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  1. Hi everyone, Interesting to read the responses from the Celiac community. I have Crohn's disease, am working on a documentary film about treating digestive conditions such as IBS, Celiac, Crohn's & ulcerative colitis using alternative treatments when drugs and surgery no longer work. Several of you are correct that there is no specific, doctor recommended dietary plan for treating Crohn's disease. Unless you talk to a Naturopathic doctor, but even then, it's still a mixed bag of responses. No standards at all. I use primarily diet and supplementation to control my D and pain. I haven't been on medication since 2007. Gastroenterologists absolutely do not believe food plays a role and tell patients that the best course of treatment is medication and sometimes surgery. This is why some of you have run into opposition when trying to talk to your friends about diet treatments for Crohn's. They are told it doesn't work and they believe their doctors. It is my hope with my documentary that I will prove that it can work! There are many people who are discovering this everyday and defying their doctor's requests to take immunosupressive drugs, which can have horrible side effects. It ain't easy, especially because we can't tolerate any grains at all (those of us who use special diets) and instead we make our breads with nut flours like almond and pecan. The most popular diet for us is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). If anyone with Celiac still has trouble on gluten free, I recommend SCD.