symptoms... that is a miracle! I hope everyone has a New Day like she is.
  5. Missing School

    JosieDaisy, I also have a teenage daughter who for 4 years was misdiagnosed. She missed alot of days at school also, I, like your Mom would also tell her to try and stay longer for I know how the school boards can be with missing days. It is very hard, as a parent and also as the person who is suffering with the pain and the emontional roller coaster that you are on. Ask your Mom to talk to your counselor to see if they can help. Schools do have plans put in place that might be able to help you until you can get yourself back on your feet. I wish you the world of luck with everything and I pray that you do start to feel better. You do need to be gluten free( like the above comment says) and know that it does take a while from going gluten free to feeling better. My daughter has been gluten free for about 1 year and she is so much better.
  6. Finally Feeling Better After.....

    I am sitting here trying to decide how to start my first blog.... it is a little daunting.... I am not big on words and things to that nature but I am hoping that maybe someone will read this and it might help them. Well here goes....To the begining.... I will try to make this short and to the point. It started a litte over 4 years ago. I am a mother to two great kids(not kids anymore), a boy(who is 23 today..Happy birthday!!) and girl(who will be 18 and who this blog is about). Both kids very happy and pretty much healthy, just the normal kid illnesses, just happy go lucky kids. When I first started seeing my daughter not feeling well was when she was 11 1/2, she got bronchitis then asthma(she never had either of them before) and then she got hives.I took her to a pulmonologist who told me that she had sports induced asthma, ok not to big of a deal since grew up with family that has asthma. Then she started with stomach pains, took her to the doctor ...constapation...then with headaches....sinusitis...then more pain in her stomach....Gerd and hital hernia...she was tried all the time and not able to sleep for the pain is so very bad....epstein barr...she would cry in her sleep and moan all the time. I would hear her wimper in her sleep and moan and she would want me to sleep with her and rub her stomach. I remember all the nights upon nights that I would be so very tired( I at the time worked)rubbing her stomach thinking what am I missing?! She was sleeping all the time, missing school and being able to hang with friends or go anywhere. So her friends started droppping out of sight and soon she did not hear from anyone. The specialists (all that we went to) told us that the pain was in her head so we went to see someone. They said that she was fine. Pain still is not getting better een with the medication that she was on. Then her hair starts falling out, she is breaking out in hives and her hands are a dusty gray color. She is getting paler and paler and no one was doing anything. So I took her to an alternative health doctor, who found out that she has an allergy to gluten. She took her off gluten and one year later we are on the mend. She is looking so much better and is starting to drive and go out and just went to her Junior Prom with her boyfriend.We also found out that she has neurocardiogenic syncope,which means that she faints. Got her on medication for that and WOW what a difference. One thing that I want to say is do not give up! We know our bodies and our kids and if we feel that something is not right, keep looking and questioning until you found someone who will listen.